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2013 Studio :

Hi guys. it’s have been awhile since I update my blog. Good news is… I have done with my studio & office renovation. So now I have more time to blog. It took me almost 3 month from the preparation, finding a right place, planning, renovation and start my business. So, what’s the business that I talk about?
From my previous experience, I need to choose the right and comfortable place to satisfied my clients and my staff needs. Well, it’s a bit empty because the moment I shoot these photos, the furniture haven’t arrive yet.
Studio Rental
Just look at our props and studio layout that we offer.
Furnished with air-conditioners and comfortable furnitures to create a
cozy environment, the studio is also available for rental. Prices are
reasonable and competitive.

Size of the studio
– 1400sqft
– 22″ x 70″
No more manual-pull-over backdrop concept.
– UniFi
– Serious business backdrop machine (6 backdrops)
– 40″ Samsung LED Smart TV
– 1 x Beauty dish
– 2 x Industrial fan
– 2 x 40″ umbrella diffuser
– 2 x 400W Studio light set
– 1 x 300W Studio light set
– 1 x Octabox (40cm x 140cm)
– 2 x Wireless trigger/Receiver set
– 2 x Standard softbox (60cm x 90cm)
– 1 x Colour gel set + Snoot + Honey comb
– 2 x Strip softbox (40cm x 140cm) with grid
– 1 x Softbox for external flash (40cm x 40cm)
– 2 x Giant Background Reflector (180cm x 112cm)
– 1 x Colour gel set + Reflector bowl + Honey comb
– 1 x White color backdrop paper type (10″x20″)
– 1 x Black color backdrop paper type (10″x20″)
– 1 x Green color backdrop paper type (10″x20″)
– 1 x Light blue color backdrop paper type (10″x20″)
– 1 x Dark red color backdrop paper type (10″x20″)
– 1 x Dark Yellow color backdrop paper type (10″x20″)
– 1 x Library backdrop for graduation canvas type (10″ x 20″)
Bored with white studio concept? We have different background too. More to come!

40″LED Smart TV is available. You can view your video, photos or even show your portfolio by use our Samsung LED Smart TV.
UniFi will be ready by end of August 2013. Meanwhile, you can use our Maxis WiFi Broadband. Other than that, you do not to worry if you need printing services. We have color printing waiting to serve you.
Feel free to use our rig.
Changing room and bathroom are provided
We offer the lowest rate ever. Studio rental rate start from RM30/hour. Terms codition apply. Please refer to our FB page.

Find us at:


Start from RM30/hour (Price may change from time to time. Please keep update at our FB or website)

No B-28-2, Dataran C180, Jalan C180/1, 43200 Cheras, Selangor Malaysia.


Operating Hours:
Monday – Sunday | 24 hours