What’s next?

Sometimes I’m asking myself. What’s next?
I’m looking forward to venture on something different than what I currently did. Buzz me if you have any opportunity for me. I’m willing to learn and start from basic.

Puma #IgniteKL 21 Days Challenge Experience – 2nd Week

Time flies and I just realize it is more than 2 weeks since I grab my Puma Ignite shoes and accept the #21DaysChallenge. Below are my second week journey. My first week journey: HERE

Have you heard about #IceBucketChallenge? Basically, it’s really similar and simple. Take a photo of you doing running activities and tag 3 of your friend who you think dare to accept the challenge. After that, complete 21 days running challenge (you only require to tag 3 of your friends on the first post and don’t forget to tag #IgniteKL) and post up your own running activities. For those who complete the 21 day challenge, #Puma Malaysia exclusive T-shirt is waiting for you as a reward. 

I believed this going to be fun. The purpose of this challenge is to create awareness about the benefits of running and exercise.

Day 8 of #PumaMy #ignitekl #21DaysChallenge. A quick workout before wedding shoot. Did some extra workout since I regret from yesterday McD, Roti Telur and Nasi Goreng Tomyam.
Regret is an odd emotion because it comes only upon reflection. Regret lacks immediacy, and so its power seldom influences events when it could do some good.
 Day 9 of #PumaMy #ignitekl #21DaysChallenge. My body is my result. Full stop.
Day 10 of #PumaMy #ignitekl #21DaysChallenge.
People see the track. I see the path. Need to get rid of my fever. How many of you still dating at the park? Seriously?
Day 11 of #PumaMy #ignitekl #21DaysChallenge.
First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win. I don’t focus on what I’m up against. I focus on my goals and I try to ignore the rest. 
Day 12 of #PumaMy #ignitekl #21DaysChalleng
Finally, I can hit my gym as usual. Have been really busy with shooting and some GST stuff. Have been eating a lot of carbs, fats, and unhealthy food for the past one week. It’s time to get back to my track.
My new motivation of going to the gym is; to look younger, healthier and of course to look good in my suit. I shaved my beard and mustache. So what do you think?
Day 13 of #PumaMy #ignitekl #21DaysChallenge.
This morning I saw the girl that I used to have crushes during my diploma. She was eating KFC with her daughter. I still remember the day when I got rejected by her due to my weight and now she is overweight. Learnt a lesson. Appearance doesn’t last long, but attitude and motivation does.
Day 14 of #PumaMy #ignitekl #21DaysChallenge
My life is all about work, gym, social media and sleep, then repeat. Some people said I was lifeless. So what is the definition of life?
I don’t mind to be called as lifeless as long I can do what I love to do. That’s why working based on your passion is really important at the first place.

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Portman College Industry Talk

Last week, I was invited by the Portman College to give a talk for their Industry Talk. It was good to meet up with students and of course it was my first time went to Portman College even though I used to pass by their college many times since their college located nearby with my studio.
I was sharing my social media journey and how does social media help me in my business.
Thank you Portman College for having me.

Puma #IgniteKL 21 Days Challenge Experience – 1st Week

Have you heard about #IceBucketChallenge? Basically, it’s really similar and simple. Take a photo of you doing running activities and tag 3 of your friend who you think dare to accept the challenge. After that, complete 21 days running challenge (you only require to tag 3 of your friends on the first post and don’t forget to tag #IgniteKL) and post up your own running activities. For those who complete the 21 day challenge, #Puma Malaysia exclusive T-shirt is waiting for you as a reward.
I believed this is going to be fun. The purpose of this challenge is to create awareness about the benefits of running and exercise.
Day 1 of #21dayschallenge by #PumaMy #ignitekl. I’m starting my challenge with something simple and safe, treadmill. To be honest, I never buy running shoes before, but somehow this shoes quite comfortable. Maybe because I hit the treadmill instead of jogging track.
I’m tagging @arisa_chow @joshlim @rubydotmy to be the next 3 people who going to change their lifestyle to be a better and healthy lifestyle.
So, do you dare to accept my challenge?
Day 2 of #21dayschallenge #ignitekl by #PumaMy. My ankle still injured due to some shooting that I did for Muay Thai academy commercial this morning. So, I did some light workout which is jogging on the treadmill.
I workout for confidence, strength, the feeling of accomplishment, health, family, happiness, stress relief, and most of all, for me! If I give up now, what else left for me?
I’m planning to hit the jogging track next week to give this #puma #Ignite shoes a try. I want to see how good the shoes are. So, anyone can suggest me any nice jogging track in Klang Valley? I don’t mind travelling around.
Day 3 of my #21dayschallenge by #PumaMy #ignitekl. The nearest jogging track to my studio @cvsproduction is Lake Valley Bandar Tun Hussein Onn. Since I don’t feel of hitting the treadmill, why not some jogging track?
Someone asking me to help her lose weight with a proper workout and nutrition. Currently, she obesity (128kg) and admitted to hospital (2 times) due to taking some medicine and do not have a proper training. I have kept the current photo of her and will post up once the results shows as motivation “before and after”. I’m taking a challenge to help her lose weight without any charges because for me, fitness is all about a gift. To lose weight is easy, but to stay fit and healthy, you need discipline and motivation.
Definitely a good track. Open 7am-7pm. When I asked the security guard they told me there have few cases where the kids get “kidnapped” by ghosts.
So, anyone have any suggestions for nice and good jogging track? Do let me know. I really want to try out. The #Puma running bag on the top left is really a good bag for running. I can put some light stuff such as keys and mobile phone.
Day 4 of #21dayschallenge by #PumaMy #ignitekl. It was raining and I feel sleepy, so I did some rope workout instead. The things that I like about rope workout, it’s use my entire body and I feel I having a body massage.
Never give up, and be confident in what you do. There may be tough times, but the difficulties which you face will make you more determined to achieve your objectives and to win against all the odds.
Day 5 of #PumaMy #ignitekl #21DaysChallenge. Did some lower body workout and cardio. Jacobs ladder and RPM. I don’t want my leg look like chicken legs.
Someone asked me about being a fitness blogger. Is it hard? For me the most important is passion. When you have passion in fitness, every sweat and hard work will be worth.
Like most people I can be lazy, so it’s nice to have a goal or deadline or reason to work out. I feel better when I get to exercise, or when I’m outdoors.
Day 6 of #PumaMy #ignitekl #21DaysChallenge. Any suggestions for nice jogging track for me to hit in Cheras area?
Do the difficult things while they are easy and do the great things while they are small. A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.
The best part about being alone is that you really don’t have to answer to anybody. You do what you want.
Day 7 of #PumaMy #ignitekl #21DaysChallenge. A quick workout before a music video shoot tonight. Gym is empty. One week has passed and I’m starting to love running. So how was your Saturday?
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How Important to Take Care Your Health and Appearance as a Social Media Influencer?

My 1st time posing in front of the camera. I’m not a photogenic. Seems that I have to attend modeling class. People asked me how important to take care your health and appearance as a social media influencer. For me as influencer you have to be presentable, not only from your attitude but also your appearance. Because you doesn’t only represent yourself, but also the brand and company.
For my haters and those who keep asking why I don’t take my full body shot, this photo is for you.
I used to have a flat tummy and my weight is 56kg. Unfortunately, I’m too comfortable with my life and I gain weight after I graduated from my diploma. For those who use to study same university with me, they know how thin I use to be.
Once I went to continue my bachelor, I gain weight up to 90kg and have a big tummy. Since I’m too busy with my study, shooting (CVS Production & Creative Visual Studio) and social media, I do not have time to work out.
There has this saying; never expect people to love you when you don’t even love yourself. Alhamdulillah I manage to lose weight 8kg in a month and I do still have some belly. It’s good to see the improvement evnthough it’s not a really big achievement, but it’s a stepping stone for me.
Continue to hate me because your hate is my challenge.
This is what we call Jacobs Ladders. My 1st try max is 2min. The longest record in this gym is 5 minutes. It’s really good for cardio and I’m sweating like mad.
My workout seems worth every single sweat. Let’s push harder and never get comfortable.Tomorrow I will is going to be my good “first-time” of everything and 2015 seems promising for me.
Will be talking and appear on Indonesia national TV station to talk about my passion in photography and video production (finally Indonesia do appreciate my work).
Will get my 1st ever professional fashion phtooshoot (I’m afraid to be in front of the camera because I do have low self confidence and I’m not photogenic). Will attend one of awesome party of the year ( ‪#‎PartyofTheCentury‬) brought to you by #EmpireCity.

If any of you happen to watch RCTI or if you happen in Bali today, do help me to record. I really appreciate. I’m not sure if it is going to be live or studio recorded.

Good Bye 2014, Hello 2015

Sometimes, once you have completed your plan, you have to stop from everything you did and ask yourself. So what’s next? Am I going to live in my comfort zone or do something beyond my limits. Then somehow you will realize there have 2 different paths that you have to choose. The normal and straight road or the humpy-bumpy and insecure road. Whatever your choice are, never settle. Success is a journey and not a destination.
I wanted to thanks 2014 which is so far the most challenging year for me. There’s a lot of upside down, but most of the time I’m almost giving up. From financial to career and relationship, sometimes life can be the one that you hate most. Then I realize if I don’t stand firm and build my own dream, who will build for me? If it’s so easy, everyone already did.
Planning for 2015. Focusing on 3 areas; travel, commercial and social media. Finally, I found my direction and let’s focus on that. I’m going to start from basic and any of you who are interested to help me build my dream, you are welcome. 
Shooting something while travelling it was one of my dreams. My condolences to the lost of Air Asia crew and airlines. The question is, where are we going next? 
The only way you want to achieve your goal is to move forward and never moving backwards no matter what happened.
Went to the market and this what I get for my one week food supply. All under RM50. Sometimes healthy food can be so expensive. So, share with me how you usually cook your healthy meal. How much usually you spend on groceries per month?
 Pre workout meals. I don’t have any fancy new year meals, how about you?
Somehow I felt this plain boiled chicken breast kinda tasty, even though I don’t put any salt and pepper. Share with me your healthy food recipes please. 
Insecure to secure. Prudential to MAA. How about you? What’s your insurance plan?

Pertama Kali Menceburi Bidang Blogging

Part 1 – Assalamualaikum semua, ni first time Feeq nak berblog didalam bahasa melayu. Feeq selalu menulis dalam bahasa English bukan sebab Feeq ni pandai sangat, tapi Feeq cuma nak improve kan bahasa English Feeq. Lagipun Feeq sekarang ni tengah menghadirkan diri di kelas bahasa Mandarin. Tak salah rasanya Feeq nak belajar bahasa asing. Lagipun di dalam dunia perniagaan, Feeq banyak client berbangsa asing.
Kehidupan Seorang Blogger adalah ruangan dimana Feeq cuba berkongsi sebanyak mungkin tentang dunia blogging. Feeq ni bukanlah blogger terkenal atau blogger artist, jadi Feeq minta maaf banyak2 dahulu kalau ada yang rasa Feeq ni bajet top blogger. Feeq nak adakan ruangan ni setelah Feeq berfikir banyak kali. Ramai blogger yang personal contact Feeq atau jumpa di event bertanyakan soalan tentang blogging. Tak kurang juga kawan Feeq yang bekerja di PR company yang baru mula2 nak involvekan diri pada social media tnya Feeq. Dalam 2-3 bulan ni, ramai pula kawan Feeq yang mintak tolong Feeq design blog untuk mereka dan ajarkan basic blogging. Jadi Feeq rasa, Feeq perlukan ruangan ini supaya orang paham tentang industry blogging.
Feeq tahu ramai yang tak kenal Feeq dan Feeq ni nak sangat berkenalan dengan blogger2 lain. Lagi2 blogger yang baru. Feeq dah berblogging semenjak awal tahun 2007. Lebih kepada personal dan pada masa tu Nuffnang pun tak da lagi. Tapi blog tu Feeq dah delete.Ye la masa tu Feeq baru je mulakan pengajian Diploma di Nilai University. Jauh dari keluarga (Keluarga di Johor). Jadi, banyak la benda yang nak di kongsikan. Tak lama lepas tu, Nuffnang pun wujud. Masa tu kalau tak silap Feeq dalam pertengahan tahun 2007. Feeq pun tak la join Nuffnang lagi. Sebab masa tu mana lah ada orang nak baca blog Feeq. Cuma ahli keluarga je.

Dalam akhir tahun 2008 barulah Feeq register blog baru. Masa tu Feeq punya blog meaningfool.blogspot.com dan sampai sekarang Feeq pakai lagi blog address tu. Cuma masa tu, Feeq tak paham tentang hosting dan domain. Lepas dah jumpa dengan blogger-blogger lain, dalam akhir 2009 barulah Feeq tukar kepada domain Feeq sekarang, FeeqSays.Com

Feeq selalu organize private food review dan blogger outing. Sebab Feeq nak berkenalan dengan blogger baru. Masa mula2 tu memang susah tapi Feeq ingat lagi Rebecca Saw banyak bagi bantuan terutamanya blog dan gathering pasal makanan. Feeq ingat lagi macam mana client approach Feeq dan Feeq diletakan bersama blogger2 yang terkenal. memang excited masa tu.
Lepas tu, Feeq pun active di blogging sampai sangup bangun pukul 5 pagi dan ambik train dari Nilai ke Kuala Lumpur semata-mata nak attend press conference atau blogging event. Alhamdulillah sekarang dah 7 tahun Feeq berblogging dan masih mempunyai follower dan rakan2 blogger yang masih active. Tapi ramai juga yang dah bersara. Dalam masa 7 tahun ni, macam2 perkara berlaku. Feeq pindah dari Nuffnang ke Advertlets la, Feeq berhenti blogging selama 6 bulan la, Blogger drama, dan banyak lagi. Tapi sekarang Feeq lebih selesa bergerak secara independent. Tak terikat dengan mana2 blogging company.
Inshallah, banyak lagi Feeq nak kongsikan. Feeq nak share macam mana Feeq pergi event pertama, macam mana Feeq buat kawan blogger pertama, dan macam2 lagi. Mungkin di lain hari. 
Pesanan Feeq: 
“Jadi blogger ni kena ikhlas. Kalau kita buat kerana minat, peluang akan datang dengan sendiri. Ramai blogger yang nak popular dengan cara mudah tapi gunakan cara yang salah. Respect is an Earned Gift, Not Something You Demand

Okay kawan2, Feeq nak bagitahu esok Feeq nak bagi device weBoost Drive 3G-S yang berharga RM389. Kegunaan dia adalah untuk tingkatkan pangilan dan data signals. Sesuai untuk semua jenis mobile phone dan syarikat telekomunikasi. Tapi yang paling best, boleh panjangkan battery mobile phone.
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Islamic Bookstore in Jalan Masjid India, Kuala Lumpur – Pustaka Rezeki Harapan

This is not ads. Just want to share something that worth to be shared.

“Reading without understanding equal to walking in the dark”

Awal Muharam is not only just another public holiday or new year based on the Islamic calendar. It is more than that. I used to put my career as my main priority. A few months back, something happened and I realize there is something more important than making money. When I decided to put everything behind and make a change, there are so many obstacles. Now, I could see the light and the path that will lead me. I bought that Al-Quran translation for only RM59.90. If you prefer smaller version, you can get for only RM39.90.

We always wanted other religious to trust Islam and Al Quran. The question is; if we as Muslim and we don’t even understand “what is Al Quran” all about, how can you convince others to trust you, to trust Islam and Al Quran?

Photo taken from the Pustaka Rezeki Harapan facebook.

You can get a good deal for Islamic books in Pustaka Rezeki Harapan at Wisma Yasin, Jalan Masjid India. Just in case you get lost, just ask around where is the Wisma Yasin is. Most sellers in Jalan Masjid India know where is Wisma Yasin.

Photo taken from the Pustaka Rezeki Harapan facebook.

0326923940  | pustakarezekiharapan@ymail.com


No.12 Tingkat Bawah, Wisma Yakin, Jalan Masjid India, 50100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Determination and discipline are hard to maintain

Determination and discipline are hard to maintain. I need to get rid of my fats and grow some muscle 🙂 It’s really good to get back on the track for the past few weeks. Looking forward to another day of healthy, tomorrow!

Share with me what motivate you to workout everyday? I need some motivation 😛

Anyone looking for rental equipment, check out: Rental Album!
Will upload more stuff soon!