Berjaya University College of Hospitality. Thanks to Xin Ci for the invitation. I had a opportunity to visit Berjaya University since it is in my first list. I will continue study in Bachelor of Event Management. This post it’s not for me to compare between Nilai University College and Berjaya itself. Since Berjaya only for hospitality, that’s why it’s better for hospitality students and also the facilities & equipment better since they have their own hotel.

Freebies from Berjaya. Those who wanna look on it, can let me know.

The hang out spot. Normally students will “lepak” here or cafe while waiting their class.

2.5 = 10% Sholarship
3.0 – 3.49 = 50% Scholarship
3.5 – 4.00 = 100% Scholarship

1 retake = 2 resit (failed)

Diploma: 75-100 = A
Bachelor: 80 – 100 = A

The business centre a.k.a. Department who controll everything. Payment & students affairs.

The journey start. Thanks for the Jhanson because be our personal “tourist guide” since we need the English speaker. It is not because the rest can’t speak English but, the other students who from Kedah want Chinese speaker.

Locker room for the students.

Cafe. Chill out spot.

Oenology lab. Coffee & tea under one roof.

Fine dining restaurant.

Wine room. For students to learn how to taste wine, make wine & check the quality of wine.

Demonstration Kitchen.

Practical kitchen.

Bakery Lab.

Pastry Lab.

Culinary Asean Lab. Focusing on Asia food.

For student to their group discussion.


ICT Lab.

Mock up room a.k.a. housekeeping.


Small classroom.

Multipurpose room. Can be divided and become 2 class. I was inform that during exam, the class will open to make it bigger and be the exam hall.

The brunch that I had on that day. Thanks for the food. From Berjaya University College of Hospitality.

Students from Kedah.

Your future student in Bachelor Event Management ^^

Group picture before we leave. Still remember Chef Ezam? XD sorry for the picture. Guard snap liao T_T