I receive a lot of request & feedback regarding the importance and how to make your’s.

Just in case if you don’t know, I have my own Digital Profile for my PR friends/clients. Usually I will send to PR or Company who required my social media services. I will update once a month such as stats, media exposure, etc. Do let me know if you need my digital profile.

Why blogger need a digital profile?
With a simple understanding of branding yourself, It is important to let people know who you are and what exactly you did. Clients also want to know what is your reach and who are your audience based on your stats.

To complete the missing puzzle, preparing your own Social Media Digital Profile is the answer.

Please take note: This is from my own perspective. Some of you might don’t agree with me.

Why Digital Profile is important?
Access to your internet profiles mean that your story is being told digitally. As a blogger myself, I often meet up with a lot of people during the event. Usually this is when you start to create a networking and “sell yourself”. Usually I will exchange my name card with PR and if they interested with your write up or your attitude, they will definitely drop you an email if they have upcoming project. From there you can start to send them your digital profile.

First impressions do count?
Everyone has a different perspective when it comes to online profile or I call it as Digital Profile. For me, it is an opportunity to tell your story the way you want it told. It is an asset to build your personal and professional brand. My productions house marketing is 90% based on social media.

Benefit of Digital profile?
There’s a lot of benefit you can gain and the most obvious is the opportunity. I must admit that some of you are well known among your client or blogger community. However, not everyone knows what exactly you do or what do you blog about. You can grab this opportunity to tell people about your strengths and downplays those other areas that may not be so strong.

There’s no right or wrong on how to create your own digital profile. For me, I prefer something professional. These are some of the examples of what I put in my digital profile (I have more than 10 pages). 
How to create my own digital profile?
There’s a lot of ways and these are just an example.
• About yourself. Personal details and a quick brief about your background, your passion, etc. Please include your photo so that the PR can recognize you.
• What is your blog all about? A quick brief about your blog. What do you write, what is your blog niche, what drive you to blog, etc.
• Media exposure / achievement: Add on on your digital profile if you have any. This is one of the ways to make you stand out compare than other.
• Stats: The best way is to screenshot your detail such as your google analytic, total friends / follower on social media (Facebook, Fan page, Instagram, Twitter, Google plus etc.)
• Contact: Don’t forget to add on your contact detail and social media link for client references.
You may want to contact me if you have any inquiries.