Malacca Food Hunting!!!
I like it and at the same time I hate it.

Why I like?
It’s gave me a lot of new sweet memories & of course I love food!

Why I hate it?
It’s brings up a lot of sweet memories about me & her.

Was plan this trip almost a month and today is the day!
Leave KL by 7.00am which is plan to leave it by 6.30am. Reach Malacca around 10.00am & went back to KL around 11.00pm ^^

Guy team ^^.
From left…
Kingston, Mj & Me.

Girls team XD
From Left…
Vivienne, Zoe, Christine, Steph & Eiko.

note: When we had our Malacca Chicken Rice Ball, Ellyse, Her sister, rehka & her brother join us…Make our team bigger and bigger!

Lets the photo do talking!
(All the photo with out edit. Only add a border & copyright!)

Coming up…

Ho Kee Chicken rice ball!!!