Taylor UC… Proud to be the Taylorian? yes am I!
I like Taylor UC and when talk about the environment + education, I proud to be part of it. When came to customer service, I hope they can improve. Yes, need to improve a lot.

Back then, I was one of the counselor for my previous University which is known as Nilai UC. To bring more student to the college is quite easy as long you promise them good things. Same goes to other college as well. For those who do not know, I’m now is Taylorian LOL. Happy? Proud? No idea.

1st week of my life in Taylor, I kena con liao.
Some people might see all of this not really a big issue but some is yes. At least for me. Since I only depends to PTPTN for my Uni fees. If not, sure botak la my hair XP

I believe not I’m the only one complain about the management but, some of it HERE!

I hope the management will be improve.

1st FFK:
I not remember who is the counselor that I met last few month when I asked about the PTPTN + my degree course during open day. The counselor who I allies with on that time told me that as long I have 3 credit in SPM, Bahasa Malaysia credit & CGPA (diploma) 3.0 above I confirm can get PTPTN. Only do not know that I will get 100% or 50% loan.

So, last Wednesday or Thursday I went to the PTPTN briefing which is include in the orientation program. I was informed that since I from Diploma in Hotel Management an continue my Degree in Marketing UniSA, the application of PTPTN loan is not 100% can get. When I asked if there have possibility that I can get the loan, the people who in charge said… Hard to say!


That’s mean I can pack all my stuff and go back Singapore if I can’t get the loan? I’m not rich to pay all the fees!

2nd FFK:
Today is the 1st day of classes and yes, as new students I do not know how the system to choose the timetable. Thanks to my housemate who help me. I went to Business & Law department around 9.30am to discuss about my timetable. Since I have some exemption, so I need to reschedule back my timetable. The ladies who in charge for UniSA students asked me to wait and she told me that she will get back to me ASAP. I wait wait wait until can sleep LOL. I went to class and come back around 11.30am and yes she said wait wait wait and wait.
1.30pm I went to the counter but that ladies not there. Another ladies told me that I need go to 8th floor because there have a place for add & drop subject. I asked, then why you guys asked me to wait like stupid? She said “Oh really? sorry for that. you can straight go to the 8th floor, no need wait here”


I went to 8th floor and settle my stuff. Reach home almost 4.30pm! LOL
Imagine if I not ask & I will wait till whole day? =.=”