Last weekend, I went back to Taylor’s Lakeside Campus since I had my semester break until March. Why? Since there’s a Open day, I manage to join the Campus Tour in order for me to know more about Taylor’s. For those who do not, previously I am a counselor for Nilai University College and I know how important is the open day for the new students. Since a lot of my friends ask me about Taylor’s I believe that I should know more about Taylor’s.

Another reason why I came to Taylor’s Lakeside Campus Open Day is because of their Hot Air Balloon. This is my 1st time I ride Hot Air Balloon.

This is the view from the Hot Air Baloon.

Some info regarding Taylor’s are:
Taylor’s was established since 1969 started in a small building on Jalan Pantai and later moved to on Subang ss15. Now with the New Lakeside Campus, it’s Malaysia first modern-tropical university campus built around the lake. Taylor’s University was also rated a “Tier 5: Excellent” by the Ministry of Higher Education in 2009 MQA rating system (SERARA’09) as well as many numerous awards.

Having the aim to create global leaders among their graduates, Taylor’s is pride with delivering holistic education that leads to excellent academic accomplishments and produces graduates with qualities that are highly sought after in global marketplace

How is the open day?
I went there with bunch of bloggers and of course all of us had fun. With some of us who brought the DSLR, camwhor all the time is the must. During open day, we manage to know how to make candy. I just do not like the students who supposed to demonstrate how to make candy attitude. He asked me if “I am a potential students”. Does it mean if I want register as a students only he will show me? LOL

Another stuff that Taylor’s proud of is….The Champion at Formula Varsity 2010! Check them out for Taylor’s Racing Team on Facebook!

If you think that Taylor’s only want their student study all the time and get a good grade, you are totally wrong. The Engineering School just won the Formula Varsity 2010 race.

Other students from other college might complain about their “canteen” or what we call it as food court. Taylor’s Lakeside Campus offer a lot of variety that you can choose. They have Asian, Japanese, Western and even some snack. Remember, if it is still do not enough, you can go to the commercial block F&B outlet.

For those who follow me in twitter and 4sq, past few month ago I am the mayor of 24/7 hours room and always hang out at Taylor’s Lakeside Campus library. I guess you guys know why 😉 Can you see how cool and comfortable it is?

Taylor’s Lakeside Campus use 100% computer system for students to return the book that they borrowed. There still have library staff who will assist you if there is have any problem. Not only that, the internet speed at Taylor’s Lakeside Campus also quite fast.

Speaking about facilities Taylor Business School also have their own facilities. Better than do not have at all right? There is a facility such as Enterprise Corridor for the Business School, it is not only for research centre but there’s more programs up to help students who are currently studying as well at the same time running a business.

It is also help the marketers to tight up with the Taylor’s marketing people for the future project. For those who do not know, Taylor’s offers Post-Graduate programs to further your studies on Masters, there’s Master in Finance, Master in Management, and Bristol MBA (Master in Business Administration, UWE). Not only that, if you major in accounting and finance you can take the ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) professional level qualification.

I joined Taylor’s last July 2010 intake and guess what? I never went to the Taylor’s open day. I went there last week and I receive a lot of information regarding Taylor’s Business School.

For those who still not sure either they want join Taylor’s business family or not, there’s a few path you can take in Taylor’s for Business. You can start with Pre-U or Foundation or Diploma in Business and then you precede with the Degree programs available with University South Australia (UniSa) and University West England (UWE) both partnering Universities with Taylor’s!

The Business degree courses offered by Taylor’s partnering with UniSa and UWE are:

Bachelor of Business (Hons) Business Administration,
Bachelor of Business (Hons) Human Resource Management,
Bachelor of Business (Hons) International Business,
Bachelor of Business (Hons) International Business and Marketing,
Bachelor of Management (Marketing),
Bachelor of Applied Finance,
Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting),
BA (Hons) Accounting and Finance.

Some people asked me before regarding the Taylor’s Hotel. Yes, they have their own hotel. They expect to launch it on March! Guess what? This is the first University that offers Hotel service to the public and fully operated by Taylor’s University Hospitality students. Let me tell you, I promise that I will be the 1st person to do coverage about the hotel once it is ready to public.

Commercial block is one of the attractions of Taylor’s Lakeside Campus. From Starbuck to Baskin Robins, this is the KL life style that you might don’t want miss it. Do not worry if you lazy to go out from Taylor’s Lakeside, you can have a lot of choice at commercial bloc. There have a lot of outlet such as F&B, saloon, hotel, bookstore etc.

Do I tell you I smell Mac Lab?

More Details of Open Day at:
FB event (link) and visit

Those who are interested to learn more are encouraged to visit the Taylor’s University Campus Day at the Lakeside Campus from 8th January to 9th January 2011, 10am to 5pm.