Last week, I dreamt something that manage to change a little bit of my life. I dreamt that I was in mosque where I do not know where it is. I met one guy who came to me and told me that “You Should do 10 Good Things In a Day” and suddenly my housemate wake me up.

In a religious, Malay community do not believe with a dream. I do not say that I believe it but what the guy who came into my dream and ask me to do is a good things.

Started from that day, I try to start my day to do a good things. Somehow I felt that if you start your day with do a good things with sincere, your day will going smoothly. Yes, I tried it previously and I really feel good for myself.

I just have one advise. You might want to try it but put in your mind that you MUST sincere. DO NOT do it because you want to show off but DO IT because you want to.

Next time if you meet me, ask me to do something good ya 😉
Have a nice day.