I was went to Seremban last saturday. I, Edmund & edwin went down to seremban just for shopping some stuff for edwin to bring back labuan. We went to Terminal 1, Terminal 2 & Era Walk. Random picture

The event was held on that day at Terminal 1 shopping complex.

I like both picture. Pure & Innocent face from that cute girl. Actually I & Edmund sit they and play some board game while waiting edwin. Than, suddenly that cute girl came over and “teach” us how to play ^^ so cute…2nd picture like father & daughter right?

This is Terminal 2 which is just open and they have a good & nice cinema ^^

They also have free shuttle bus from Terminal 1 to Terminal 2. We try to take their shuttle bus & it is comfortable.

This is Era Walk which is have a lot of type restaurant & cafe that you must try. They also have a few pub.

Drunk guy snap photo?

This is LCCT that I have chance to snap picture when I fetch edwin to LCCT…