Kenapa The Venue Shah Alam? One stop wedding solution

Tengah mencari dewan perkahwinan? Nak harga berbaloi, tempat mewah, makanan sedap dan service yang awesome? Kenapa tak pilih The Venue Shah Alam?

Last week I ada datang ke Grand Open Day The Venue Shah Alam. Open day pasal apa? Pasal nak introduce apa yang mereka offer la. Long story short, Tempat ni memang awesome. Nasib baik dah kawen, kalau tak, memang dah pilih kawen kat sini.

Cantik kan? Nampak mewah gila tapi sebenarnya affordable!

Percaya tak, seawal 11 pagi dah ada family yang datang ke sini untuk tahu lebih lanjut pasal The Venue Shah Alam ni. Pada hari tersebut, telah diadakan mock wedding dimana sesiapa yang datang dapat merasai serba sedikit apa yang akan berlaku pada hari wedding mereka nanti. Selain itu, ada juga aktiviti menarik yang disediakan di The Venue Shah Alam.

Mengenai The Venue Shah Alam : The Venue Shah Alam beroperasi pada awal tahun ni. The Venue Shah Alam berlokasi di Seksyen 15 Shah Alam. The Venue Shah Alam merupakan bangunan 3 tingkat yang luas untuk meraikan majlis bahagia korang. The Venue Shah Alam menyediakan pakej perkahwinan termasuk makanan dan dewan pada harga serendah RM18,800 je!

The Venue Shah Alam, No 15, Jalan 15/22, Tiong Nam Industrial Park, Seksyen 15, Shah Alam, Malaysia

Facebook | Instagram

Waze : The Venue Shah Alam
Contact no : 019-858 5825

Kad kahwin terbaik dan cantik dari @aurastudio.my !

Selain daripada mock wedding, terdapat jugak fashion show untuk menunjukkan koleksi baju pengantin yang ada di The Venue Shah Alam.

8 Sebab kenapa kena pilih The Venue Shah Alam?

  • Hiasan dalaman dewan yang mewah dan cantik
  • Dewan berhawa dingin
  • Berkonsepkan Grand Ballroom Hotel
  • Dilengkapi dengan kemudahan lain seperti surau, bilik VIP dan kawasan lobi yang selesa
  • Ruang parkir yang luas
  • Lokasi strategik dan mudah untuk dicari
  • Boleh juga dijadikan event space : Corporate dinner, Launching event, Aqiqah, Open House dan etc
  • Menawarkan pakej lengkap perkahwinan di dewan eksklusif di Shah Alam dan pakej termasuk Katering, Pelamin Eksklusif, Busana Baru, Make Up, Photographer, Videographer, Bilik Hotel, Sound System, Photobooth, Kompang Live dan lain-lain mengikut pakej yang dipilih.
  • Officially get White Studio Malaysia 2nd studio keys

    The tittle speak for itself. I’m officially receive White Studio Malaysia 2nd studio keys. Our new location will be at Parklane Commercial HUB Kelana Jaya. Inshallah, we plan to open our 3rd studio by end of  this year in Malacca.
    Biar orang sibuk mengata, yang penting kita bina empayar.
    Jangan jadi macam tin kosong, selalu omong kosong.
    Dalam diam diam kita berkayuh, pasti banyak dugaan perlu ditempuh.

    My temporary workstation at the new studio. I like the wireless system. Neat and tidy. Yes, my hard disk is wireless. Western Digital My Passport Wireless.

    Some people told me I should start saving $$. For me, in order to increase $$, you should spend it. Spend means, investment. Since a lot of people PM me regarding @whitestudio.my 2nd studio, let me show you how it looks like.

    So… we are looking for a second studio for @whitestudio.my and we are quite satisfied with the unit. This unit comes in two floor. Looking good. I’m so excited with my new studio.
    Anyone want work as studio manager? Email us at hire@whitestudio.my

    White Studio in KL – We add on more studio light

    When it comes to studio rental services, we always believe it’s important for our clients / photographer to have good studio light for use. At the moment, we add on more studio light for people who rent our studio to use. 
    P/S: Other than that, we are going to announce our LOYALTY rental rate to our loyal photographer. RM30/hour only for studio rental! Stay tuned!

    For studio rental, whatsaap 0166664034 / WhiteStudio.my

    MaGIC Academy Symposium 2016 #MA2016

    When? 21st september – 24th September 2016

     The key objectives of MA2016 are to:
    ·  Create awareness on emerging trends and collaboration across the startup ecosystem
    ·  Educate the audiences on knowledge,wisdom, strategy and business tactics
    ·  Connect startups with compatible investors and successful business leaders to stimulate startup and scalable growth
    ·  Sharing of success/failure stories

    Entrepreneurship Track
    Learn from renowned serial entrepreneurs as they share their core knowledge, wisdom, strategy and tactics in a startup’s lifecycle. Gain new perspective and discover emerging trends required to accelerate and sustain growth!

    Social Enterprise Track
    Gain invaluable insights from global and regional social entrepreneurs as they share their entrepreneurial journey, and educate you on essential aspects of driving a social enterprise. Sharpen your technical skills and acumen to multiply your social enterprise’s impact and performance and connect with like-minded people for continuous improvement and learning.

    Startup Career fair
    100+ exhibiting booths, our startup career fair allows you to explore, connect and gain access to a community of like – minded entrepreneurs and talents!

    MA2016 features a unique lineup of speakers :
    1) Adriana Gascoigne (CEO & founder, Girls in tech),
    2) Fadzarudin Anuar (Co-founder, fashionvalet),
    3) Joe Flizzow (Artist, Entrepreneur),
    4) Tobias Gould (Founder & Partner, Jerry Bottle),
    5) Sriram Krishnan (Head of International Growth, Tinder),
    6) Novita Jong (Senior Sales lead APAC, Twitter),
    7) Eric Kaduru (CEO & founder, Kad Africa),
    9) Brian Wong (Founder, Kiip),
    9) Vishal Harnal (Venture Partner, 500 startups),
    and not to forget the appearance of celebrities-turned-entrepreneurs, Joe Flizzow and Altimet during the startup career fair.

    To find out more about #MA2016, visit us at: academy.mymagic.my/ma2016 and purchase your tickets! To enjoy discount, just key in promo code  when purchasing the tickets.
    Follow us on twitter and Instagram for live feeds: @magic_cyberjaya

    A 4-Day not to be missed startup symposium filled with hands on knowledge and skills from world renowned speakers and instructors who are experts in their fields

    Malaysian Global Innovation & Creativity Centre (MaGIC) will be hosting a third symposium, MA2016. The highly anticipated and not to be missed signature event will be held in MaGIC from 21 September 2016 till 24 September 2016 with an expected crowd of 2000 participants, consisting of startups, social entrepreneurs and job seekers as well.

    In addition to the entrepreneurship track, MA2016 will feature the social enterprise track whereby participants will be exposed to the same amount of knowledge and skills with the overarching objective of expanding the social enterprise ecosystem in Malaysia.

    Following the success of the previous #MA2015, the key takeaway for this year’s audience is the exposure to key note speakers from successful global entrepreneurs, hands on workshops, fireside chats with mentors, ‘speed dating’ with potential investors, and on the fourth day – Asia’s largest startup career fair.

    RizQ Islamic School – Malaysia International Tahfiz School

    Last Sunday, I had opportunity to pay RizQ Islamic School a visit. Located a stone throw away from my studio, it is definitely a must place to visit if you planning to send off your children to Tahfiz school.

    Can you believe this is the Islamic school? Totally amaze me. I never expect this beautiful. We have to change our Stigma towards Tahfiz & Islamic school. Now, you can pay them a visit 7 days a week. Anytime! Just buzz them earlier ya.
    Like any private school, they do have the best facilities and security system. RizQ Islamic School is not yet fully operational but is now open to the Open Day and registration of new students for the 2017 session .
    I still remember those day when I spend 3 years study in Arabic school, MAAHAD Pontian. To compare with this what #rizqislamicschool try to bring up is totally different. Another level. Trust me, kids/students will gonna love it. Is no longer “Sekolah-Pondok” mindset.

    RizQ Islamic School has 16 classrooms, auditorium, gym, playroom area, art room, hall, game room, soccer field and much more other basic facilities. Interestingly to lower grade classroom also colorful! Each classroom is equipped with air conditioning and English will be the language of instruction in schools. Each class will only accommodate about 20 students. Classes will begin at 8 am until 4:30 pm. And for those who live around Kajang, Bangi and Putrajaya, the management RizQ Islamic School is providing a transport service to pick up and deliver students to school.

    In addition, in this RizQ Islamic School iPad will also be used as a tool to teach specific subjects Memory / memorizing Al-Quran indeed make this school unique and different again is the concept of learning. To complete the Primary School Standard Curriculum (KSSR) set, five subjects islami of Curriculum Sekolah Rendah Agama (SRA) by the Selangor Islamic Religious Department (JAIS) is RizQ Islamic School set up in schools is the subject of Tawheed, Fiqh, Morals, Biography, Khaf & dictation ‘.

    They use the integrated KSSR + Islamic Knowledge + Quran memorisation as their main tools to help learners to achieve their maximum potential with great Islamic values (KIQ). The KIQ is a national, up-to-date, comprehensive, and future-oriented curriculum programme aimed at Reception and Grade 1 till 6 learners to grow up in the 21st Century. It nurtures a love of learning and encourages key skills, competencies, and mind habits.

    Wisma RIZQ,
    Lot. 1456-2
    Jalan Cempaka Off Jalan Teratai
    Kampung Sungai Ramal Dalam
    43000 Kajang, Selangor
    Tel : +603 8912 0447
    WhatsApp : +6018 961 161
    Laman web : www.rizq.edu.my
    Instagram : RizqIslamicSchool
    Want to educate your kids about Islamic and Science? @rizqislamicschool is the answer. It’s not about education but the most important is, the learning experience.
    RizQ Islamic School (RIS) is a Quranic-based modern education private school, capable of serving up to 400 primary students around Klang Valley.
    The content of the courses and placement of the students are used as the student’s learning base, and this learning base provides the foundation for a highly individualized and personalized educational program. Students are guided and directed through the learning process while being allowed to exercise freedom and learn responsibility. They learn to make proper choices, set academic goals, and accomplish them independently. At RizQ Islamic School, we understand that the role of the parent is essential to the success of the student. We seek to cultivate an environment that welcomes collaboration and interaction. Caring staff and technical support are available for parents, and qualified teachers are available to our students for tutoring and support.
    The unique strength of RIS, is the ability to deliver high quality education through the medium of established and proven modern science, technology and arts knowledge without compromising Islamic Values and Knowledge. We urge and strive our best in delivering the Holy Quran knowledge to our students for great understanding of true Islamic teachings and virtues. The Worldwide Web and its many digital tools offer a variety of effective yet highly engaging ways to deliver information while maintaining the integrity of the educational process.
    As an Elite Islamic private school, we face unique challenges as we serve students from communities in many different Islamic background. We also find that our focus on individualized education brings additional challenges, because we always need to adapt to the learning needs of our students. For this reason, we are committed to a culture of continuous improvement, always looking for better ways to serve our clients, i.e. parents and students, in producing Holistic professional young Muslim for the sake of serving the Ummah in general.

    My new workstation. Overwatch and new PC rig setup

    Personally I would say I do love my current workstation. It’s not that big or small but it just perfect for me to do my work. I’m planning to add on few IPTV / CCTV below the shelves (will attach LED monitor) so that I can monitor entire studio & outside the studio without I need to move myself.
    I just need few more upgrade on my PC. Just few… just motherboard, processor, RAM DDR4 & graphic card… That will cost me around 4K hahahaha
    This is my new obsess. #Overwatch #FTW
    I has been using Dell monitor ever since I run my own production house. Almost 10 years and this little boy over here is for my second monitor since my main monitor starting giving some issue. Since I spend most of my time meetings and shooting, I do need a proper bag. Fallen in love with this lovely blue bag. Just nice to keep my Macbook & files.
    I wanted to get a proper gaming mouse and my previous Razer mouse is dead long time a go. So, I go for Logitech G602.
    I think, it’s not bad for the beginner right? Add me at feeq_2009@hotmail.com
    Oh hello there. New printer & Thermaltake casing.

    Anyone have suggestion for a better fan?

    White Studio Malaysia is Officially Launch

    Slowly but surely.
    To compare with other people/company, we admit that we are slow in progress. We do not funded, we do not have bigger team, infact the only thing we have is passion and hard work. We are looking for passionate people to be part of the team as we growing.
    Now, we are planning for our 2nd studio. Do let me know where do you want us to be. Damansara? Puchong? Sunway? Ampang? Shah Alam? Bangi? Wangsa Maju? Or any other idea?
    We would like to apologise for the lack of update. For the past few months, we are really busy with few things in order to keep provide top quality services to all our beloved clients.
    Below are 5 reasons why White Studio Malaysia have lack of update.
    We are finally manage to synchronize our social media platform (FB, Instagram & Website) to WhiteStudio.my 10% more to go. Will update our new logo and will upload more photos such as behind the scene.
    Our online booking will be available very soon. Now you can check our studio availability through online.
    We are really proud with our new elegant & exclusive studio theme whereby you can have different kind of mood. No longer a plain backdrop.
    We are finally completed with our office renovation. Means that, our staff will have a bigger and comfortable place to be productive.
    Now, with a bigger space of our new and lovely kitchen, we might throw some pot luck session. Anyone up for it?

    LAST BUT NOT LEAST, we are in the middle of planning to find new location for our new studio. Date of completion will be middle of next year. White Studio Malaysia 2.0. Any suggestion? Damansara? Puchong? Sunway? Ampang? Shah Alam? Bangi? Wangsa Maju? Kuala Lumpur? Or any other suggestion?

    How to renew SSM in the fastest way? Use EzBiz machine to renew business registration less than 10 minutes

    Running your own business either part time or full time is no longer new thing in Malaysia. As you can see there’s plenty of local product from beauty product to food and beverage.
    One thing I realize, some of Malaysian still don’t understand the different between Enterprise and Sdn. Bhd. Well, Enterprise is not a company. It’s just a license for you to run a business.
    Recently I went to Kementerian Perdagangan Dalam Negeri, Koperasi Dan Kepenggunaan (KPDNKK) in Putrajaya to renew my business license. Since I late to renew (2 month++) I have to pay compound RM40.
    It’s really convenient and it’s really fast. Less than 10 minutes and I receive my new business license.
    Use EZ Biz machine > Slot in Identification card > Place your thumb on the thumb screen scanner > Insert cash > Print the certificate.
    Less than 10 minutes
    How much?
    Renewal : RM60/year
    Compound for late renewal : RM20/month
    Business information : RM10 
    Services provided by EzBiz Machine?
    Available: Business registration renewal, Business information & Compound payment.
    Coming soon : Business registration & user registration

    HairDepot One Utama – Hair care expert under one roof

    Does taking care your hair is important, like how do you taking care your face? For me, hair and face both are equally important. Even as a man, I tend to spend up to 10min to style my hair before I go out. I would say the first impression is really important, especially when I’m dealing with artist, clients and even attending the event.
    Other than using the right shampoo for my hair, I also will make sure I’m using high quality wax to style my hair. There’s a lot of wax type on the market and the most important for me when I buy them is reading their ingredient. Well, I don’t want to have hair lost problem when I grew older.
    The reason why I choose wax to style my hair instead of gel because I prefer my hair not too wet yet to dry. Recently, my fiance and I went to HairDepot located in One Utama to get my hair product fix. HairDepot One Utama is located at LG311G, 1 Utama Shopping Center (New Wing).

    About Hairdepot Loft: 13 House Brands sold in HAIRDEPOT Loft, brands as below: Midori, Hair Milk, Herbalogist, Hairdepot, Greenology, Ecru Little Green, Ecru NewYorkStreets, Cab’s, Aurane, Erayba, Phytorelax, Farcom Mea Natura, Farcom B-Style, Farcom Aler.

    Hair Depot is your one-stop hair care savior! They have almost 8,000 types of products. No matter what kind of hair or scalp problems you are having or if you simply want to have healthier and shinier hair Hair Depot is definitely the place to visit!

    Hair Depot has awesome customer service! If you need help, all the staffs will assist you in answering your questions and recommending what is suitable to improve your condition.

    I selalu kalau nak style rambut mesti guna wax brand Gatsby. Dari zaman sekolah lagi. Bukan nya apa, sebab murah. Tapi lepas pergi Hairdepot kat One Utama semalam, barulah orang tau pasal jenis-jenis wax rambut. Wax murah & mahal ada sebab.
    Jangan la tengok harga je. kena la tengok ingredient dia. Sebagai lelaki, rambut ni penting. Ye la, rambut kan nak pakai lama. Rasanya lepas ni dah tau mana nak beli wax rambut. Online pun ada. Senang je.
    Pssttttt… Sesiapa yang nak cari produk untuk sihatkan / cantikkan or nak wangikan rambut, boleh la datang dekat Hair Depot, One Utama. Produk dari US, UK, France etc semua ada. @hairdepot_my
    FREE Argan Oil
    I believe that everyone knows the benefit of Argan Oil. Guess what? I’m going to give it for free!
    For the first 100 people can get this Argan Oil worth RM89 for free at HairDepot One Utama.
    1. FOLLOW @hairdepot_my and@feeqsays
    2. REPOST this picture (on my Instagram)
    3. TAG @hairdepot_my and @feeqsays
    4. SHOW this picture to HairDepot staff at One Utama
    5. That’s all and you will walk away with Argan Oil for free. 
    P/S: Limited to the first 100 and before 15 July 2016.

    This place is totally heaven for me. There’s variety hair wax from France, US, Korea, etc.

    HairDepot brand established since year 2009 and do have 29 Outlets operating in Klang Valley and Johor under the brand HAIRDEPOT, K CARE SHOP. Products can be purchased from HAIRDEPOT, HAIRDEPOT Loft and K CARE SHOP as well as online www.kcareshop.com
    Damansara Utama Uptown   
    No.69, G/F Jalan SS21/37, Damansara Utama, Damansara,
    47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.
    tel: +60 3 7710 8009
    Closed on Sunday | 10:00am-8:00pm (Mon-Sat)

    Kota Damansara
    No.17-1, Jalan PJU 5/11, Dataran Sunway Kota Damansara
    47810 Petaling Jaya Selangor D.E. Malaysia.
    tel: +60 3 6141 0199
    Closed on Monday | 10:00am-8:00pm (Tues-Sun)

    Kepong Desa Aman Puri   
    No.2-12A, Block F, Jalan D 1/3 Desa Aman Puri
    52100 Kepong, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
    tel: +60 3 6277 9010
    Closed on Sunday | 10:00am-8:00pm (Mon-Sat)

    Subang Jaya SS15
    No.1 G/F, Jalan SS15/8A, Subang Jaya
    47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor D.E., Malaysia.
    tel: +60 3 5612 2813
    Closed on Sunday | 10:00am-8:00pm (Mon-Sat)

    Taman Tun Dr Ismail   
    No.36G (Grd. Floor), Jalan Tun Mohd. Fuad, Tmn Tun Dr. Ismail,
    60000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
    tel: +60 3 7728 6011
    Closed on Sunday | 10:00am-8:00pm (Mon-Sat)

    Bangsar Baru  
    No.20 G/F, Jalan Telawi Lima, Bangsar Baru
    59100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
    tel: +60 3 2202 2215
     Closed on Sunday | 10:00am-8:00pm (Mon-Sat)

    Selayang Jaya 
    No.14 (Grd. Floor), Jalan SJ6, Taman Selayang Jaya,
    68100 Batu Caves, Selangor D. E., Malaysia.
    tel: +60 3 6137 0235
    Closed on Monday | 9:00am-7:00pm (Tues-Sun)