One quote from most of my clients from Indonesia. “Rich people still want cheap stuff”. During my shooting in Indonesia, I learnt a lot from them on how to maximize limited resources. Well, sometime it is true. When it comes to communication services, we tend to over look on certain things. For myself I don’t really care what mobile apps available outside there since I want something fast, easy & efficient. Sometimes talking to people is much easier than text. For those who work for me or know me very well, I’m not really a ‘texting’ person and I prefer to call instead. 
Few months ago, I attended annual meeting with Singapore and Indonesia staffs. During the break time, one of my colleague told me to download WeChat. I just download it and registered for fun sake. Last few weeks, I receive cute text from my colleague and I just realize it was from one of my staff and they used WeChat. One of the interesting features is shake function. How fun it is? Try it yourself 🙂

Last night there was an event by WeChat at Neverland Kuala Lumpur. Since I just started back to be active in blogging, it’s really good to meet up with familiar faces. I’m really sorry if I do not remember some of you last night. Thank you Choo Mei Sze for inviting me.

I love the WeChat prototype photobooth. For those who know where can I get one, do let me know. Thinking of getting one for PhotoBooth Malaysia. During the event last night, people who attend the event had opportunity to grab an instant print as souvenir and it is really convenient. Talking about convenience, WeChat do have awesome voice messaging function. The user can just record what they wish to say and send it through WeChat message.

The New Way to Connect is WeChat tagline. During the event last night, WeChat took the inniative to let users mingle around and to make new friends. Talking about connecting one another, WeChat have apps called “Look Around” whereby user can have opportunity to meet someone.
Remember Lisa Chow? Check out HERE for Kiss Me commercial photoshoot.
Nice catching up with People of Hope managing director, Sarenraj and my blog editor, Fiona Chan 🙂

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