I was staying in Resort Suites Sunway over the weekend for hotel interior photo shooting. My colleagues and I decided to spend another night in Resort Suites and going to Putrajaya on the next day.
On the next day, I was overslept and rushing down to my studio, CVS Production for a quick documentation and packing before I heading down to Ministry of Tourism in Putrajaya to catch up with the rest of the media.
Upon arrival, I only found out that Mawardi and I are the only blogger who join this Media FAM trip. The rest of them are from mainstream media and travel magazine. Thank you Mawardi, Projek Travel and Toursim Malaysia for the opportunity.
The journey from Putrajaya to JB (Johor Bharu) took almost 5 hours. The first thing we do once we reach JB is having our lunch at 7 (Spice located in Danga Bay JB). Well, as Johorean myself, I never been here before. The only reason because of my family are not really into Indian cuisine. The spices are originally came from India.
I will talk more about 7 Spice on my next post.
Right after we had our lunch, we went to Thistle hotel in JB to have a quick view what the room that available and of course to check in. For those who living in JB, they will know that this hotel used to be Hyatt hotel back then. This 5 star hotel became our house for the next 3 days.

I will talk more about Thistle Hotel on my next post.

Since we are behind of our schedule, we straight heading down to Angry Birds Activity Park in Komtar JB. Well, to be honest this is my first time came to Komtar after they did a renovation. I always wanted to check out their Angry Birds park and guess what? I’m here!

I will talk more about Angry Birds Activity Park on my next post.

On our way back to hotel, we drop by to Pisang Goreng Mawar where it just located near our hotel. This is one of the famous snack “warung” for those who want to take a bite. 
I will talk more about Pisang Goreng Mawar on my next post.
Right after we had our high-tea, we went back to hotel to fresh up before going out for a dinner at Tera Thai Fine Dine Restaurant. Now you know why my diet fail? Trust me, I try to eat less but the food was so good.

I will talk more about Tera Thai Fine Dine Restaurant on my next post.

So, we have 2 more more location before we call it a day. We went down to Taman Merdeka Musical Fountain. Basically this is the new hang out spot for those who want to enjoy their beautiful and colorful Musical Fountain.

I will talk more about Taman Merdeka Musical Fountain on my next post.

Our last stop is Kilang Bateri. Basically this place used to be factory that produce a battery. The new owner have take over this place and transform this place into hipster hang out spot. Basically all the hipster store and cafe are located under one roof. Not to mention they do have skate park too.

I will talk more about Kilang on my next post.

So, that’s the wrap for day one. Stay tuned for the day two.
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