Blogger Who is Silent Reader?

I was wondering if there still have silent readers like me. I believe there are.

I knew that one of the ways to promote your blog is by visiting other people blog or people call it as “blog walking”. There have a few questions that came out in my mind when we talk about blog reader. Before I start to talk about it, let me put it in my shoes. I never say it wrong at first place.

I am a silent reader! Yes I am!

Why I choose to be a silent reader and what is the silent reader definition in my blogging dictionary?

For those who do not realize, I have been following a lot of bloggers and save their URL on my auto update blog post on my side bar. The reason I do that is to let me keep update with what is going on around and the latest issues.

Normally I do follow and read people blog and do not post any comment. Some people might say that I am DIVA or too famous to comment on people blog. I do not like hypocrites and some of people who just visit your blog for the sake of you visit his/her blog back. How annoying I felt where some people might drop by and say “Hi, I visit you. Please visit me back” or “blog walking”. I believe there have a proper and nice sentence that you can use such as “good morning, how are you doing” or at least say “Hi”. Those who read it at least feel want visit your blog back. I do post some comment on people blog especially those blog post that informative, well said and attract my interest. But sometime it is not because your blog not worth to comment only because I lazy XP

Recently there have a lot of “I click you, you click me”. It is referring to the ads or blog link. If you read my previous post, some people came to my blog and leave comment that they click my ads. The funny part is, they click my Nuffnang ads? Huh

As the conclusion, what you expect in every post that you have done?

Gain popularity?
Express your thought?
Provide information to your reader?
Share you experience?

Let me know what you think ya.

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