It’s all about your mindset. If you say no, it wont happen. If you say yes, it will happen and of course the action gonna follow after you say it out.
I am in the middle of improving myself and I would like to invite you guys to be part of it. Starting from now on, do your best first and don’t complain (there could be others who could have been in a much worse condition than us). Sometimes, we do have a negative thinking mindset. Like to jumping into a conclusion without trying. ‘Can’t do that’ ‘It’s hard’ ‘Don’t make my life difficult’ Everything is starts from the inside. If the first thing that come into your mind is impossible, it will be ‘impossible’. Don’t put a barrier to yourself when you haven’t tried it yet. However, if you think that you can do it everything will goes smoothly and you will  eventually achieve a better result.  I never believe in luck and I believe that working hard  will lead me to achieve the my goals (sometimes I blame my luck too). Since 2012 is just around the corner, why don’t we start setting up our own goals and resolutions? Since every year we set our own resolutions but some of it we fail or we do not put effort on it. Write it down on black and white, add on a plan tell the whole world. That’s sounds better right? At least we know how we wanna achieve our goal and friends that would remind you of it =)
Recently, trouble stuck me over the roof. Not only financially but also other matters. (sien =.=) I’ve sent my car to the workshop for major repairs and it burnt a hole in my wallet (all the notes got little wings flying out). I got chased out by my landlord because of some petty misunderstanding which isn’t my doing. Haiz, life is never fair. Plus, my camera lens was stuck with Canon for more than 1 month, some internal staff administration problem etc…  Everything happened within 3 days. I’ve guessed that I’ve found a new number that I don’t want to be reminded of. Imagine that you’re homeless, transport-less (except legs) to go work etc. I nearly wanted to jump over the wall~~. People do not know how much I have been through. I still remembered that I reached up to one point where I only eat maggie all of the time and but most of the time I ate flour + egg. That was another hurdle that I had to go through  last time. However, I told myself, ‘Why should I give up?’ ‘I’ve reached this far from backing down’ It is all about mindset. If I give up now, what else can I do? I’m not from a well-to-do background, nor am I that smart. So, yeah.. why should I give up?
Yesterday, I needed to set up my new office studio in Puchong. I walked all the way from Bandar Sunway to Puchong around 7km (40 minute) and come back at night another 7km (1hour) and I did not feel tired. Since I know that ‘my new office  is VERY NEAR’ (10 mins drive). As what I said, it is all about your mindset. If you think you can do it, then you will achieve your target. Of course action and proper plan must take place too.
So IMPOSSIBLE is “PoSSIbLE”! Just put your mind to it and I will happen. I’ve already set my new resolution for this year. How about you?
I want cat/kitten. Who want let me to adopt them? =)