I Love Travel!

I believe that sentence straight to the point. I cannot remember when the last time I travel with group of people. Still remember my previous post about the My Selangor Story? Here & here!

Before you guys continue read my story, some people might think that I will talk a good things even though it is not since I was sponsored. That is totally wrong because I am not the type that what people call as “blogger talk a good stuff for free stuff”. Everyone have their own perception about their experience and so do I. Everything that I talk is based on my view point as a youth traveler.

So, let we see what is going on during the trip.

(Subang Skypark Terminal – Carlton Holiday – iCity – Uptown Shah Alam – Carlton Holiday)

First of all, I would like to thanks the My Selangor Story team who are really helpful in arranging my tight schedule. Thanks to Amelia who really has done a great job. A week before the trip, I not really have a proper sleep. Since the travel period is from Thursday to Tuesday (6D 5N) which is really amazing, but I believe that in this life whatever you want you need to pay. Yes! I pay my travel trip with sleep for 2-3 hours a day where I had 2 test and 4 assignment need to pass up before the trip (Thursday).

I understand that I am not the only one who sacrificed for the trip but all of the blogger. Some of us even flew all the way from Indonesia, some of us sick and also some people need skip their important meeting. For those who follow me in twitter you guys can see that I still “alive” for most of the time since I spend my night-morning time for me to do the assignments. My best friend of the day is of course Red Bull.

Ok, enough introduction, let we see what going on during the trip day 1.

I was Leave my house on Thursday right after I submit my PTPTN form and meet up with my lecturer to discuss about my assignment. Thanks to my friend Gabby who send me to Advertlets office to drop off some stuff and Skypark Subang Airport to meet up with the rest of the bloggers.

Once I reach the airport, I meet up with Wen Yi (she become my “sister” for the whole trip) *flirt* LOL and heading to the Kapitan Kopitiam Skypark since it is an official venue for the launch. Actually two of us not really remember the actual place for the gathering, so both of us just simply find any stall that have kopitian signboard and crowd with a lot of luggage + camera.

When talk about Subang Airport, I went there for few times only where normally I need send my friend to the airport. I never expect that the Skypark Terminal is quite big nice since I thought it is just a cheap terminal for a cheap flight. Actually I wrong. The reason that Skypark Terminal was selected as the meet-up point as bloggers, it is not only because of Firefly is the official airline but also it really convenience for a lot of people not only who from Malaysia but also who from Singapore and Indonesia.

Raja Sa’adi, who is the Head of PR & Marketing for Firefly is giving an opening speech and welcome all of the blogger to Selangor. For those who do not know, this is year is the third year for Firefly operating in Malaysia. The another reason why I will choose firefly if I would like travel by flight because I can fly from hub in Subang, connect to Penang, Kuala Terengganu, Kerteh, Kota Bharu, Alor Setar, Langkawi and Johor Bahru within Malaysia. Since I stay at Sunway, I see no reason for me to go all the way to LCCT or KLIA.

The bloggers who are from Penang, Singapore and Indonesia treated as a VVIP from the Firefly management. They not only no need to check in by theirself (the firefly staff who check in for them) but the pilot also announce to public once they step in into the flight.

Meet up with bunch of blogger who are 27 bloggers in a total. 23 bloggers from Malaysia (Penang, Johor, Selangor and Kuala Lumpur) 3 bloggers from Indonesia and 1 blogger from Singapore. All the blogger receive a warm welcome from our official venue launch, Kapitan Kopitiam that located in the terminal (Groud Floor, Unit 17, Telephone: 03- 79571975) where the refreshment is provided.

Kak Nin is our tour guide. She really funny, happening and of course filling our thought about the Shah Alam history. All the bloggers start their journey and leaving Subang Terminal Skypark to Carlton Holiday. As we head toward our 1st accommodation at Carlton Hotel, Shah Alam I manage to grab some nap ^^

I spent one night at Carlton Hotel, where it is just a pretty decent hotel and not many entertainment areas within the reach but of course it is quite cheap. I was stay with Alid the bloggers who from Indonesia. Our surprise not only until there, right after all the bloggers have a quick refresh all of us meet up at the ballroom to receive our official “capture-moment” gadget from the official camera brand, Pentax.

Special briefing by Madam Rissa Chan, Executive Director DSC World Sdn. Bhd. where 3 selected blogger (1blogger from Malaysia,1 blogger from Indonesia and 1 blogger from Singapore) are selected to use Pentax DSLR KX 12.4 megapixel, 2.7 inch LCD, Widescreen HD 720p video at 24 FPS.

I was given the Pentax Optio WS80 model. Since I need a camera that waterproof and yes, I got it! About the camera, it is a Pentax Optio WS80 Camera! And it is in white. The features are: 10mp, 5x Optical Zoom, Records movie in HD, and of course itt is waterproof!

Some people might ask why Pentax? Some people said that the good photographer born not because of how good the camera it is but what skills that they have. For me it’s true but we still need balance between the skills and technology. For those who are have good knowledge in the photography gadget, they must aware with the Pentax technology. Actually the moment I wrote this article, I have used the camera back in few months ago and to be honest the quality it is not bad at all. Since I brought my DLSR and my friend Sony NEX, I only use their waterproof camera.

The Tourism Selangor team have simple briefing with us and also introduce our “daddy” and “mummy”. I proudly want to inform that all the blogger will be going to be air live on tv.

What use of camera without a good photo? All the bloggers heading to i-City in order to meet up with Eu Hong Chew who is the Chief Executive Officer of I-Berhad. i-City is the one that hosted event & dinner. For those who are stay around Klang Valley, I believe you guys know what i-City offer to those who go there. With the nice landscape and light at the entire place, it is really a good platform for bloggers to try their Pentax camera. Once all of us reach there, we all have a short briefing but full with information regarding i-City. All the bloggers was been informed that i-City is the intersection of technology, real estate and technopreneur development.

Currently what you guys see is just the Phase 1 where now the Phase 2 is under development. The crowds that came to the i-City are getting bigger especially when reaching late night too. In order to control the people traffic flow, i-City was charge RM 5 cash back voucher per car (Mon – Thurs) and RM 10 cash back voucher per car (Fri – Sun).

So, basically i-City is just about the light? No! It is more than that! From the City of Digital Lights. I-Berhad who is the developer of i-City has, obtained approval from the Government to turn the city into a knowledge hub with infrastructure facilities such as broadband speed of 20Mbps, fibre-optic network and a full gen-set back-up power supply.

I had a god chit chat with Eu Hong Chew who is the Chief Executive Officer of I-Berhad. After the briefing, my stomach gave me a warning sign. We had a great dinner at the middle of the park. Imagine had a dinner surrounding with the colorful light. No need talk about the food because the food itself really awesome. Steamboat and BBQ chicken on the table damn a lot like nobody business. Crab, prawn, BBQ chicken wings etc.

Before all of us heading to the hotel, we drop by at Uptown Shah Alam. For those who do not know, Uptown Shah Alam is almost like Petaling Street. Uptown Shah Alam is located at section 24, Shah Alam. The Uptown Shah Alam is operates from 8pm till 3am! The person who behind this uptown Shah Alam is Mr.Aizul Hisham, the Managing Director of Dataran Usahawan Selangor Sdn Bhd who owns Uptown Shah Alam.

On that night, I slept on the floor & I only spend 2 hours for me to sleep since I have assignment that need to pass up LOL

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