Last Friday, I was invited by Sasa and Victoria for the 1st Sasa Blogger Tea Party at Delicious, Marc Residences. 20 blogger and 10 lucky facebook/twitter fans was selected and have an opportunity to attend the tea party on that day have an opportunity to gain more knowledge not only about Sasa company and the product but also “improvement”.

Not to mention that 5 “lucky” guys was selected to join the crowd as well. Since Sasa also have guys product, why not guys to be part of it. Have you heard about metrosexual?
Metrosexual, definition of which is a man who has a strong concern for his appearance or a lifestyle that displays attributes stereotypically associated with homosexual men, although he is not homosexual.

So, guys + concern for his appearance = Awesome ^^

What improvement that I talk about? Improvement personality, confidence etc. Other than that, those who came can see how the proper way to wear a make up.

I was informed that Sasa is “one-stop” place for people to get their product. That’s mean, they won’t face any problems in order to provide to suitable product to the correct person. Everyone have different type of skin from healthy to oily. So, Sasa provide variety of choice and of course the that Sasa have is the good quality which is public can get it with the reasonable price.

Why Sasa choose Social Media Advertising as one of their way to promote the brand an product? Since Sasa provide an online shopping, why not? Actually nowadays, not only Sasa but other company as well realize the power of technology in order to spread the news is strong!

For those who do not know, 30.06.2010 is Social Media Day! Is one of the good effort for Sasa to be involve with Social Media Advertising which is the social media advertising can spread the news to other people very fast and even with one click!

Everyone say hi to Victoria! XD

Join Sasa now!

Founded in Hong Kong in 1978, Sa Sa operates the largest beauty specialty chain stores in the Asia Pacific region with over 175 stores and counters, and is one of the top five retail groups in Hong Kong. Further, its e-commerce arm,, provides online shopping service to customers worldwide.

Premised on the successful and proven ‘one-stop cosmetics specialty store’ concept, Sa Sa has revolutionized the Asian beauty industry with its unique retail concept synonymous with unparalleled brand and product assortment, distinctive store design and the expertise of its beauty consultants.

Now, celebrating its 12th year in Malaysia, Sa Sa Malaysia operates 29 Sa Sa stores, 2 Selective by Sa Sa and 1 beauty hall with 2 exclusive skin care counters. With a dazzling range of 300 beauty brands, including the well-established classics and emerging international beauty brands, Sa Sa Malaysia is your only choice when it comes to beauty buys.

The make over consultant + model. How they looks like after the make over? I can’t show you the photo before they make over since I don’t have any photos of them, but trust me that they all are naked face before the make over.

The food that serve remind me the Nike Cup since I ate the same pasta that served by them.

The goodies bag that bloggers receive worth almost 1k and maybe more than that. I also won the lucky draw and won the prize worth RM248!

Camwhor #1

Camwhor #2