The title said everything. I just reach Malaysia and tomorrow I will be leaving again. I was in Jakarta for almost a week and I can’t wait to come down to Jakarta again. Maybe I should say I can’t wait to set up my new business over here and own a property. For the meantime, I have new responsibility back in Malaysia. At least for the next two years time.
Thanks to the haze, Indonesia. Don’t worry. I still love you. Lucky there’s no haze in Jakarta.
For the meantime, if you are looking for photography, video production or studio rental services, do contact me at +60166664034 / /

My flight of choice of course Air Asia.

Things that I loved about Indonesia, especially Jakarta is their ideas. I love how they play with advertising, cool car design, beautiful house concept and not to mention their mall to.
Went to the first Aeon Mall in Indonesia. They have nice and beautiful chill out place. Just outside the mall. How I wish they did this in Malaysia too.
Indonesia, you never fail to impress me. Great.
As usual when I came down to Indonesia, Bebek (duck) and Iga is a must. I love Bebek as much as I love my job. This is what I call it as Lepas Geram hahaha
Congratulations to both of you for your big day. I look fat in this photo, but because it’s your big day, I still will post it up hahaha
Their marriage proves that long distance relationship is legit hahaha. Malacca – Indonesia. Who said it can’t work? As long you have gives and take, everything is possible.
Make sure both of you attend my wedding. If it’s happen.
I’m missing this girl badly. Can’t wait to go back Malaysia but then need to go outstation again tomorrow. Rindu itu fitrah. Kawal melalui iman. Salur dengan doa.