When people talk about Ipoh, I straight think about their Salted chicken and White Coffee. My friend told me to visit their Cave Temple which is famous among the visitor or tourist. The idea to go ipoh came when our plan to go genting was cancel. So, we decide to go ipoh to “kill” our semester break.

Since sake of $$, we decide to go by cheap transportation. So, we take konsortium bus. It is cheap which is cost us at RM17.40 for 1 way KL (pudu raya) – Perak (medan gopeng ipoh). The bus just name only is VIP which is I was survey from internet that they provide double decker and actually it is single decker. The bus which is KL-Perak was small, super slow and uncomfortable which is comparing to Perak-KL it is better. We just read newspaper, listening IPod & sleep for 3 hours ++ journey.

We were planning to stay at Chooi Yee house for 4 days 3 Nights.

This is my second time went to ipoh which is the first one I don’t have time to hunting food, so I decide this trip is for me to hunting the ipoh speciality ^^.

When I almost reach Gopeng, I saw a lot of nice cave. It is my appetizer from Ipoh.

What I like and don’t like about Ipoh is, if u go to any restaurant (mostly chinese) there have people who help you find parking. Normally we give them RM2-5 as donation because they find parking for us. But, night life at ipoh during weekdays quite boring.

Medan Gopeng Bus Terminal

This our plan for the trip:

Day 1
12.30pm – KTM Nilai – KTM Kuala Lumpur
2.00pm – McD Pudu Raya
3.45pm – Journey (Pudu Raya – Ipoh)
6.30pm – Reach Medan Gopeng Ipoh waiting for Chooi Yee fetch us
7.30pm – Went to Chooi Yee Mother kindergarten
8.30pm – Went to Chooi Yee House
10.00pm – Dinner (Ong Kee Tauge Ayam)

Day 2
10.00am – Breakfast (Dim Sum)
11.30pm – Cave Temple (Sam Poh Tong)
11.50pm – Cave Temple (Nan Tian Tong)
12.30pm – Cave Temple (Ling Sen Tong)
2.30pm – Lunch (Tai Shi Tou)
3.30pm – Taufu Fa (close) click HERE for previous Tau Fu Fa review
9.00pm – Dinner (Kim Bali)

Day 3
1.00pm – Fetch Chooi Yee Cousin (Ah Chong)
1.30pm – Japanese Garden
1.40pm – Lunch (Fantasy Food & Snack)
3.00pm – Ipoh Parade
9.00pm – Dinner (Shanghai Village)

Day 4
10.00am – Breakfast (Sun Yuan Foong)
1.30pm – Lunch (Salted Chicken & Pau Langkap)
4.30pm – Journey (Ipoh – KL)
7.20pm – Petaling Street (Chest Nut & Air Mata Kucing)
8.30pm – Lowyat Plaza
10.00pm – KTM KL – Nilai
11.30pm – Wong Kok Restaurant