Last few weeks, Dila organize Chicken Wing Twtup at Mentari Court. Since this is my first time attend the twittup, it’s an awesome experience to meet a new friends and not only blogger but also twitter XD

When I saw her twitt about chicken wings = food, of course I don’t want miss it. That night was really fun ^^

Where it’s the shop? It’s just located beside “Friendster Hair Salloon” and in front of “Kedai Motosikal Lee Hin”

Poor chicken without wings…

Can see the smoke and the gravy on the chicken? I wonder that when I can have free time to drop by there ya… Drooling ~

Chicken Wings @ RM1.50 per pcs.
Picture shows everything and this chicken wings slightly tangy because they added extra ketchup and brown sugar. It seems that chicken wings and BBQ sauce is good anytime of the day. Doesn’t take long and with a little BBQ sauce, and some ranch dip, you got yourself some good eating. Great appetizer or maybe I should call it dinner if I ate 2 plate? haha I can eat more than that I guess XD I’m sure it’s really nice if having outside picnicking!

Pedal @ RM1.20
There have a variety of chicken part. So, it’s not only about the chicken wings but also others. Maybe can add drumstick!

Tongkeng (butt) @ RM1.20 per stick
Remember the Kick-Ass movie? This is not his ass but chicken ass XD
Back then my friends like to eat this. Imagine eat chicken ass haha… All the shit is there. So, I don’t dare to eat it ^^

Liver @ RM1.20 per stick
It’ totally dry and better to have sauce to make it nicer. Just mix with some herbs and the aunty bbq it.

The food accompanied with the some sauce. Not really nice and a little bit sour. I prefer have my chicken wings without the sauce but if want eat the liver, better have a little bit sauce because the liver totally dry!

They all seems happy ^^

Or maybe not all (o^^)o

Group photo!

Who came on that night, please say weeeee in my post… Wanna “to know more about you”

Overall I will vote:
7/10 for the service. Friendly but you need to come early because it’s very fast sold out.
7/10 for the food quality and quantity. Nice and worth to try.
8/10 for the environment. Just seat at the other people stall since the chicken wings stall don’t have any place to seat.

@kruel74’s office (if you know where it is)
Sunway Mentari, the same row as Perodua, Restoran Subaidah
(foursquare mayorship belongs to @kruel74) and 99 Speedmart.

Operation Hour:
Daily from 7.00pm – 11.00pm

P.S.: This is based on individual’s taste and liking and if there’s any other further questions about this restaurant or the food, feel free to drop a comment. Thanks!