Last weekend I went back to Johor which is after almost 1 year I’m not going to my home. The last day that I went back is around December 2008 during semester break. Actually I’m just stay at Johor for few days and most of my time I spend at Singapore. So, I decide to go back last weekend and give myself excuse which is I’m going back for attending my ex-classmate wedding and also meet my sponsor for my coming soon prom night. Why I’m not going back? Actually I was a little bit busy (really?) and spend my holiday to travel around such as Melaka & Perak.

While waiting my mom back from Singapore, I went to City Square which is my favorite shopping mall. I get shock when a lot of my favourite cafe was open. Some of the cafe are Mr. Baoz, Old Town White Coffee & others…

Did I mention in my previous post that I went to my friend wedding right? On my way back, I drop by at Air Hitam to buy some stuff. Air Hitam famous among the Singaporean especially Malay and during hari raya since you can get a lot of stuff from vase, flower, pillow and others.

Machap (on the way back from Johor Bahru – Seremban) also have their new pit stop for the bus driver and passenger take rest. After this, I don’t know yet when will go back Johor since my plan for semester break is PENANG, CAMERON HIGHLAND & GENTING. Food hunting mission coming soon ^^