Whenever I wanted to eat something healthy, it can be very costly and not pure healthy. Recently I was invited by Halim from Hai Blogger! to attend Tanah Aina Cafe by Farhana’s Oven food review. Nothing excites me so much until I heard they used 100% natural ingredients. Not to mention a combination of gym and cafe. Located in Shah Alam, it’s really a good place to workout and at the same time to enjoy their healthy menu. Read my previous blog post regarding Tanah Aina Cafe Zumba gym.
Tanah Aina Cafe consist of 2 floors, with the main dining area located at the ground floor as well as an open space, buffet area capable of hosting around 200 people (that’s where our gathering were hosted). The 3rd floor is turned into a fitness centre.
It’s 20% off on food and beverages as well as 10% off on cakes and cookies.
Not only the healthy food is their main selling point, but they served up a variety of great food, from local to international. Everything is under one roof.
Does it look good? Well, the food here is made with 100% natural ingredients, no coloring and no food additives. Glad to hear that the Founder of Tanah Aina Cafe is extremely health conscious
The one and only food that caught my attention is this. Healthy organic oats. Oats + raisins + milk + Pure honey + Apple + almond. Thank you so much @farhanasoven #TanahAinaCafe for accommodating my request. It’s not in a food review, so I ask for special requests. You can get it for RM10/bowl and trust me. It’s so filling. Good food for after Zumba training. Don’t forget to give them a try.
P/S: I feel good when some blogger came to me and told me they wanted to start a #eatclean and healthy lifestyle. I always believed 60% is coming from your nutrition.
Good food after my magazine shoot. I feel my face still got makeup. Anyone know how to totally remove makeup from my face? Was rushing to clean my face just now.
Pengat durian with pulut (RM12). Let’s forget about diet for awhile shall we? I’m a fan of durian and this is definitely a must mouth watering. Rich and thick with durian paste and sometimes you can chew the durian  too. Topping with Pulut.
Pizza (RM20). Looking for something healthy and light? Pizza is on my list. The based was crispy and rich with a healthy topping such as mushroom, olives, tomatoes, etc. Add on some Tabasco and you are ready to go!
Tanah Aina Salad (RM15). This is my starter. A good combination of fiber and protein. The salad does contain olive oil garnish and this dish can be shared for 2-3 people. If you are not a vege person, this salad is not too heavy for you.
Vegetarian Maccaroni (RM10). I wanted to find something that can make me full as a main course.  Vegetarian macaroni is just coming to a right place. Not too watery and salty, this dish is just for me.
Contact: +603-5524 3258
Tanah Aina Fitness Centre
Wisma Tanah Aina, No 1 Jalan Mesra 1, Taman Mesra Batu 3, Shah Alam Selangor