Time is the most valuable thing on earth: time to think, time to act, time to extend our fraternal relations, time to become better men, time to become better women, time to become better and more independent citizens.” – Samuel Gompers
I only slept 4-5 hours a day and I always try to spend my time wisely. Most of the time if I’m not doing my production house stuff, I will blog. It is not easy to come out with one quality blog post per day, but I believe it is not impossible. Usually I will do the draft first and at the same time to do research about fresh and creative idea for my blog post. I only will start blogging once I wake up (I wake up at 5am) and the blog post usually will be publish between 8am-10am every day.
I’m no longer can blog or edit my video/photo use my notebook since my notebook is dead. I have some notebook brand in my mind (Lenovo, HP and Asus). Do let me know which one is good for someone who use it to travel around and have good specification. So, any of you want to sponsor me a new notebook, do buzz me 🙂
For those who still do not know, I do have studio production for rental. Suitable for photography or video production. Any of you who need to rent my studio, do buzz me on WhatsApp +60166664034 or visit White Studio Project or Creative Visual Studio Facebook page.
I seldom talk about café / food review. However, Tea Code Cafe is something different. This is where I spend most of the time when someone rent my studio. Sometime it can be up to 8 hours. Basically, there only has 3 coffee shops in C180 Cheras. Tea Code Cafe, Pacific Coffee and Cuppa Espresso. I personally prefer Tea Code Cafe because of the drinks, environment (strong coffee smell) and of course their friendly barista and owner. I met once the owner after my meeting with my client because my client knows them. If they can come out with lunch or dinner set, I’m definitely going to spend more time over there.
Their operating hours from 11am until midnight. However, they extend their operating hours until 1am on weekends. Please come early because most of the time there have a lot of people at night. Currently they only serve toast as their food and they told me they were going to have variety food in the future. Pasta and pastry please.
This is my usual spot. What else you need other than great coffee? Definitely a comfortable spot. I can just sit or even lay on it. Since they do not really have a lot of the power plug, I hope they can prepare few extension cords.
Espresso RM5/6
Macchiato RM7
Americano RM7
Long Black RM7
Cafe Latte RM9
Cappuccino RM9
Flat White RM9
Mocha RM10
Hot Chocolate RM10
Affogato RM12
TCC Signature RM12

Iced Black RM8
Iced Latte RM10
Iced Cappuccino RM10
Iced Mocha RM12
Iced Chocolate RM12

Tea (Pot)
Green Tea Mint RM10
Rooibos Chai RM10
Chamomile RM10
English Breakfast RM10
Do check out Tea Code Coffee facebook page for more information or visit their C180 Cheras outlet at D51UG, Jalan C180/1, Dataran C180, kampung baharu balakong, Cheras, Selangor.
They also have another outlet at KLIA 2 @ Gateway. (Lot L2-37, Level 2, Terminal KLIA2). Do let me know which outlet do you prefer.
Sometimes I do casually hang out just to release my stress after long hour editing. Most of the time, my hTc Desire 816 has accompanied me. Look at how big the screen is. Perfect for surfing YouTube and social media.
I would like to thank all my blog readers who take time to read my blog and follow me on my social media. Thank you once again. If you stay around my studio and would like to grab some coffee, buzz me.

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