Last few weeks, I was invited to BRAND’S 14 Days Smart Launch. Since I heard about it and I can buy it with the discounted price, I went all the way to Kepong. At least it is worth where I manage to get 1 box of BRAND’S Essence of Chicken and meet Rynn Lim since he is the ambassador for the BRAND’S!

One of the ladies (sales girls) explained to me about what is 14 Days program. Since I consume it before, I grab one box to bring back.

The question is, what do you need to do to become smarter?
Other than study smart and think out of the box, you need to pamper your brain. How I pamper my brain (even though I am not so smart) I drank BRAND’S every day and eat more vegetable. I believe that BRAND’S can help to enhance my mental performance.

Rynn Lim in the house yo!
My picture with him, HERE!

During the launch, I consume 3 bottle! Yes, since I can have it as low as RM1 for the sake of charity, I had it 3 bottles!

You can choose either boil it or put it in the fridge. I prefer to consume it while it is warm! I heard a lot of people saying its best served warm, I tried it and I think the taste has gotten better. It has this distinct, salty smell.

My job demands a lot of energy from me, both physically and mentally. Sometimes the times I go to sleep are very inconsistent and I’ve been through days where I don’t get sufficient sleep. Hence, I could not perform properly the other day.

To juggle my work and studies is even a crazier experience. I have been trying coffee, energy drinks to help me cope with it. Although I admit they do have some positive effects, but they are always short term. Things definitely change after being introduced to Brands: Essence of Chicken.

Some of you who follow me in twitter might know that recently I having a serious work out. It is really helpful. I always had my bottle of Brand’s Essence of Chicken 1 hour before I work out. I tried drinking one bottle a day for 14 days and I certainly experience positive results. I have more energy; more confidence I could almost swear I have improved brain activity. The results can be felt as early as 30 minutes after consumption and it does not take a toll on your body hours later like some supplement drinks do.

To be honest I wasn’t really fond of the taste of Brands though, but they are tolerable after experiencing the awesome results I get from consuming them.

Additionally, even though I have not gotten completely sufficient sleep, I still feel my health getting better. BRANDS certainly can work wonders huh?

My housemate just bought for me another bottle of Brand’s Essence of Chicken haha. Do not ask me why 😉

He bought online >

So, what you waiting for? Grab your bottle of Brand’s Essence of Chicken now!

Visit their official website: