I believe that a lot people keep complaining about how terrible the Taylor’s University Lakeside campus is. Some people might say that they do not even have proper parking space and the worst part is some of the car will be clamped if students park their cars apart from the parking zone.

I appreciate that some people send me emails and ask me to help them create awareness about how terrible the parking is and some student even ask me to sign the petition/fb etc. Take note that this is just my opinion and I do not back up anybody.

The question is, what have you done other than just complaining?

Taylor’s University staffs are also human being. If you have better solution, voice it up instead just complaining. Make sure that the platform that you want to use to voice out your thought is a proper platform.

I believe that before the main entrance (LDP road) open to public, people use the back gate (PJS7) to go in and out from Taylor’s University. The committees who stay around PJS7 are unhappy with it since a lot people simply park at the residential area causing bad traffic jam. Besides, the worst part, the student who park their car around the housing area got their car scratches etc.

We can see the problem solved after Taylor’s University open the main gate (LDP road) and the traffic jam issue is solve. Now, there is another problem arise in which students do not have enough parking slots.

For those who do not know, Taylor’s University has the most parking bays of 2400 lots available among the local universities in Malaysia. I believed that they should be aware about the demand and supply right? If they have a lot of students, means that they need provide more parking. Doesn’t mean that Taylor’s have the most parking but if it is not enough to accommodate and solve the parking problem, I do not see any reason for them to be proud with it.

This is what the latest Taylor’s University plan:

1. Additional Shuttle Bus Route To Sunway Pyramid
I will do review on it in my next Taylor’s University #2 blog post. I prefer to experience personally and come out with the conclusion instead of listening from the third party. Beginning of 30th March 2011, two additional buses will be provided to travel specially to Sunway Pyramid and Lakeside every 30 minutes. I will try to park my car at Sunway and gonna try the bus services. If the buses are not punctual, I do not see any reason for them to have it.

More detail, HERE!

2. Setting Up More Parking Bays
This is what most of people wanted. Taylor’s University has added on more parking and the student keep complaining because of the surface & distances. We know that the surface is not properly made such as muddy, rocky etc. I believe that some people do not know that Taylor’s University is only renting this land. So, they could not able to do much with it. I suggest that Taylor’s put sand or some rock on the spot that always have a problem when the rain come. This incident happen 10.30am in the morning and it is just after the rain. As students, what you can do is, avoid parking in that spot.

3. Reserved Parking Bays for Carpooling
I believe that some of you will saying that this is totally bullshit. To be honest, I have the same feelings. How will you be able to car pool if you are staying at different places and you have different timetable? Unless you have housemate who study the same course with you. Since they are providing 50 special reserved parking bays at Zone H for students that come to campus with a total of 3 passengers and a driver in their cars. I think they need to conduct fire camp for all student know other people background LOL

4. Parking Charges
I support Taylor’s if they gonna charge staff parking bay so that the staff will make use of it instead make the parking empty. To charge student for the parking fees, I suggest that you make sure the parking space in the good condition 1st before start charging such as tar the parking slot. Unless you want to see this incident happen again.

Campus Muddy Parking Area.

I hope there will not have another similar incident as above happen again!

Not all the zones will be charge & only certain zones! The only zone that will be charged is the one with safe, proper (tar road, with lines/ parking box)

Taylor`s traffic jam. First time I saw it is happened at Taylor’s Lakeside Campus (7/3/2011)

“Just because some inconsiderate feller parking at a turning point in a tight road where by cars were already parked on the right side he still continue parking his Wira there like nobody business. When bus and lorry try to exit they got stuck. This jam took up to 2 hours to clear off and when I was coming to the campus, I walked all the way in from LDP as the jam was not moving at all. Few hours later after finishing my class I spotted the Dude came out removing his car but it was clamp and he was just shaking his head…NO IDEA WHAT HAPPENED! Guys, if you wanna double park at least put your NUMBER! comeon’ be responsible and considerate!” – Shannon

If you think Taylor’s University sucks because of the parking problem, the only thing I can say is… Go out and face the real world. Imagine if you work with a company which have a parking problem, what are you gonna do? Complain? Go ahead!

Compare with other college, Taylor’s offer a lot of benefits as well such as awesome F&B outlet, active students in organizing an event etc. Not to mention that you have cool MAC lab and you even can bring foods and drinks inside the library.

So, think positively and you will see the bright side.

Share with us what solution that you think it can help to make a change.