Recently whenever I went to an event or meet up with a new friend, they told me that I become fatter. Yes, I am fat! :'( Previously I went to the gym quite often and I even consume a protein shake. When I stop from exercise, the protein shake effect make my body bigger… errr I mean become fatter and not buff =.=”

I could not able to wear most of my shirt and pants anymore. Since I’m going to Indonesia on 24 of May – 8 June 2012, I decided to give myself a challenge. I need more stamina to travel into 5 states (Jakarta, Bandung, Yogjakarta, Semarang and Surabaya). I already started since yesterday and I will continue until 23 of May 2012!

I will challenge myself to jogging for 20km (10km in the morning and 10km in the evening), for the next 20 days non stop, 2 hour max for morning session and 2 hour max for evening session!

So, please show me some of your support ya ^^
P/S: Saw a lot of my best friend already start their gym such as my Ellie, Azrin etc =)

More info: HERE!