Traveling around and do something that I love… is the best feeling ever!
I received a lot of feedbacks from the video that I posted, HERE. Since I did
not have time to share more through the video, I will share more through
my blog.

me start my story with who I am. I’m just a small little boy who grew
in not-so-big family. I’m lucky that my mom is a Singaporean who was
born in Thailand & my dad is Malaysian and his father (my
grandpa) from Indonesia. I’m so fortunate to grow up in a good family
even though we are not rich. My parents more into “exam-result-person”
whereby “A” is everything. My dad is the oldest one and it automatically
made me the oldest guy on my father’s side of the family even though I
do have 1 elder cousin. Since I was kid, my parents loved to compare me
to others, especially my cousin of the same age. Of course he’s smarter
& a better person than me… He’s doctor.

Imagine when you are
compared to the others since you were a kid, in UPSR, PMR, SPM etc in
order to be the best among the best. Well, it was kinda hard for me. I
went to science class just for the sake of “science class”. Well, back
than in secondary school, science students are the “best” and
“bright-future-students”.  Trust me, I do not have any interest to work
in a medical or science line. I just went to science class because it’s
science class.

My study life is not as good as you
think. Once again they wanted me to be in the business line. Maybe
because my parents are more into business. I just felt that it’s kind of
boring. I do have a “mathematic-phobia”, I hate anything that involves
calculation. So, I decided to pursue my “dream” at the time. I went to
Nilai University and completed my Diploma in Hotel Management. To
establish my own hotel was my “dream”. However, during my final
semester, I went to a PR & magazine company for my internship.
From there I learnt what are we call it as media/social
media/entertainment life. Kinda cool? That’s what I thought at the time.
It was kinda hard for me to get approval from my University to complete
my internship at that company, since by right I need to complete my
internship in a hospitality line. Being a 1st student who break the
rules is not a fun thing. It was really hard for me to tell my lecturers
what I want do in my life instead of letting them arrange my future. I
managed to get permission & approval from the lecturer. Not as
easy as I thought. Things went smoothly & I learnt something. 1)
Never ever scared to do something different even you need to break the
rules. 2) If you never ask/try, you never know the result. 3) You are
never late to do something you wanted to do unless you are dead.

Since I do not have much money, I manage to get a “free-labour”. I’m
really fortunate to have a friends who willing to help me out. Pssttt…. We learnt a lot from youtube ;p

I completed my internship after 4 months with that company. I gained a
lot of knowledge & met different kinds of people. Guess what, I
never knew that 80% of the people that I worked with during my
internship will be the people who gave me help when I just started up my
business. Right after that, I did not hesitate continue my degree since
I wanted to complete my degree as soon as possible.

a 2-month break from my internship, I continued my degree in one of the
“well-known” university called as Taylor’s University. Most of the time
when people mention Taylor’s University, they will think that you are
rich. I do not have anything else to say and I do not care what the
others think. To pay 13k in advanced to enrol in Taylor’s University is
not an easy thing for my parents to do. I took Degree in International
Marketing. To be honest, I still did not know what I want to do with my
life. What I had in my mind was to complete my degree. A lot of people
questioned me why I took business studies in the first place. Okay… I’m
not a “study-type-person”. Somehow I managed to survive for 3 semesters,
but I decided to drop out when I had only 3 more semesters to go. Until
now my family still do not know about it. If they read this blog post,
they will know it. I plan to continue my Degree in Mass Communication by
2013 just for the sake of Degree certificate.

I might not going to oversea. Most probably will continue my education in Malaysia.

I was a Taylor’s student, I thought that love is everything. I fell in
love with someone. She was the one that made me realize what I want to
do in the future and what I want in my life. However, things did not go
as planned. Being rejected is a sign for me to wake up. My close friend
made me realize that I’m a loser. We are from two different worlds. Can
you imagine still asking money from parents at the age of 21? Every
month, I waited for my parents to give me allowance. At the age of 21, I
still did not know what I was going to do once I graduate. I spent most
of my time playing computer games, taking photos of “models”, going to
shopping mall to watch movies, shopping etc?

We learnt most of it through Youtube such as how to install curtain. It’s quite challenging and fun.

was why I started up my business. I wasn’t a good or professional
photographer, or even a blogger. I just have passion in photography  and
a little bit knowledge of business. I took a risk by using PTPTN money
and some loan from a friend in order to start up my business. What I
knew is, I need to return back the PTPTN money before the following
semester or else I would have a problem paying my fees. 13k per semester
is not cheap. This is how Creative Visual Studio was established. I run
my business without any knowledge of handling a company, photography
studio etc. Imagine a young amateur photographer wanting to set up a
photography company. Isn’t it crazy? The good thing is that my parents
taught me a few lessons: 1) Do not be lazy, 2) Never ever depend on
others, 3) Never ever loan money from others & 4) If others can
do it, I can do it too. There were a lot of obstacles in my way when I
started my business. When I look back at it, the 1st time I held a
camera is during my secondary school. From film camera to digital
compact camera and upgrade to DSLR. The 1st payment that I receive
through my photography services is 2005. Well, I still remember how I
went to one photo shop and ask them to give me a discount since I’m
going to print more photos.

The 1st 4-5 month of
running a business was full of challenges, I only ate once a day. I did
not have money to pay for my single plate of rice. In order to save
money, I mean a lot of money, I cooked. I only ate “pancake” once a day:
a mixture of flour, water, egg and you just fry it. My ex-housemate and
some friends knew about it. I only slept few hours a day and the worst
part, it continued even when I had exams. Apart of that, I used to be
active in blogging (FeeqSays.com) but I stopped attending events because
I could not afford to pay for my petrol and toll. Not to mention
parking and “yumcha”. A lot of people said that I’m arrogant because I
rejected their invitations. Slowly I rise from hard time but once again I
fell. A lot of haters outside tried to pull me down, especially some of
the professional photographers. The main reason was, I look at my
photography services from a business perspective. The good thing is,
sometime haters are right. I met Ahmad Izham Omar who is the chief
executive officer of 8TV, founder of Monkey Bone Records and head of
Media Prima Radio Networks. He said “When people in the industry say NO
to you, you listen to the mosh pit/audience”. I stood once again and
slowly everything went smoothly. From there, I learnt the meaning of “do
what you love & profit will come afterwards.”

Some of the clients (check our facebook for more). I would like to thanks my clients who trust me and my team.

less than a year, I managed to clear my debt. Apart of that, I managed
to break into Indonesia and Singapore markets. I love my new job, I get
to travel around, meet different kinds of people, photograph memories,
share my experiences, help others, etc, and above all, I get to learn
from others. I believe that it’s not a good idea to depend on a single
income. So, that’s when I founded CVS Production and other businesses.

of the client feedback (check our facebook for more).  This is what
make us to keep moving and produce a better outcome. Learning is not a
destination, but a journey. If you are on time, you are late. Do it now
or regret later.

I wrap up my 2012 with another 2 more business. Will reveal it soon 🙂

This is my story. How about yours?