Last month I had opportunity to Professor Konstantinos to talk about the “truth” of  Vape / Electronic Cigarettes. It’s really interesting to get more knowledge about vape / electronic cigarettes.

Nicotine is not what kills, we have got to start getting the fact right. It is the combustion that kills! So for all smoker friends out there who are thinking to quit, maybe vaping could be a safer & more effective way? Let me know what you guys think.

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Do you know that there have more than six million smokers in the European Union who have quit smoking and more than 9 million have reduced smoking consumption with the use of electronic cigarettes, according to a study published today in Addiction.

Among his distinctions in the field of research into electronic cigarettes:

  • He was research coordinator and principle investigator in a variety of clinical, laboratory and population studies on electronic cigarettes.
  • He performed the first ever studies evaluating the acute effects of electronic cigarette use on myocardial and arterial function.
  • He performed the first ever studies evaluating the effects of electronic cigarette aerosol exposure on cultured live cells.
  • He performed the first ever studies evaluating electronic cigarette use topography in experienced consumers and in first-time smokers.
  • He performed the largest survey on characteristics, patterns of use, benefits and side effects of electronic cigarette use in dedicated consumers (19,441 participants).
  • He performed the only study evaluating the effect of flavours variability in electronic cigarette use perceived experience.
  • He was the main author in the first scientific literature review on electronic cigarette safety/risk profile.
Scientists from the University of Patras-Greece, Onassis Cardiac Surgery Centre-Greece and the French National Research Institute for Health and Medical Research analyzed the data from the 2014 Eurobarometer on smoking and the use of the electronic cigarettes. According to the study findings, 48.5 million Europeans have ever tried electronic cigarettes, but 7.5 million are current users. Among current users, 35.1% have quit smoking while an additional 32.2% have reduced smoking consumption.

Virtually everyone – including more than 90 percent Malaysian vapers, the study found – agrees that kids should not be vaping, just as they are not allowed to do numerous other things that society as a whole regards as lifestyle choices for grown-ups to make. In the case of Malaysia, licensing retailers would allow law enforcement to track and punish any retailer not complying with the law – just as in other consumer-product sectors.