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How much do I earn per blog post? – Harga sebuah blog post

How much do I earn per blog post?
I selalu dapat this question. Either from blogger or clients. This question can be very subjective. This post bukan nak menunjuk but to inspire people why they should chase their passion rather than money. Yes. Blogging or social media is my passion but some people thought it’s my full time job. Maybe because I put effort on something that I love to do.
Last few weeks, this is what happened. I charge RM500/blog post, but client give me RM800 instead. Dieorang cakap they stalk my social media & the love my effort and the way how I represent their brand. So, I think I should blog about it and share with you guys.
What they asked me to do?
One blog post.
What I did?
One blog post, a lot of social media exposure (Instagram & Facebook) and not to mention a proper photo shoot and video.
I love the way how they treat me and the most important is I love the products.
Personally, my rate card can simply up to RM500/blog post depending on the campaign. Tapi ada client yang dah tau or biasa with my service, kadang-kadang dieorang bayar lebih. Because they know when I do something, I will put effort on it.
Tapi ada juga clients yang bayar below RM500 dan suruh buat social media exposure such as Blog post, Facebook, Instagram & Twitter. I still accept as long dia punya requirement tak mengarut and related with my niche. But back to the basic, I must suka campaign tu.

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Sebab social media is my passion & not my profit machine. So, bila you buat something because of your passion, you will put more effort. Kadang-kadang bila I rajin, I buat video & photoshoot sekali walaupun tak disuruh. Dah nama pun photographer & video producer. Take rugi apa pun kalau guna camera or my studio. Yang penting client happy and my advertorial ada high value.
Kalau ada blogger nak collaborate with my studio, boleh inform me (CVSproduction). Boleh bawak berbincang hahaha
Ada yang suruh I promote kat Instagram je tapi sebab layanan dieorang 5 star, I bagi free extra boost kat my blog, Fb & twitter. Orang berbudi, kita berbahasa.
Social media is not my full time job, but CVS Production is.
Selalunya payment adalah berbeza untuk setiap blogger. I prefer not to tell blogger lain berapa I dapat.
Dulu masa mula-mula, I pernah dapat RM10-RM50/blog post. Masa tu pun baru start je blogging and Alhamdulillah client still bagi perluang. So, bila dah diberi peluang, buat lah betul2.
Blog post paling mahal in the terms of cash is RM2K/blog post and dapat free their product worth of RM3K. Sedap kan dengar? Tapi banyak kerja kena buat. Kena pergi conference, etc.
At the moment, I’m social media influencer and brand ambassador for few giant companies. So, usually every month I dapat “salary” & their products. Since I blog pasal travel, kadang2 dapat travel for free.
Ada blogger yang dapat payment sampai berpuluh ribu. Tak mustahil kerana they have what it takes & ada blogger buat freelance social media marketer. So, dieorang charge client harga mahal pastu dia provide few blogger etc.

Do let me know on the comment box below, what else you want me to share.

Menghargai Komuniti Blogger – Official hashtag?

What’s up guys?
Okay, kali ni orang nak share sikit what I had in my mind. It’s have been awhile ever since I wrote any “thoughts” blog post. Orang ni bukan lah siapa-siapa di dunia blogging. I’m just a small potato.
Ramai yang pelik bila orang kadang-kadang letak hashtag komuniti blogger yang berlainan dan ramai yang bertanya, orang ni terikat dengan komuniti blogger yang mana satu? So, kali ni orang nak share sikit pasal RESPECT. That’s true that “Respect is Earned, Not Given”.

Take note, setiap manusia ada pandangan tersendiri. Ni pandangan orang.
Orang = Saya

As “universal blogger” means orang tak contract or attached with any blogging company atau blogger community, orang selalu dapat invitation dari kelab blogger yang berlainan atau direct dari PR. Ada yang pasal advertisment, pergi ke event or even pergi travel.
Bila orang memilih untuk bergerak sendiri, bukan la maksudnya orang ni adalah famous, banyak contact dari PR, etc. Tapi orang memilih untuk bergerak sendiri kerana orang lebih selesa tidak terikat dengan mana-mana PR company atau blogger community. Orang pernah di offer untuk berada di bawah beberapa nama besar blogging company. Memang best dan tak dinafikan yang mereka akan tolong “promote” kita. Dulu, orang pun pernah contract dengan blogging company. Memang best dari segi payment, invitation, exposure, etc. Tapi at one point orang rasa kebebasan tak ada. Well, there’s nothing come for free.
Back to the basic. Sebab kenapa orang menceburi dunia blogging adalah kerana nak ada ramai kawan bukan kerana duit. Tapi alhamdulillah, bila niat kita betul dan kita bekerja keras, Allah akan bagi lebih. Sekarang orang dah pun jadi brand ambassador untuk 3 company besar. Siap dapat product and monthly payment. Bukan nak menunjuk. Just memberi inspirasi.
Orang paham yang dunia blogging ni pun ada politik nya. Contohnya, blogger community A tak suka blogger community B. Ada sesetengah blogger community yang tak matang, dia akan rasa “oh, blogger tu selalu pergi ke event blogger community B. Tak payah invite dia lah”. So, bagi orang, kes di pulaukan atau di banned tu dah jadi lumrah. Asalkan kita tahu niat kita dan kita tak buat salah dah la. Rezeki tuhan yang bagi.
Katakan blogger community A ada invite blogger. Apa salahnya kalau kita letak official hashtag mereka atau kalau mereka ada baju, pakailah. Itu tanda nya menghargai dan showing respect. Itu juga tandanya mereka menghargai kita. Janganlah kalau pergi ke event komuniti blogger A, tapi korang post hashtag komuniti blogger B. Tak ke sengal bin bebal namanya tu?
Tapi ada juga yang terlalu obsess dengan sesetengah blogger community sampai kan post-post yang tak related dengan that particular blogger community, mereka letakkan hashtag dieorang juga. Tak salah tapi jangan lah nanti complain kenapa blogger community lain tak invite you guys ya. Orang paham yang sesetengah blogger nak menghargai. Tak salah, malah bagus sebab menghargai. Tapi kadang-kadang nampak macam tengah “kipas”. So, paham-paham la ya.
Last but not least, orang nak minta maaf kalau ada yang tak selesa dengan post ni. As I said earlier, this is just my thought dan orang cuma lah small potato di dunia blogging.

So, sesiapa nak invite orang gi event atau buat review, meh email orang kat feeq_2009@hotmail.com hahaha

How Important to Take Care Your Health and Appearance as a Social Media Influencer?

My 1st time posing in front of the camera. I’m not a photogenic. Seems that I have to attend modeling class. People asked me how important to take care your health and appearance as a social media influencer. For me as influencer you have to be presentable, not only from your attitude but also your appearance. Because you doesn’t only represent yourself, but also the brand and company.
For my haters and those who keep asking why I don’t take my full body shot, this photo is for you.
I used to have a flat tummy and my weight is 56kg. Unfortunately, I’m too comfortable with my life and I gain weight after I graduated from my diploma. For those who use to study same university with me, they know how thin I use to be.
Once I went to continue my bachelor, I gain weight up to 90kg and have a big tummy. Since I’m too busy with my study, shooting (CVS Production & Creative Visual Studio) and social media, I do not have time to work out.
There has this saying; never expect people to love you when you don’t even love yourself. Alhamdulillah I manage to lose weight 8kg in a month and I do still have some belly. It’s good to see the improvement evnthough it’s not a really big achievement, but it’s a stepping stone for me.
Continue to hate me because your hate is my challenge.
This is what we call Jacobs Ladders. My 1st try max is 2min. The longest record in this gym is 5 minutes. It’s really good for cardio and I’m sweating like mad.
My workout seems worth every single sweat. Let’s push harder and never get comfortable.Tomorrow I will is going to be my good “first-time” of everything and 2015 seems promising for me.
Will be talking and appear on Indonesia national TV station to talk about my passion in photography and video production (finally Indonesia do appreciate my work).
Will get my 1st ever professional fashion phtooshoot (I’m afraid to be in front of the camera because I do have low self confidence and I’m not photogenic). Will attend one of awesome party of the year ( ‪#‎PartyofTheCentury‬) brought to you by #EmpireCity.

If any of you happen to watch RCTI or if you happen in Bali today, do help me to record. I really appreciate. I’m not sure if it is going to be live or studio recorded.

I want to be a social media influencer

Since a lot of people asking me about this topic, I think I should share what I have in my mind. Take note that, different people might have a different point of view.
Dear blogger, some of you eager want to be a Social Media Influencer for a particular brand. Of course, when you talk about social media influencer, you have slightly extra priority compare than other blogger. Usually, brand PR/Company will throw you a lot of interesting/latest/luxury/payment, etc of their product.
However, there have this saying “There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch”. As a social media influencer, you are not only representing the brand, but somehow you bonded with them. You have to understand the company direction and the most important is you must trust the brand. If no, the best way is to avoid becoming their social media influencer. For myself, why I choose a particular brand because I love the people and I trust the brand. 
Don’t be greedy. Some people will accept anything/everything when someone offers to you. Our actions somehow will reflect the brand. As a social media influencer, somehow we became an icon and everyone is watching. You must be able to deliver the information to public. Do more homework about the brand and spend more time with the people behind the brand somehow will help you to understand more about the brand.
Brand or company is run by human and human is not perfect. Being positive and constructive feedback is important because we are not supposed to lie to the public. Teamwork is key point to help the brand and the public to understand. Helping each other is the best way to improve. There has a reason why brand needs social media influencer. Work together with the brand by providing them a public feedback in order for them to improve.

Stop asking what brand will give you. Instead, ask yourself if you are ready to be the influencer.

Pertama Kali Menceburi Bidang Blogging

Part 1 – Assalamualaikum semua, ni first time Feeq nak berblog didalam bahasa melayu. Feeq selalu menulis dalam bahasa English bukan sebab Feeq ni pandai sangat, tapi Feeq cuma nak improve kan bahasa English Feeq. Lagipun Feeq sekarang ni tengah menghadirkan diri di kelas bahasa Mandarin. Tak salah rasanya Feeq nak belajar bahasa asing. Lagipun di dalam dunia perniagaan, Feeq banyak client berbangsa asing.
Kehidupan Seorang Blogger adalah ruangan dimana Feeq cuba berkongsi sebanyak mungkin tentang dunia blogging. Feeq ni bukanlah blogger terkenal atau blogger artist, jadi Feeq minta maaf banyak2 dahulu kalau ada yang rasa Feeq ni bajet top blogger. Feeq nak adakan ruangan ni setelah Feeq berfikir banyak kali. Ramai blogger yang personal contact Feeq atau jumpa di event bertanyakan soalan tentang blogging. Tak kurang juga kawan Feeq yang bekerja di PR company yang baru mula2 nak involvekan diri pada social media tnya Feeq. Dalam 2-3 bulan ni, ramai pula kawan Feeq yang mintak tolong Feeq design blog untuk mereka dan ajarkan basic blogging. Jadi Feeq rasa, Feeq perlukan ruangan ini supaya orang paham tentang industry blogging.
Feeq tahu ramai yang tak kenal Feeq dan Feeq ni nak sangat berkenalan dengan blogger2 lain. Lagi2 blogger yang baru. Feeq dah berblogging semenjak awal tahun 2007. Lebih kepada personal dan pada masa tu Nuffnang pun tak da lagi. Tapi blog tu Feeq dah delete.Ye la masa tu Feeq baru je mulakan pengajian Diploma di Nilai University. Jauh dari keluarga (Keluarga di Johor). Jadi, banyak la benda yang nak di kongsikan. Tak lama lepas tu, Nuffnang pun wujud. Masa tu kalau tak silap Feeq dalam pertengahan tahun 2007. Feeq pun tak la join Nuffnang lagi. Sebab masa tu mana lah ada orang nak baca blog Feeq. Cuma ahli keluarga je.

Dalam akhir tahun 2008 barulah Feeq register blog baru. Masa tu Feeq punya blog meaningfool.blogspot.com dan sampai sekarang Feeq pakai lagi blog address tu. Cuma masa tu, Feeq tak paham tentang hosting dan domain. Lepas dah jumpa dengan blogger-blogger lain, dalam akhir 2009 barulah Feeq tukar kepada domain Feeq sekarang, FeeqSays.Com

Feeq selalu organize private food review dan blogger outing. Sebab Feeq nak berkenalan dengan blogger baru. Masa mula2 tu memang susah tapi Feeq ingat lagi Rebecca Saw banyak bagi bantuan terutamanya blog dan gathering pasal makanan. Feeq ingat lagi macam mana client approach Feeq dan Feeq diletakan bersama blogger2 yang terkenal. memang excited masa tu.
Lepas tu, Feeq pun active di blogging sampai sangup bangun pukul 5 pagi dan ambik train dari Nilai ke Kuala Lumpur semata-mata nak attend press conference atau blogging event. Alhamdulillah sekarang dah 7 tahun Feeq berblogging dan masih mempunyai follower dan rakan2 blogger yang masih active. Tapi ramai juga yang dah bersara. Dalam masa 7 tahun ni, macam2 perkara berlaku. Feeq pindah dari Nuffnang ke Advertlets la, Feeq berhenti blogging selama 6 bulan la, Blogger drama, dan banyak lagi. Tapi sekarang Feeq lebih selesa bergerak secara independent. Tak terikat dengan mana2 blogging company.
Inshallah, banyak lagi Feeq nak kongsikan. Feeq nak share macam mana Feeq pergi event pertama, macam mana Feeq buat kawan blogger pertama, dan macam2 lagi. Mungkin di lain hari. 
Pesanan Feeq: 
“Jadi blogger ni kena ikhlas. Kalau kita buat kerana minat, peluang akan datang dengan sendiri. Ramai blogger yang nak popular dengan cara mudah tapi gunakan cara yang salah. Respect is an Earned Gift, Not Something You Demand

Okay kawan2, Feeq nak bagitahu esok Feeq nak bagi device weBoost Drive 3G-S yang berharga RM389. Kegunaan dia adalah untuk tingkatkan pangilan dan data signals. Sesuai untuk semua jenis mobile phone dan syarikat telekomunikasi. Tapi yang paling best, boleh panjangkan battery mobile phone.
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