For those who followed me in my social media, I have been posting up a lot of hashtag about hTc. Recently I have been using hTc Desire 816 and what can I say, I really love it (for medium specification use). I’m really looking forward to use hTc One M8. One of my client also using hTc, hTc Butterfly.

Follow my instagram if you want to see the camera quality of hTc Desire 816 because most of the time I’m using hTc Desire 816 to take photos:

So, below are 5 things that I love about hTc Desire 816:

Shortcut and Blink Feed features
With one touch I can just multitasking.

hTc Desire 816 has a huge screen that what I care most (5.5 inches). However, there’s not only about the size. It comes with 16M colors (720 x 1280 pixels ~267 ppi pixel density)

Battery lifetime
Since I’m a heavy user of social media, I used to bring my power bank around. hTc Desire 816 come with 2600 mAh (Talk time: Up to 21 hours for 3G) and  (Standby time: Up to 737 hours for 3G)

hTc Boom Sound
HTc Desire 816 is not only built in with dual frontal stereo speakers, amplifiers but also have sense voice. Basically, with the hTc Boom Sound profile turned on, you’ll still enjoy enhanced audio quality even when you plug in a headset. Listen to stronger bass, clearer vocals, and finer details in songs and videos, especially when played in the Music and Gallery apps.

Camera aperture:
hTc Desire 816 come with f2.2 aperture camera capabilities. Basically the highest aperture (smaller number) will create a better depth and field; what usually some photographer refers it as “bokeh”. With the highest aperture, camera capabilities work better in low light.