The other day I posted up my HTC Butterfly 2 that went underwater and I receive a lot of questions from my Facebook follower such as how deep this device can go underwater, does the phone will have problem after it went underwater, etc.
To be honest, HTC Butterfly 2 have one problem where it will change into an earphone mode (as you can see from the photo) once you put it underwater. However, you should not suppose to worry because once you take out from underwater it will turn to normal within 3-5 minute. Other than that, everything is just great.

What does it mean by waterproof in HTC Butterfly 2? 

HTC Butterfly 2 has waterproof properties that meet IPX7 and IPX5 standards. The phone meets these standards under the condition that the nano SIM and microSD covers are closed tightly. 

Being waterproof, it doesn’t mean that HTC Butterfly 2 can be used to make calls or take camera shots underwater. Basically:
– The phone is only waterproof when immersed in plain tap water within 1 meter deep and for less than 30 minutes.
– You can make and receive calls, even with wet hands and without an umbrella, under moderate rain.
– If the phone accidentally gets in contact with sea water, soapy water, or other liquids, you can rinse it with a low flow of plain tap water. 

HTC Butterfly 2 must not be exposed to non-fresh water, high water pressure, or sand since these may cause overheating, electric shock, or damage to the phone. For usage precautions and tips on care and maintenance, see Important: Do’s and don’ts and Care and maintenance tips. Also make sure to read the Safety guide that comes with your phone. 

Note: To be specific, the waterproof standards mean the following:
– IPX7: The phone can continue to operate after it has been gently immersed in plain tap water at room temperature, within 1 meter deep for no more than 30 minutes.
– IPX5: The phone can continue to operate after it has been exposed to a low-pressure water spray for about 3 minutes, through a nozzle with 6.3mm inner diameter from a distance of about 3 meters from any direction and at a rate of approximately 12.5 liters/minute. – Source