Christopher Tock Birthday Party #TockTurns31 at Verve Suites Mont Kiara

Few days back, I went to Christopher Tock birthday party. Well, it’s good to see this “young boy” turn out matured hahaha kidding.
He’s the founder of Social Grooves (Social Media Company) and have been supporting me ever since I started blogging.. Almost a decade.

The rest of the photo: HERE!

Happy birthday boss!!!

Singapore Over the Weekend #CeritaFF – Buying engagement ring

Fatin and I just got back from Singapore yesterday. So, this a recap what we did over there. Meet up with some of our wedding sponsors, buying an engagement ring, brought her around, shopping, etc.
YES! I’m getting engage. Soon, really soon. 
The day before we went down to Singapore, we drop by to meet up with one of our wedding sponsors. I will talk more about it later on.
So, for those who want to sponsor our wedding, do let us know hahaha
The first thing we did in Singapore upon arrival is to get ourself internet connection. We use Singtel hi Tourist SIM card. Totally worth it. SGPD15 for 5 days and you can get 100GB of data. For more information, HERE!
This is her first time in Singapore, so I treat her like a tourist. Brought her to “must-visit-place-in-Singapore” from morning till night. 
People said Singapore is clean. She approves it hahaha 
 Did a quick shopping for her family and friends.
Grew up in Singapore, I must admit fast food is a must. Well, McD Singapore is really good. Chicken nugget with Curry sauce and French Fries shaker seaweed flavour is a must.
Cheap but good. Nostalgic. This is what they call “Singapore Ice cream”. SGPD1.20. Easy to find at the tourist attraction. You can go for bread or biscuits.
Yes, it was raining cats and dog, but well, the trip must go on. Went to a sex shop in Bugis Street, hahaha just kidding. 
Every country have the city of light. Unfortunately, the Merlion is under construction. So, the photo of Marina Bay Sand is much nicer.
They said, women are full of thought they said. 
Attending relative wedding in Singapore.
The main purpose of the trip is… buying our engagement ring. Do check out our blog at: www.ceritaff.com
Previously I get interviews by her parents. So, this is a revenge hahaha
Till we meet again, Singapore.

Cerita FF – Life journal #CeritaFF

Cerita FF is an online life journal of Feeqsays & Fatinbellaaa.

Earlier, I created #CeritaFF hashtag just for both of us so that easy for me to track. Tiba-tiba, ramai yang suruh kongsikan cerita kiteorang dalam blog. Since we don’t want to mix our life story with our personal blog, we created a new blog focusing on our life journey, CeritaFF.com
Cerita in bahasa is a Story and FF stand for Feeqsays & Fatin
About us:
Cerita FF is a life journal of Firdaus Feeq a.k.a. Feeqsays and Fatin Bella a.k.a. Reen/Aten.
This journal is created by Feeqsays, a Malaysian photographer and video producer. Supported by his other half, Fatin Bella – a Malaysia lifestyle blogger, both of them share the same interest in social media and they want to bring out the positive vibes among others.
Guest writer
We welcome anyone to contribute to our blog. If you would like to be considered as a guest writer on our blog, please submit your article or story to feeq_2009@hotmail.com. We prefer articles and stories that contain helpful and interesting content in the field of early marriage, tips, love and parenting. If you are presenting something as a “fact” , please provide the appropriate references and links for verification.
You will, of course, be given full credit for the article with your name and if you’d like, your website or blog linked. You retain full copyrights of your work, we retain the right to post your article.
Get in touch with us
Whether it is just to say hello or an opportunity for us to work together, I’d love to hear from you!
For media/advertising enquiry, event coverage, food reviews etc please email me directly for further information. Kindly contact me for more info.
Email: feeq_2009@hotmail.com

New leaf, new direction.

Today is the first day of June and I can’t believe how time flies. I can’t wait for the next half of the year for the opportunity and the obstacle. Sometimes we need some spices in our life to make it interesting isn’t?
For the past one week, my team and I had a sleepless night. We are planning what is our new direction how we can overcome the things that hold us back. I was blessed and grateful for the opportunity to work with various people from different industry. Not to forget I have people who are supportive and share the same ideas as what I have in my mind. It’s not an easy task to pull the string, but we have strong bones that support us from behind. Teamwork is the key.
Some of you might receive my “yum cha” invitation out of sudden. Trust me, I just wanted to have some quality time with you guys not because I want to sell MLM package. You guys are the one that inspired/support/push me to make me a better person. I never would have made it without your support.
It’s really amazing to see how does running a production house can bring me to different business field. We might have different mission, but we did share the same ideas and the most important somehow we manage to find the commonality in our expertise.
We started to do more work than talking so that the action spread the positive message and let the money work for us while we sleeping. Everything seems great and it’s good to see the improvement. I love with all the energy, support, opportunity and the most important is the hunger in passion.
Thank you once again for all the support. I’m human and I will never be perfect. I’m trying my best to learn from the mistake and improving myself. Learning is the key and success is the journey, not a destination.
That was me 5 years ago during video shoot as official blogger for @CrocsMalaysia
P/S: Now you guys know why I can’t nail any girls isn’t?

Needs versus Wants? – To figure out and manage our finances

“I believe that life is hard. That we all are going to walk through things that are hard and challenging, and yet advertising wants us to believe that it’s all easy.” – Jamie Lee Curtis
There’s always have the difference between needs and wants. Bought this iPad mini 2 after so much consideration. I know that 1.3k is not a big amount for some people, but to spend money on something can always be my biggest weakness. I look at it as my small investment, oh totally no Clash of Clans LOL
Sometimes, we tend to think everything is our needs, but there’s always have hugh gap between needs and wants. I’m still trying to educate myself to spend on my needs more than my wants.
I have been using iPad 1st generation for almost 4 years and guess what, it decided to die a few months ago. I really need my tablet for meetings and to manage my day. It’s funny how I felt lifeless without technology. The cost to fix the crack screen is RM500+ and to fix the charging issue is RM300+. It’s totally ridiculous and I think to get new one is always the better option.
The last time I talk about needs versus wants was during my financial class few years back in Taylor’s University. But most of the time I’m having a hard time to choose which one is my needs, and which one is my wants since everything seems to be my needs.
Everyone seems to know how to manage their finances, but how does someone manage can be the question. It’s important to understand  the difference between needs and wants so that you can manage your finances. Unfortunately a lot of people have misunderstand between needs and  wants because the answer can be very subjective. It’s really important to draw the line.
I’m a discount hunter. I always purchase stuff during sales.

In my definition, wants is something what my brain told me to get and most of the time it affected from what I see. However, when you talk about needs; in my definition, needs can be broken into two categories; investment needs and personal needs.
Investment needs such as: Technology, transportation, personal care, etc
Personal needs such as: Food, clothing, shelter, etc
It’s not necessarily wrong to spend money on the things you want but may not need. After all, we should reward yourself after the hard work isn’t? In fact, the comfort and convenience of wants can add to your quality of life.
However, never get me wrong. Never put wants as your priority. It’s important to spend on wants after all what your needs are taken off. Once you understand the difference between true needs and wants, you will be more likely to make money decisions that lead your family to financial freedom.

Remember one person’s wants may be another person’s needs, so make sure to focus only on your financial situation and not to compare yourself to anyone else.

How Important to Take Care Your Health and Appearance as a Social Media Influencer?

My 1st time posing in front of the camera. I’m not a photogenic. Seems that I have to attend modeling class. People asked me how important to take care your health and appearance as a social media influencer. For me as influencer you have to be presentable, not only from your attitude but also your appearance. Because you doesn’t only represent yourself, but also the brand and company.
For my haters and those who keep asking why I don’t take my full body shot, this photo is for you.
I used to have a flat tummy and my weight is 56kg. Unfortunately, I’m too comfortable with my life and I gain weight after I graduated from my diploma. For those who use to study same university with me, they know how thin I use to be.
Once I went to continue my bachelor, I gain weight up to 90kg and have a big tummy. Since I’m too busy with my study, shooting (CVS Production & Creative Visual Studio) and social media, I do not have time to work out.
There has this saying; never expect people to love you when you don’t even love yourself. Alhamdulillah I manage to lose weight 8kg in a month and I do still have some belly. It’s good to see the improvement evnthough it’s not a really big achievement, but it’s a stepping stone for me.
Continue to hate me because your hate is my challenge.
This is what we call Jacobs Ladders. My 1st try max is 2min. The longest record in this gym is 5 minutes. It’s really good for cardio and I’m sweating like mad.
My workout seems worth every single sweat. Let’s push harder and never get comfortable.Tomorrow I will is going to be my good “first-time” of everything and 2015 seems promising for me.
Will be talking and appear on Indonesia national TV station to talk about my passion in photography and video production (finally Indonesia do appreciate my work).
Will get my 1st ever professional fashion phtooshoot (I’m afraid to be in front of the camera because I do have low self confidence and I’m not photogenic). Will attend one of awesome party of the year ( ‪#‎PartyofTheCentury‬) brought to you by #EmpireCity.

If any of you happen to watch RCTI or if you happen in Bali today, do help me to record. I really appreciate. I’m not sure if it is going to be live or studio recorded.

Good Bye 2014, Hello 2015

Sometimes, once you have completed your plan, you have to stop from everything you did and ask yourself. So what’s next? Am I going to live in my comfort zone or do something beyond my limits. Then somehow you will realize there have 2 different paths that you have to choose. The normal and straight road or the humpy-bumpy and insecure road. Whatever your choice are, never settle. Success is a journey and not a destination.
I wanted to thanks 2014 which is so far the most challenging year for me. There’s a lot of upside down, but most of the time I’m almost giving up. From financial to career and relationship, sometimes life can be the one that you hate most. Then I realize if I don’t stand firm and build my own dream, who will build for me? If it’s so easy, everyone already did.
Planning for 2015. Focusing on 3 areas; travel, commercial and social media. Finally, I found my direction and let’s focus on that. I’m going to start from basic and any of you who are interested to help me build my dream, you are welcome. 
Shooting something while travelling it was one of my dreams. My condolences to the lost of Air Asia crew and airlines. The question is, where are we going next? 
The only way you want to achieve your goal is to move forward and never moving backwards no matter what happened.
Went to the market and this what I get for my one week food supply. All under RM50. Sometimes healthy food can be so expensive. So, share with me how you usually cook your healthy meal. How much usually you spend on groceries per month?
 Pre workout meals. I don’t have any fancy new year meals, how about you?
Somehow I felt this plain boiled chicken breast kinda tasty, even though I don’t put any salt and pepper. Share with me your healthy food recipes please. 
Insecure to secure. Prudential to MAA. How about you? What’s your insurance plan?

Malaysia Pets Adoption & Pets Photography

It’s 3am in the morning and I was in Bangkok for some work. I saw someone post up on Facebook about cat for adoption. I’m just lucky enough because the cat still available and I manage to pick that little girl right after I reach Malaysia.
I always told myself that I would never buy any pets from the pet shop because if you know where they get their cats/dogs you will understand. Well, you can just Google or search from YouTube.
Basically, she is known as Cymric. “The Cymric (/ˈkɪmrɨk/ kim-rik or /ˈkʌmrɨk/ kum-rik) is a breed of domestic cat. Some cat registries consider the Cymric simply a semi-long-haired variety of the Manx breed, rather than a separate breed.”
This is example of Pets Photography that I have done for my client in my studio. If any of you interested to have their pet’s photo taken by me, do let me know early year. Actually, I prefer outdoor shoot instead of studio shoot 🙂 More info: HERE!
If you do not want to spend some cash on pet adoption through SPCA, PAWS, etc., you may want to consider some of the independent pet adoption group. These are some of the pet adoption links that you may want to refer for any adoption:
Share with me in this blog post if you know any of adoption house/group/people who provide adoption services. 

Goodbye 2013 and Hello 2014

Finally I have time to blogging again. When I think back what’s the reason I’m starting FeeqSays.com previously known as maningfool.blogspot.com, is all about passion. Meeting with some friends and of course to create business opportunity along the way.
There’s so many things happened to me in the year of 2013 and it took almost most of my time. Building my career is challenge for me. However, I would like thanks to GOD for giving me opportunity and make me stronger to face everything especially during my downtime. 
Actually, I plan to revamp my blog on the 1st January 2014 but there’s more important stuff that I need to focus on. Will let you guys know in my next post. Maybe some of you already know about it.
What can I say is, goodbye 2013 and hello 2014. No more wasting my time and it’s time to focus on what should I focus on. What can I promise is, you will see the new Feeq 🙂