Right after the bloggers had their breakfast in Bila-Bila Restaurant, all us went to Smiley beach to try out the Water Sports! Rather than spending our time in swimming pool, we went to try out extreme games.
I have done some research from the fliers that has been provided by the resort about their water sports activity, they look absolutely interesting!
We were really anticipating with what we are gonna play, and were utterly delighted when they told us that
Stand Up Paddle, Windsurfing, Canoe and Sailing are available. Thanks to My Selangor staff who help us to take care our stuff and let us to have fun.
Golden Palm Tree Iconic Resort and Spa offer a lot of water sports for their guest. Some of the water sports that they do have are:
Enjoy an easy day on a Sailboat 14.6, a spacious sloop that offers hassle-free, stable and dry sailing, great for singles, couples or the entire family. Catch the Strait winds in your sail. Relax. Unwind. Enjoy.
Cart Sailing
A modern land yacht, a three-wheeled craft with a wing mast offers a safer option to sailing especially for those who are not keen on getting wet. A safety belt attached and legs strapped with the appropriate head gear, cart sailing is an exhilarating sport enjoyed in our vast beaches.
Speed Sailing
An advanced level to cart sailing, speed sailing is enjoyed standing up, racing down our spacious beeches. This is a land version of wind surfing and suitable for adults only.
Where you can enjoy your holiday windsurfing in our selected section of Strait sea waters for breathtaking views of the coastline. Return to shore and enjoy an exciting social scene on the beach.
Stand Up Paddle
Leave your sails behind and ride the waves standing on your surf board with a single-blade paddle. Ideal for riding smaller waves, stand-up paddle is for beginners and children.
Aqua Gym
Water gymnastics boosts metabolism and is enjoyed with or without fitness equipment. With minimum strain on joints and muscles, water gymnastics will leave you energized and toned and is suitable for everyone.
This sailing sport is designed especially for children.
The first activity that I have chosen to try out is the Canoe. We chose a double-blade paddle in the kayak. Take note.. before you can play all the water sports activity, you need to register yourself and collect your life jacket. If you have children, do not worry. This is suitable for adults and children. According to the management, you can either take a mangrove tour or enjoy a free and easy day by the shore.
For those who are interested to join their water sports activities, below is their activity detail:
Open: (9.00am to 12.00pm) & (3.00pm to 6.00pm)
All activities depend on the tide and the wind conditions.
When low tide: Cart Sailing, Speed Sails.
When high tide: Sailing, Kayaking & Windsurfing.
Please make sure you guys use sunblock ya.
This is my first time play beach volley ball. I do not know how to play it and it really fun. If you are lucky, you can take part in a tournament that organize by the resort. Since all of us are “professional” we are lazy to compete with each other and friendly match is more than enough. If you come alone, you can join with other guests or Escapade Adventure team. I’m so lucky because my team member are from US, Taiwan and Indonesia.. and I’m from Malaysia…
Can you guys see my skill? Hmmm… I have skill but not talent haha..
Danial (blogger from Indonesia) interviewing Pamela (travel blogger from Malaysia) by the way, Danial is just 18.. Kinda young right?
I love the beach but I do not know how to swim. In the future, I plan to open my own resort. If I have a lot of work/life stress, I really would love to go to the beach and release my tension because it give me some kind of feeling that hard for me to describe it.
With Susan, bloggers from Indonesia. She’s really strong and never give up. Why? I will let you guys know in my other blog post!
On my way back to the lobby, I saw this lady drawing this. I’m not sure how much they charge it but if you guys have any idea, do let me know ya. Thanks in advance.
Last but not least… Group photo!
If you are interested to get more details of the Golden Palm Tree Iconic Resort and Spa, Check out:
Golden Palm Tree Resort & Spa Sdn Bhd (637783-W)
No. 67, Jalan Pantai Bagan Lalang,
Kg Bagan Lalang,
43950 Sungai Pelek,
Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia.
+603 3182 3600
+603 3182 3700
If you have any enquiries or questions, please contact them at
Since I kinda lazy to walk back to my room, I use buggy services that has been provided. Pampered to the max =)
P/S: Thanks to Zaid and Nigel who capture my picture while I busy having fun. I really appreciate it. Thanks ^^
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