Why Advertlets?

It is very simple question but I need a lot of time to answer.

Before you guys continue read my post, I would like to tell you guys that I will be neutral and if you have any feedback, just reply in this blog post. If I able to answer your question, I will try to do my best and if I not able, I will ask someone who responsible to answer it to reply your comment. I am sorry if I not manage to answer your question.

You might want read my pretty blogger, Ellie said about Advertlets or my cute Dila think about Advertlets. Like usual, this post is not been paid by Advertlets and even they pay me to write, I will not do it since I have my own ethics as a blogger.

Let me start my story about how I know about the blogger world. When I start my blog, nobody knows me. I just a simple guy with the broken English and do not have any connection in social network try to be part of blogging world. My previous blog URL is meaningfool.blogspot.com. I admit that I am a Nuffnang blogger back then where Nuffnang gave me an opportunity to experience what is blogging world it is. Thanks to Nuffnang for the exposure. I still remember my first two friends that I met are Hitomi and Suresh. Yes, both of them are my best friend and still my friend even though we are not in the same ship anymore.

After that, I start to organize my own food gathering which is my first food gathering support by few bloggers, Hon Kee Porridge. That is where I met Rebecca Saw. To be honest, I not really like Rebecca at the first place because she mention about Advertlets where I am a Nuffnang bloggers. Can you imagine someone talk a good stuff about your competitor during breakfast? Yes, I do not like her at that moment. I continue organize my own food review gathering and surprisingly that she really help me a lot in invite the blogger and also the best trip ever is go to Broga Hill and food hunting and she never mention about Advertlets anymore. Nice right? Now since I busy, I really sad that I do not have a lot of time to go food hunting with her anymore. So, that is how I know about Advertlets.

I was in PR company for the internship which is one of the reason that make me understand how the PR and advertising company play with the blogger publicity. I decided to come out with my own network where I prefer to known as blogger relationship where blogger united under one roof. I want to try helping a low traffic blogger to stand out. At first, I do not know that it is have a lot of politic play around. With such a small network, I have been given a responsibility to be part as organizer to organize Battle of The Band at Sunway Pyramid. On that time, I need a photographer who willing to help me. There is where I met Azrin. I really do not know that he just a form 5 student during that time. He have an awesome skill and really nice. Since I just learn how to be a photographer, he teaches me a lot of things from skills to knowledge. I start invite him for some event since I want return a favour. He really nice guy and he bring me to a lot of event as well. Some of the event that he brings me is under his own invitation such as Wacoal Snsuala and it is not from Advertlets.

I know more friends that have same interest with me in photography such as Jeremy, Jonathan and Justin. I start create another blog and name it as feeqphotography.blogspot.com. To be honest, I am really greedy. I create 2 accounts in order for me to put the main blog Advertlets ads and the photography blog is a Nuffnang ads. Yes! I am really bad. When I was in Advertlets, I felt something different where I met a lot of good friends that I can feel family feeling. Not only that, remember my previous blog post where I get into accident? Botakai help me a lot. Normally Advertlets will organize small gathering for blogger to meet up and know each other. That is what I like. Imagine go event together from Papa John to MOS? I still continue my life as blogger and I have mention to Brendan that I would like to set up a network which is more into introduce blogger with the blogging world. He was helping me to get my own domain from Advertlets.

This is where FeeqSays Network started. I receive a lot of support from a lot of people and also some of my good friend from Nuffnang. Since I respect my friends who are Nuffnang blogger and Nuffnang staff like Rob, I remove my feeqphotography blog and focus on my own blog and serve Advertlets ads only.

When talk about Advertlets and Nuffnang, to be honest both parties is good if you view it as outsider view point. When you are part of it you need to experience with it in order to know what is good for you. I just a small potato in blogging world where try to survive in social network. Whatever it is, advertising company is looking someone who can stand out and bring out their name. If there have any problem, I do not care what people talk and I will ask from both parties. Once I know the truth story, I will be a observer and to see who is the keyboard warrior. Just in case that person is over limit, I will explain to him/her what is going on.

Some people said about the cash out problem and for me, honestly I need money as well. About Advertlets that do not pay their bloggers, I cannot say anything yet because I do not experience it. Even I get pay from the Advertlets, I would not blog and tell 1 world that I get pay since I do not desperate for free publicity. The event and connection that I gain during my life as Advertlets blogger is worth than the earning.

Another reason that people always complain where Nuffnang never ask blogger to do movie review compare with Advertlets, I do not see it is a big deal. For me, I will see it from the positive way which is Advertlets try to educate you to do a proper blog post for the movie review. Is that hard to spend 10 minute in front your computer to do the movie review blog post? When blogger have a proper movie review, it is also credit for you that PR company can see how you review the movie and you might have an opportunity to have your own movie giveaway such as what I get previously. 120 passes to inception and at the same time you can create a connection. Basically there do not have any easy way and free lunch to gain something.

As a small potato in the big basket, I would like to suggest. Think back what is your purpose when you start blogging. Choose which one you comfortable with. Please do not cheat yourself just for the sake of profit.

I would like to apologize if this post hurt other people feeling and my broken English as well. I cannot see my family hurt as well.

I do not know until when it can last but at least I will try my best to be the supporter.

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