The venue of the Universiti Malaya Veet roadshow is postponed to 22nd February 2011 instead 17th February 2011.


Dear ladies, I have a good news for you. If you want hair free skin and super smooth legs continue read this blog post.

I know that there are days when some of the ladies just want to wear that pretty sleeveless top and gorgeous skirt to college without having to worry about hair on our skin. With so many hair-removal methods, and less hours in a day to look good.

The question is… what’s the quickest way to get all that hair removed?!

Surely, you can go to the salon and get it waxed or opt for shaving, but that would mean forking out more money or allowing our skin to deteriorate. On that note, I feel you can make a difference!

Veet wants young women to radiate confidence, have silky smooth hair-free skin and be beautiful for who they are!

Ladies, it’s not about high maintenance; it’s about quick beauty fixes that help you stay beautiful at all times of the day. Don’t we all wish for a painless method to remove unwanted hair without having to worry about re-growth and best of all – speed!

Veet’s Hair Removal Cream promises a hassle-free method leaving your legs smooth, silky and stubble-free. The cream gradually softens hair follicles in just 3-5 minutes and is perfect for girls who need a quick fuss-free fix!

Here are some easy steps on how to use the Veet Hair Removal Cream:
1. Use Veet Hair Removal Cream after a warm (not hot) bath or shower when the hair is softened and pores are open.
2. Be generous when applying the hair removal cream and do not rub it in. Just smooth on a thick layer using the innovative Veet Perfect Touch Spatula.
3. Relax while the cream works and leave it on for 3-5 minutes.
4. Rinse your skin thoroughly under the shower after use.

Veet wants young women to feel the difference and understand that beauty is not hard to attain!

This time, Veet is hosting the Veet ‘My Real Secret’ college programme. The college programme will be held in six campuses:

Taylor’s College Subang Jaya (9th Feb)
Taylor’s Lakeside Campus (10th Feb)
PTPL Shah Alam (16th Feb)
Monash University (21st Feb)
Universiti Malaya (22nd Feb)
UITM Shah Alam (23rd Feb)

I will be going to Taylor’s Lakeside Campus & Universiti Malaya.

Young women will have access to:
a) the importance of personal care and management
b) hair removal tips and care and
c) an introduction to Veet products through a Veet Grooming Consultation Session.

P/S: Students will also receive an exclusive Veet goody bag for FREE! Besides this, our event partner, Freskon – the leading cosmetic lens brand, will be present at the event to provide eye care tips and special discount vouchers!

To further elevate the excitement, Veet is giving away a make-up consultation and voucher worth RM500. To win, young women would need to answer a few simple questions and complete a slogan – ‘Veet is my real secret because…’ in not more than 25 words.

Pretty exciting, isn’t it? With a mission to help young women achieve beautiful, smooth and hair-free skin, Veet wants you to be among the influential few to join the movement and help young women discover the secret to gorgeously smooth skin!