For your info, I had a big problem with my face. Of course la pimples!!!
It’s really make me low confidence.

For past few weeks, some of my friends asked me how come your face become better right now.

This is the result!!! Oxy saved my life XD

I just wash my face twice a day with Oxy Acne Wash. It’s help me to kill all the stupid acne bacteria and also remove excess sebum *hug*

Oxy Acne wash is specially formulated to be used daily to help prevent acnes!
It kill acne bacteria, Deep cleansing and Prevent pimples!

Normally after I wash my face & let it dry by their own, I use Oxy 10!
It’s have a vanishing formula contains 10% Benzoyl Peroxide and gave you a maximum strength acne-pimple medication!

So for the food blogger and teenagers like me, it’s easy for me to get pimples since I ate everything. Some of the food is oily and it’s can effect my appearance.
With, Oxy there’s no any problem anymore XD