Skyline Movie
Who Say Skyline is Suck?

I just back from watch Skyline with Jason at 1 Utama. At first, I want to watch Harry Potter or Social Network and Jason want watch Unstoppable. Since our timing is bad, we end up with Skyline.

Are you sure?

My money, my wish la XP

I feel weird to buy movie ticket since I forgot when is the last time I pay to watch movie. If not mistaken, the last time where I bought the movie ticket with my own money to watch movie is 2 years++ back

Since right now I having semester break, I wish I manage to catch up with all the movie that I miss. I start decrease my movie outing since the Inception screening due to concentrate on my study.

Some people might say that Skyline is suck.
For me, everyone have their own favorite genre.
After watch the movie, I felt that it is not really bad like what other people thought about it.
I would not do a review about the movie, since I pay my own ticket XP

Just joking, if you like to watch some effect or “alien-attack-earth” movie, you might want consider to watch it. Either through cinema or DVD. I believe there will have Skyline 2 unless the movie make loss LOL

Pssttt.. tomorrow I gonna watch Harry Potter. (1 day 1 movie enough la ^^”)

By the way, I having long semester break and I am “jobless”
If you would like to hire me for any event coverage or as photographer, do contact me.