Before I you guys read the whole story, let me tell you something. Currently WaazUp is having sales and up to 50% discount on selected items!

For those who do not know, WazzUp is the first Optical Store in Malaysia who bring in Paul Frank series. The question is, what is the differences between WazzUp and other spec outlet? WazzUp adopt the open concept for the store setting taking consideration of the shy teenagers nowadays. They could easy take out and try the spectacles without passing through the WazzUp crew.

Miss Kim, CEO of Focus Point and the outlet manager.
Wazzup is a place where the new generations can call their own, allowing them to fulfill their optical needs in a trendy and welcoming environment.

As usual with 3 ladies. The main things that I would like to highlight is the spec. I believe that I never wear any sunglasses before and I think that it is quite cool ^^

Errrr…. Cool or?

They have a lot of choices of spec. For those who interested to get any sunglasses, I would like to suggest a Ray Ban brand. It is really cool.

Mustang in the house yo!
Performance by beat boxer and Mustang crew.
One of the best hip hop dance in KL. I still remember that they came to my University last year during our charity event.

Thanks to Henry and WazzUp for the invitation.
The event end with some lunch at Avanti Italian Restaurant.

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