Chinese New Year is fast approaching and you can see many restaurants offering Chinese New Year Set Menus. In this year of the rabbit as I was told by my Chinese friends. I was lucky enough to be invited to PJ Hilton Hotel Toh Yuen Chinese Restaurant to try out Toh Yuen Chinese New Year Set Menus and experience for myself. Thanks to Food Create Studio and Xiang for the invitation.

“Fatt Choy” Abalone Yee Sang 鲍鱼七彩鱼生

Yee Sang is must-have dish when you celebrate Chinese New Year in Malaysia. The unique of it is the mixture of everything. Sweet, sour, crunchy etc. Not to mention the way that how they mix it. Normally it’s served as the appetizer due to its symbolism of “good luck” for the new year.

The best part of Toh Yuen Yee Sang is, they offers five choices of Yee Sang.

Yee Sang with:
Sliced Abalone
Salmon Sea King
Pear & Honeydew

I lucky enough to get try the “Fatt Choy” Abalone Yee Sang as in the Longevity Set menu. If you realized, they will toss when they want mix the Yee Sang. In Chinese culture, they believes that the higher the Yee Sang is tossed, the more prosperous one will get in the coming years.

Braised Shark’s Fin Soup with Crab Meat & Roe 蟹黄烩鱼翅

Back 3 years ago, I really like to eat Shark Fin soup and whenever I attend the Chinese wedding, Shark Fin soup is the must dish. I even can finish it the whole big bowl. Currently to those who always hang out or dine with me they realized that I prefer butter sauce. Doesn’t matter either prawn or Chicken as long it is butter sauce.

To eat Shark Fin soup, mix it with some vinegar is a perfect combination. Toh Yuen serve the original Shark Fin soup. KY told us that he would not eat Shark Fin soup and for those who say no to Shark Fin soup, you can substitute it with double boiled chicken soup in the Longevity Set.

The question is, does Shark Fin soup is must or just a tradition in Chinese New Year dinner or wedding?

Deep Fried Chicken with Two Tastes 双味烧鸡

Crispy and spicy chicken in one plate. I still prefer roasted one instead spicy. The skin is crispy and the meat is tender.

Stir Fried Sea King Prawns with Pineapple Sauce 凤梨红爆红海明虾

The moment that sea king prawns arrived on the table, I can see the huge size of prawn. This time, I have an opportunity to try fresh sea king prawns cooked with pineapple sauce. The skin is soft and to eat the skin together with the meat is the best way to enjoy it. By the way, I only enjoy the pineapple juice during my Tennis practice because it is can help you to burn your fat.

Steamed Fish Pomfret with Soya Sauce 清蒸兜底鱼

This fish called as “Ikan Bawal” in Malay. I not really a fish lover. This Promfret fish is steamed with Soya Sauce. For those who do not know, some restaurant will import it from Thailand since it is cheaper but lesser quality compare than buy it from local seller. Lucky that Toh Yuen use a local fish.

I still remember back 1 years ago I always work part time at Chinese wedding & I really hate to cut the fish haha.

Stewed Sea Cucumber & Mushroom with Broccoli 海参烩冬菇西兰花

Sea cucumber is another dishes that must-eat in my food dictionary. As usual, the Stewed Sea Cucumber served with mushroom and broccoli The sea cucumber and mushrooms was soaked few hours until it’s soften. To prepare this dishes, it is took more than 5 hours of cooking. That is why the sea cucumber so soft.

Seafood Fried Rice with X.O Sauce X.O 海鲜酱炒饭

Mix well with prawns, eggs, chicken, green onions and some of other ingredients. Since it’s served wit XO, I skip it.

Chilled Honeydew with Hasma 雪蛤蜜瓜西米露

Last but not least is dessert time!
Before I tell you guys what is the main ingredient, let me tell you the benefit of this dessert.

“Hasma is taken for medicinal purposes in Traditional Chinese medicine. Reported benefits of eating hasma include replenishing vital essence in the lungs, kidneys, and improving skin complexion. Hasma is also prescribed to treat respiratory symptoms such as coughing, hemoptysis and night sweats due to tuberculosis. Young children are however not recommended to take it, as the high contents of hormones might cause puberty to begin early.” – Source from Wikipedia.

The chilled honeydew with hasma is just a perfect. A little bit bitter, sweet and cooling.
We concluded the night with a classic Chinese dessert – chilled honeydew with hasma. For the uninformed, it’s just a wikipedia article away for you to find out that hasma is actually fallopian tubes of frogs. Nice isn’t it? I still eat them, they tastes good. *slurps*.

Nom nom blogger on that day.
The prosperous Set Menus are available:
Lunch (12noon-2.30pm) Dinner (7pm-10.30pm)

For reservations, please call:
03-79559122 extn 4261/2

Toh Yuen Chinese Restaurant
Hilton Petaling Jaya
No 2 Jalan Barat

Price Range:
Table of 10 Packages RM888++ to RM1388++; Yee Sang Menu RM50++ to RM180++