Standing up for what you believe

Standing up for what you believe.

That boy over there.. is a dreamer. His dream is to build his own empire. When he put his first brick many years ago, people laugh at him, talked about him and leave him alone with tons of responsibility.

He sit at the corner of his bed, blaming himself and crying. One day, he decided to look at the positive side and push his own limits.

Many years down to the road, he still standing up for what he believe. He don’t care what people talked about him because he know what he want and what matters. Now he putting another brick to build his empire.

Tq for all your support.

Selamat Hari Raya Maaf Zahir & Batin

Selamat Hari Raya Maaf Zahir & Batin dari saya, Feeqsays kepada sesiapa yang mengenali saya. Saya memohon maaf jika ada buat salah sengaja atau pun tidak sengaja.

I’m Giving a Talk at Blossom Arts Festival Malaysia – Take your photography to the next level

If you’re one who is intrigued by photography skills to document everyday life, storage management tips for travelling photographers or even turning that photography passion into a career, this is your calling! Join us at 马来西亚华穗艺术节 Blossom Arts Festival Malaysia! Registration closes 15th June 2016, 9PM: http://goo.gl/forms/4wH5lXnCCdX1bzXt1
These panel of experts are ready to share their expertise & experience. Register for each workshop here: http://goo.gl/forms/4wH5lXnCCdX1bzXt1
Owner of CVS Production, Firdaus truly embodies the idea of pursuing your passion and dreams as a career. A blogger and social media influencer himself, he channels his passion of photography and videos into various works for known brands, emerging local bands, as well as wedding photography. Register now to save yourself a seat: http://goo.gl/forms/4wH5lXnCCdX1bzXt1
Based in Taiwan, Albert is an avid photographer himself – advocating for proper storage mechanism in this content-creating generation. With extensive experience in storage solutions, join us as one of our very own WD minds shares his thoughts. 
To tune in, register here: http://goo.gl/forms/4wH5lXnCCdX1bzXt1
Having spent 12 years documenting life as it is in Myanmar, established photojournalist specialising in editorial, architecture, hotels & resorts and food photography, SC Shekar was awarded for his trend-setting work with Shangri-La and The Four Seasons. Wait no more, register here to be a part of this incredible experience: http://goo.gl/forms/4wH5lXnCCdX1bzXt1

Sick post, back to work. Take care your employees and they will take care of your business.

After more than a week I took a long break due to sickness, it’s time to get back to work. Learn my lesson. Sick is not an option. Meeting back to back and everyday is a long day since I have to catch up with a lot of work. 
It’s good to see the progress of CVS Production office in JB. Yes, we are expanding to serve our Singapore and Johor Bharu clients. Buzz us at cvs@cvsproduction.net if you need our services.
Richard Branson once said. Take care your employees and they will take care of your business. Every Friday, we try to avoid driving. We prefer to use Uber or Grabcar. Since last week we have to leave our studio as early as 6.30am and end our shoot at 6.30pm (peak hours), we took ‪#‎GrabCar‬ instead of driving. At least our crew can have enough rest.
The journey (Cheras Selatan – KL – Cheras Selatan) that usually took us 30 min (one way) turn out to be 2 hours journey (one way).
 A little bit of cleaning to welcome our new intern. Yes, we are expanding. If you interested to be part of CVS Production & White Studio Project , please send your CV to cvs@cvsproduction.net

Hello 2016 – Let’s do a quick recap, shall we?

I know my blog has been slightly lacking of update. It was almost a month I did not update anything on my blog and for those who followed my Instagram, they should know that I’m freaking busy lately. There’s so many things happened (good thing, of course) and I’m glad that now I’m going back to the track once again. Starting to attend a social media event etc.
Let’s do a quick recap, shall we?
I did a major renovation of my studio, CVS Production where we decided to focus more on giving our studio rental client not only comfortable place to use yet full with new equipment. If you are looking for studio rental, do check out White Studio Project. It’s more than a studio. I will update on separate blog post regarding my studio renovation that cost us almost 30K.
My new year celebration with some familiar faces at the KL Tower courtesy of Hai Blogger (blogger community).
Tq Halim Nadzeri from Hai Blogger who never stop support my social media journey. I can’t recall how and when I know him, but I can recall where we met for the first time. During Pak John Steamboat & BBQ food review.
Set up a new company with my other half, Bitter n’ Sweet.co. Want to know more about it? Do check out our Instagram.
Yes, I’m engaged with Fatin Bella. Do check out our official blog (CeritaFF.com). Will update more over there.
I went down to Johor for shooting during my engagement. Yes, I almost miss my flight.
2016 is a year of doing something that I love most. Well, now our company has a proper direction and I do have people to feed… soon.. hahaha
Something that we venture to for the year of 2016. Anyone looking for Aerial Photography / Video Production? Do buzz us.

How much do I earn per blog post? – Harga sebuah blog post

How much do I earn per blog post?
I selalu dapat this question. Either from blogger or clients. This question can be very subjective. This post bukan nak menunjuk but to inspire people why they should chase their passion rather than money. Yes. Blogging or social media is my passion but some people thought it’s my full time job. Maybe because I put effort on something that I love to do.
Last few weeks, this is what happened. I charge RM500/blog post, but client give me RM800 instead. Dieorang cakap they stalk my social media & the love my effort and the way how I represent their brand. So, I think I should blog about it and share with you guys.
What they asked me to do?
One blog post.
What I did?
One blog post, a lot of social media exposure (Instagram & Facebook) and not to mention a proper photo shoot and video.
I love the way how they treat me and the most important is I love the products.
Personally, my rate card can simply up to RM500/blog post depending on the campaign. Tapi ada client yang dah tau or biasa with my service, kadang-kadang dieorang bayar lebih. Because they know when I do something, I will put effort on it.
Tapi ada juga clients yang bayar below RM500 dan suruh buat social media exposure such as Blog post, Facebook, Instagram & Twitter. I still accept as long dia punya requirement tak mengarut and related with my niche. But back to the basic, I must suka campaign tu.

Do contact me if you want to engage me: Contact
Need my Digital Profile? HERE!

Sebab social media is my passion & not my profit machine. So, bila you buat something because of your passion, you will put more effort. Kadang-kadang bila I rajin, I buat video & photoshoot sekali walaupun tak disuruh. Dah nama pun photographer & video producer. Take rugi apa pun kalau guna camera or my studio. Yang penting client happy and my advertorial ada high value.
Kalau ada blogger nak collaborate with my studio, boleh inform me (CVSproduction). Boleh bawak berbincang hahaha
Ada yang suruh I promote kat Instagram je tapi sebab layanan dieorang 5 star, I bagi free extra boost kat my blog, Fb & twitter. Orang berbudi, kita berbahasa.
Social media is not my full time job, but CVS Production is.
Selalunya payment adalah berbeza untuk setiap blogger. I prefer not to tell blogger lain berapa I dapat.
Dulu masa mula-mula, I pernah dapat RM10-RM50/blog post. Masa tu pun baru start je blogging and Alhamdulillah client still bagi perluang. So, bila dah diberi peluang, buat lah betul2.
Blog post paling mahal in the terms of cash is RM2K/blog post and dapat free their product worth of RM3K. Sedap kan dengar? Tapi banyak kerja kena buat. Kena pergi conference, etc.
At the moment, I’m social media influencer and brand ambassador for few giant companies. So, usually every month I dapat “salary” & their products. Since I blog pasal travel, kadang2 dapat travel for free.
Ada blogger yang dapat payment sampai berpuluh ribu. Tak mustahil kerana they have what it takes & ada blogger buat freelance social media marketer. So, dieorang charge client harga mahal pastu dia provide few blogger etc.

Do let me know on the comment box below, what else you want me to share.

Why Blogger Need Digital Profile & How to Create it? – Digital profile for the client

I receive a lot of request & feedback regarding the importance and how to make your’s.

Just in case if you don’t know, I have my own Digital Profile for my PR friends/clients. Usually I will send to PR or Company who required my social media services. I will update once a month such as stats, media exposure, etc. Do let me know if you need my digital profile.

Why blogger need a digital profile?
With a simple understanding of branding yourself, It is important to let people know who you are and what exactly you did. Clients also want to know what is your reach and who are your audience based on your stats.

To complete the missing puzzle, preparing your own Social Media Digital Profile is the answer.

Please take note: This is from my own perspective. Some of you might don’t agree with me.

Why Digital Profile is important?
Access to your internet profiles mean that your story is being told digitally. As a blogger myself, I often meet up with a lot of people during the event. Usually this is when you start to create a networking and “sell yourself”. Usually I will exchange my name card with PR and if they interested with your write up or your attitude, they will definitely drop you an email if they have upcoming project. From there you can start to send them your digital profile.

First impressions do count?
Everyone has a different perspective when it comes to online profile or I call it as Digital Profile. For me, it is an opportunity to tell your story the way you want it told. It is an asset to build your personal and professional brand. My productions house marketing is 90% based on social media.

Benefit of Digital profile?
There’s a lot of benefit you can gain and the most obvious is the opportunity. I must admit that some of you are well known among your client or blogger community. However, not everyone knows what exactly you do or what do you blog about. You can grab this opportunity to tell people about your strengths and downplays those other areas that may not be so strong.

There’s no right or wrong on how to create your own digital profile. For me, I prefer something professional. These are some of the examples of what I put in my digital profile (I have more than 10 pages). 
How to create my own digital profile?
There’s a lot of ways and these are just an example.
• About yourself. Personal details and a quick brief about your background, your passion, etc. Please include your photo so that the PR can recognize you.
• What is your blog all about? A quick brief about your blog. What do you write, what is your blog niche, what drive you to blog, etc.
• Media exposure / achievement: Add on on your digital profile if you have any. This is one of the ways to make you stand out compare than other.
• Stats: The best way is to screenshot your detail such as your google analytic, total friends / follower on social media (Facebook, Fan page, Instagram, Twitter, Google plus etc.)
• Contact: Don’t forget to add on your contact detail and social media link for client references.
You may want to contact me if you have any inquiries.

Menghargai Komuniti Blogger – Official hashtag?

What’s up guys?
Okay, kali ni orang nak share sikit what I had in my mind. It’s have been awhile ever since I wrote any “thoughts” blog post. Orang ni bukan lah siapa-siapa di dunia blogging. I’m just a small potato.
Ramai yang pelik bila orang kadang-kadang letak hashtag komuniti blogger yang berlainan dan ramai yang bertanya, orang ni terikat dengan komuniti blogger yang mana satu? So, kali ni orang nak share sikit pasal RESPECT. That’s true that “Respect is Earned, Not Given”.

Take note, setiap manusia ada pandangan tersendiri. Ni pandangan orang.
Orang = Saya

As “universal blogger” means orang tak contract or attached with any blogging company atau blogger community, orang selalu dapat invitation dari kelab blogger yang berlainan atau direct dari PR. Ada yang pasal advertisment, pergi ke event or even pergi travel.
Bila orang memilih untuk bergerak sendiri, bukan la maksudnya orang ni adalah famous, banyak contact dari PR, etc. Tapi orang memilih untuk bergerak sendiri kerana orang lebih selesa tidak terikat dengan mana-mana PR company atau blogger community. Orang pernah di offer untuk berada di bawah beberapa nama besar blogging company. Memang best dan tak dinafikan yang mereka akan tolong “promote” kita. Dulu, orang pun pernah contract dengan blogging company. Memang best dari segi payment, invitation, exposure, etc. Tapi at one point orang rasa kebebasan tak ada. Well, there’s nothing come for free.
Back to the basic. Sebab kenapa orang menceburi dunia blogging adalah kerana nak ada ramai kawan bukan kerana duit. Tapi alhamdulillah, bila niat kita betul dan kita bekerja keras, Allah akan bagi lebih. Sekarang orang dah pun jadi brand ambassador untuk 3 company besar. Siap dapat product and monthly payment. Bukan nak menunjuk. Just memberi inspirasi.
Orang paham yang dunia blogging ni pun ada politik nya. Contohnya, blogger community A tak suka blogger community B. Ada sesetengah blogger community yang tak matang, dia akan rasa “oh, blogger tu selalu pergi ke event blogger community B. Tak payah invite dia lah”. So, bagi orang, kes di pulaukan atau di banned tu dah jadi lumrah. Asalkan kita tahu niat kita dan kita tak buat salah dah la. Rezeki tuhan yang bagi.
Katakan blogger community A ada invite blogger. Apa salahnya kalau kita letak official hashtag mereka atau kalau mereka ada baju, pakailah. Itu tanda nya menghargai dan showing respect. Itu juga tandanya mereka menghargai kita. Janganlah kalau pergi ke event komuniti blogger A, tapi korang post hashtag komuniti blogger B. Tak ke sengal bin bebal namanya tu?
Tapi ada juga yang terlalu obsess dengan sesetengah blogger community sampai kan post-post yang tak related dengan that particular blogger community, mereka letakkan hashtag dieorang juga. Tak salah tapi jangan lah nanti complain kenapa blogger community lain tak invite you guys ya. Orang paham yang sesetengah blogger nak menghargai. Tak salah, malah bagus sebab menghargai. Tapi kadang-kadang nampak macam tengah “kipas”. So, paham-paham la ya.
Last but not least, orang nak minta maaf kalau ada yang tak selesa dengan post ni. As I said earlier, this is just my thought dan orang cuma lah small potato di dunia blogging.

So, sesiapa nak invite orang gi event atau buat review, meh email orang kat feeq_2009@hotmail.com hahaha

I’m Officially 26th – New Endorsement, Suits, Gala Dinner, Movie & Birthday Wish

Finally, I’m officially 26th this year. I keep telling myself and other people that I’m 25th this year since I follow date rather than year. Not because I’m scared to get older is just that I still have long way to go. I have so many dreams to achieve.

Now I will admit. Today is my birthday. Yes finally I’m 26. Old enough liao lo. Finally I’m no longer below 25. 

This cool watch photo by Philippe.

I would say this year is the best year of my birthday celebration. Is just a simple and ordinary day but everything seems happened at the right time. A lot of people has been asking when I will settle down. I never plan when I will settle down yet because I have so many goal to achieve and what can I say, you have to wait at least 2 more years.
I start my day as usual with my breakfast and read my emails. Seems that client have approve few proposal. Lucky huh?

My terms of Big Breakfast.
One sachet of @mikaseries.
Organic drink from #melilea.
Organic Rolled Oats pancake.

Recipe of Oats Pancake:
1 scoop of organic rolled oats
3 whole eg
4 white egg
3 banana

Since I just fully recover from accident, it’s time to get back to the shape. My today kick is Puma EcoOrtholite. The lightest Puma shoes that I have in my collection.

Suitable for gym training but not for running since it’s too light until you can feel the surface.

My first birthday meal is lunch with Edward and Wei Ling (thanks for the meals) and guess what? They surprise me with awesome birthday present too. hahaha thank you Edward for the new endorsement. Thank you for the opportunity.
It’s have been awhile since I went to Gala Dinner due to my pack schedule. It’s good that I got time to suit myself again.
Congratulations to Ricky (Richard Agabus Ocampo) from Universiti Tenaga Nasional who are the winner for Maybank #MoreThanAChallenge. He walkaway with USD1K and he will internship in New York. This guy studying Mechanical Engineering! So, who said you can’t win because you are not from business background student?

End my day with a movie with friend, Inside Out. She’s the most Degil person. We arguing for almost an hour either to watch Hitman or Inside Out. Even she won, but hey today is birthday boy day. So, listen to me OK. Have you watch Inside Out?
Merdeka is the time where we reminisce and celebrate the independence of our beloved country Malaysia and also we would like to take this opportunity to announce our AWESOME Merdeka Promo!
Purchase any of the selected devices and receive free gifts! Click here to find out more about the promotions : http://bit.ly/MerdekaPromo_Devices

If you’re absent during my struggle, don’t expect to be present during my success.