I just got back from a business trip in Singapore and I felt that the business trip was really great for me. I feel that I should share my experience to all of my readers so that they can do something better than what I have done and never ever give up until the last moment.
Dear readers and followers, fight until the end even though you think that you are failing. Failing after you’ve tried your best is better than never trying and putting effort at all. Never ever give up and fight until the end. Why wait for the opportunity? If opportunity is not on your side, you need to knock the opportunity door instead. I always remind myself: DO NOT GIVE UP & WORK HARDER!
It’s good that I grew up in Singapore where I learned to have the “kiasu” attitude. I learned something new during my business trip to Singapore. I went down to Singapore right after my friend’s café’s grand opening in Nilai, and thanks to my Singapore friend because she sponsored my transportation & accommodation. Everything started smoothly… At first, I do not have any confident. Since she believes in me, I do not want disappoint her. Attended a meeting & fought for a tender. However, I lost the tender. While staying in my comfortable room in Mandarin Oriental Singapore (my favourite hotel), I decided to go for an evening walk with her outside the hotel. Since I forgot to bring my laptop, I decided to grab a cup of coffee in one of the coffee house located at Clark Quay that costs me $20 for a cup of coffee. I started to think what I have gain during my business trip in Singapore. Did I come to Singapore for a holiday & to have a cup of coffee? Along the journey, I did not say any single word. I can’t focus on whatever she said. Yes, I lost the tender, but I gained experience. However, experience only is not enough for me. She told me that business is always like this. You can’t always get what you want even when you have done a good job & put a lot of effort into it. I told her, I was raised in Singapore and I have a “kiasu” attitude and at least I want something better than a cup of coffee & experience.

At night, I sat alone in my hotel room and did a new proposal just by using pen & paper. I know it looked messy since my handwriting is really bad. The moment I wrote everything down, I had a feeling that I can earn something from that company. The next day, I had cup of espresso and bread as my breakfast. Prayed to GOD for his blessing, 8am sharp the door opened. I’m lucky enough that the manager do not have any appointment and I had a meeting with him. He looked at my paperwork and 1 word came out from his mouth. RUBBISH. When I asked for an explanation, he told me that “are you dealing with high school students?”. He told me that he can’t accept my paperwork since it’s all written in a paper + my hand writing. He said, at least give him in a proper document format. I explain to him that I tried my best to get a computer however, I can’t find any computer at that moment.
He asked me why I still want to come to the office & ask for a project? I told him that I am not asking for a job/project but I’m asking for opportunity. My flight back to KL is in the afternoon and I still have few hours before I need to go Changi airport to catch my flight. Rather than I sleep in my comfortable room and have a nice breakfast, I prefer to fight until the end. What you hold now might be the worst proposal paperwork that you have ever received, but what I want to bring out is the idea and what can I do. I can produce a better paperwork if I had a computer. Same goes to the project. I will do better if I receive the opportunity.
He looked at me and returned back the paperwork to me. He said, you may miss your flight. It’s better for you to go now. I look at his face and from bottom of my heart, I lose hope. I failed once again. Just about to go out from the office, he opened the door for me and he offered to send me to airport. Inside the car he shared his experience to me. From bottom of my heart even if I do not get the job, at least he shared his experience to me which is really amazing. Right before I go out from the car, he told me that he wanted to see a better paperwork from me because he decided to give me another opportunity. YES! I got the project. Even though the project that I get is a small project which is not the one that I fight for, but I’m really happy for it. At least, he provided me the 1st step for me to show my capabilities.