Guys, I need your help.

One of my friend is joining MBC Worldwide Star Audition 2010.

I need your help to vote her.

Its a worldwide kpop audition held by MBC(one of the biggest tv stations in Korea).

Top 500 will be selected by the views n votes,and from that the judges will choose the top 50 for 2nd audition at Korea!

1: Click HERE!
2: Click “Gallery”
3: Country: “Other”
4: Genre: “Other”
5: Sort: “Username A-Z”

The video: 2nd page, red T + grey jacket & fringe fly up!

There have a lot of other contestant who join the contest as well.
So, support her okay?

Voting starts NOW until 3/12 11.59pm.
Just click on the “LIKE” button on Youtube to vote.

You can vote once every 24hrs only.

This is her video.