I receive this a day before I flew to Jakarta. This is what I need for my RE because I spent most of my time driving. Basically, this is the car mount for ReByHTC.

RE HTC in Malacca trip: http://www.feeqsays.com/2014/12/re-camera-by-htc-and-htc-desire-eye.html

Universal suction mount creates a stable base on any flat surface. Mount your RE on a window, in a car, on a table, or just about anywhere you want.

For more information: http://www.htc.com/sea/re/re-camera/

Basically, it is as simple as how it looks. It’s ready to go. No installation is required.

What’s inside the box?
•  Suction mount.
•  RE Bottom cap.
•  Quick start guide.

How to use it?
•  Press the suction mount firmly against the surface.
•  Turn the base wheel clockwise until it is locked in place.

For some reason, I really like the wheel base. How I wish my car phone mount also use the same wheel base.

Now I can simply just record whatever and whenever I want in the car.