One of the big event of the month that I look forward to attend is The Star Property Fair 2012. I never had a dream to own a studio/office. I still remember how I start up with a small capital & persuade my dream. I just signed additional 2 years contract with the current landlord for Creative Visual Studio & CVS Production studio/office and I need a new studio/office. Since currently my studio/office is just a rental lot, I’m looking forward to buy my own properties. I’m looking more into a homey type of studio/office that can accommodate my staff & client… and party too *thinking of swimming pool* 😉
There have a lot of exhibitor who will be there. Personally, I more looking forward what Sunway Integrated Properties, Glenmarie Properties, Tropicana Golf & Country Resort Berhad, SP Setia & Danga Bay will offer to me. Check out the exhibitors’ details, HERE!

Check out the floor plan, HERE!
See you there on Saturday 🙂
More info: http://star-micro.knorex.asia/static-property-fair/index.html