1) Fat burner.
Currently I’m eating Hydroxycut and it’s finishing soon. I’m thinking
of trying API since API is more into herbs. Will talk more about the
differences once I’ve tried API.

2) Gym partner.
I really need gym partner who not only active in working out, but also
those who know about Muay Thai or Kick Boxing. Thinking of to get
sparing partner. If my gym partner is girl, jackpot for me ;p


3) iPod Touch. I used to have an iPod shuffle but it’s gone. I need music while working out :’)

4) Martial Arts Gloves.
I need martial art gloves for my self defense training. Wondering where
I can get this Adidas martial arts gloves. Any idea where I can get

5) Motivation. It’s really important for me to keep motivating myself in
order to keep going to gym and work out. It is all about discipline. Oh
ya… music also will motivate me to workout harder