How Important to Take Care Your Health and Appearance as a Social Media Influencer?

My 1st time posing in front of the camera. I’m not a photogenic. Seems that I have to attend modeling class. People asked me how important to take care your health and appearance as a social media influencer. For me as influencer you have to be presentable, not only from your attitude but also your appearance. Because you doesn’t only represent yourself, but also the brand and company.
For my haters and those who keep asking why I don’t take my full body shot, this photo is for you.
I used to have a flat tummy and my weight is 56kg. Unfortunately, I’m too comfortable with my life and I gain weight after I graduated from my diploma. For those who use to study same university with me, they know how thin I use to be.
Once I went to continue my bachelor, I gain weight up to 90kg and have a big tummy. Since I’m too busy with my study, shooting (CVS Production & Creative Visual Studio) and social media, I do not have time to work out.
There has this saying; never expect people to love you when you don’t even love yourself. Alhamdulillah I manage to lose weight 8kg in a month and I do still have some belly. It’s good to see the improvement evnthough it’s not a really big achievement, but it’s a stepping stone for me.
Continue to hate me because your hate is my challenge.
This is what we call Jacobs Ladders. My 1st try max is 2min. The longest record in this gym is 5 minutes. It’s really good for cardio and I’m sweating like mad.
My workout seems worth every single sweat. Let’s push harder and never get comfortable.Tomorrow I will is going to be my good “first-time” of everything and 2015 seems promising for me.
Will be talking and appear on Indonesia national TV station to talk about my passion in photography and video production (finally Indonesia do appreciate my work).
Will get my 1st ever professional fashion phtooshoot (I’m afraid to be in front of the camera because I do have low self confidence and I’m not photogenic). Will attend one of awesome party of the year ( ‪#‎PartyofTheCentury‬) brought to you by #EmpireCity.

If any of you happen to watch RCTI or if you happen in Bali today, do help me to record. I really appreciate. I’m not sure if it is going to be live or studio recorded.

Pertama Kali Menceburi Bidang Blogging

Part 1 – Assalamualaikum semua, ni first time Feeq nak berblog didalam bahasa melayu. Feeq selalu menulis dalam bahasa English bukan sebab Feeq ni pandai sangat, tapi Feeq cuma nak improve kan bahasa English Feeq. Lagipun Feeq sekarang ni tengah menghadirkan diri di kelas bahasa Mandarin. Tak salah rasanya Feeq nak belajar bahasa asing. Lagipun di dalam dunia perniagaan, Feeq banyak client berbangsa asing.
Kehidupan Seorang Blogger adalah ruangan dimana Feeq cuba berkongsi sebanyak mungkin tentang dunia blogging. Feeq ni bukanlah blogger terkenal atau blogger artist, jadi Feeq minta maaf banyak2 dahulu kalau ada yang rasa Feeq ni bajet top blogger. Feeq nak adakan ruangan ni setelah Feeq berfikir banyak kali. Ramai blogger yang personal contact Feeq atau jumpa di event bertanyakan soalan tentang blogging. Tak kurang juga kawan Feeq yang bekerja di PR company yang baru mula2 nak involvekan diri pada social media tnya Feeq. Dalam 2-3 bulan ni, ramai pula kawan Feeq yang mintak tolong Feeq design blog untuk mereka dan ajarkan basic blogging. Jadi Feeq rasa, Feeq perlukan ruangan ini supaya orang paham tentang industry blogging.
Feeq tahu ramai yang tak kenal Feeq dan Feeq ni nak sangat berkenalan dengan blogger2 lain. Lagi2 blogger yang baru. Feeq dah berblogging semenjak awal tahun 2007. Lebih kepada personal dan pada masa tu Nuffnang pun tak da lagi. Tapi blog tu Feeq dah delete.Ye la masa tu Feeq baru je mulakan pengajian Diploma di Nilai University. Jauh dari keluarga (Keluarga di Johor). Jadi, banyak la benda yang nak di kongsikan. Tak lama lepas tu, Nuffnang pun wujud. Masa tu kalau tak silap Feeq dalam pertengahan tahun 2007. Feeq pun tak la join Nuffnang lagi. Sebab masa tu mana lah ada orang nak baca blog Feeq. Cuma ahli keluarga je.

Dalam akhir tahun 2008 barulah Feeq register blog baru. Masa tu Feeq punya blog meaningfool.blogspot.com dan sampai sekarang Feeq pakai lagi blog address tu. Cuma masa tu, Feeq tak paham tentang hosting dan domain. Lepas dah jumpa dengan blogger-blogger lain, dalam akhir 2009 barulah Feeq tukar kepada domain Feeq sekarang, FeeqSays.Com

Feeq selalu organize private food review dan blogger outing. Sebab Feeq nak berkenalan dengan blogger baru. Masa mula2 tu memang susah tapi Feeq ingat lagi Rebecca Saw banyak bagi bantuan terutamanya blog dan gathering pasal makanan. Feeq ingat lagi macam mana client approach Feeq dan Feeq diletakan bersama blogger2 yang terkenal. memang excited masa tu.
Lepas tu, Feeq pun active di blogging sampai sangup bangun pukul 5 pagi dan ambik train dari Nilai ke Kuala Lumpur semata-mata nak attend press conference atau blogging event. Alhamdulillah sekarang dah 7 tahun Feeq berblogging dan masih mempunyai follower dan rakan2 blogger yang masih active. Tapi ramai juga yang dah bersara. Dalam masa 7 tahun ni, macam2 perkara berlaku. Feeq pindah dari Nuffnang ke Advertlets la, Feeq berhenti blogging selama 6 bulan la, Blogger drama, dan banyak lagi. Tapi sekarang Feeq lebih selesa bergerak secara independent. Tak terikat dengan mana2 blogging company.
Inshallah, banyak lagi Feeq nak kongsikan. Feeq nak share macam mana Feeq pergi event pertama, macam mana Feeq buat kawan blogger pertama, dan macam2 lagi. Mungkin di lain hari. 
Pesanan Feeq: 
“Jadi blogger ni kena ikhlas. Kalau kita buat kerana minat, peluang akan datang dengan sendiri. Ramai blogger yang nak popular dengan cara mudah tapi gunakan cara yang salah. Respect is an Earned Gift, Not Something You Demand

Okay kawan2, Feeq nak bagitahu esok Feeq nak bagi device weBoost Drive 3G-S yang berharga RM389. Kegunaan dia adalah untuk tingkatkan pangilan dan data signals. Sesuai untuk semua jenis mobile phone dan syarikat telekomunikasi. Tapi yang paling best, boleh panjangkan battery mobile phone.
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Tips to Increase Blog Traffic – 21 Tactics from Randfish


People always asked me how did you increase your blog traffic. Currently, I do receive more traffic from US, UK, Canada etc. instead of Asian. There’s have a lot of way to increase your blog traffic that you can learn from internet. One of it is article from Randish. I have been following his article since 2010 and one of his article that I think really helpful is 21 Tactics to Increase Blog Traffic.
Choose the Right Blog Software (or Custom Build)
The right blog CMS makes a big difference. If you want to set yourself apart, I recommend creating a custom blog solution – one that can be completely customized to your users. In most cases, WordPress, Blogger, MovableType or Typepad will suffice, but building from scratch allows you to be very creative with functionality and formatting. The best CMS is something that’s easy for the writer(s) to use and brings together the features that allow the blog to flourish. Think about how you want comments, archiving, sub-pages, categorization, multiple feeds and user accounts to operate in order to narrow down your choices. OpenSourceCMS is a very good tool to help you select a software if you go that route.
Different people have different point of view. Some said that Blogger is good and some said that WordPress is better. I used both and from my point of view Blogger is friendly user compare than WordPress. However, you can customize your blog with a lot of features by using WordPress. Example of my other blog are: www.creativevstudio.com & www.feeqphotos.com that run under WordPress.

Host Your Blog Directly on Your Domain
Hosting your blog on a different domain from your primary site is one of the worst mistakes you can make. A blog on your domain can attract links, attention, publicity, trust and search rankings – by keeping the blog on a separate domain, you shoot yourself in the foot. From worst to best, your options are – Hosted (on a solution like Blogspot or WordPress), on a unique domain (at least you can 301 it in the future), on a subdomain (these can be treated as unique from the primary domain by the engines) and as a sub-section of the primary domain (in a subfolder or page – this is the best solution).
I choose to use .Com because it looks more professional. Whenever I went for a meeting or try to deal with a client, the percentage of your website will be choose by client will increase if you run in your own domain such as .Com or .Net or .My instead of .Wordpress or .Blogspot. One of the example is when you apply a media passes for an event, your website will look much better and professional. However, it is still depends on how your template and blog contains looks like.

Write Title Tags with Two Audiences in Mind
First and foremost, you’re writing a title tag for the people who will visit your site or have a subscription to your feed. Title tags that are short, snappy, on-topic and catchy are imperative. You also want to think about search engines when you title your posts, since the engines can help to drive traffic to your blog. A great way to do this is to write the post and the title first, then run a few searches at Overture, WordTracker & KeywordDiscovery to see if there is a phrasing or ordering that can better help you to target “searched for” terms.
Before you want people to read your blog post, you must get people to visit your blog. Creating a good and catchy tittle/topic is one of the way to attract people to read your blog. Please make sure that your tittle is same as your blog contain. I saw a lot of people wrote a lot of good and catchy tittle. However, their contain is fully with crap. Remember, in social media it is all about brand loyalty.

Participate at Related Forums & Blogs
Whatever industry or niche you’re in, there are bloggers, forums and an online community that’s already active. Depending on the specificity of your focus, you may need to think one or two levels broader than your own content to find a large community, but with the size of the participatory web today, even the highly specialized content areas receive attention. A great way to find out who these people are is to use Technorati to conduct searches, then sort by number of links (authority). Del.icio.us tags are also very useful in this process, as are straight searches at the engines (Ask.com’s blog search in particular is of very good quality).
Social media is not only about blog. It is more than that. Think out of the box and use another platform to promote your blog. If you only depends on Twitter, Facebook and Blog advertising company, it is not enough.

Tag Your Content
Technorati is the first place that you should be tagging posts. I actually recommend having the tags right on your page, pointing to the Technorati searches that you’re targeting. There are other good places to ping – del.icio.us and Flickr being the two most obvious (the only other one is Blogmarks, which is much smaller). Tagging content can also be valuable to help give you a “bump” towards getting traffic from big sites like Reddit, Digg & StumbleUpon (which requires that you download the toolbar, but trust me – it’s worth it). You DO NOT want to submit every post to these sites, but that one out of twenty (see tactic #18) is worth your while.
It is kinda new for me. I still haven’t try it out. For those who already try it, do let me know your experience ya.

Launch Without Comments (and Add Them Later)
There’s something sad about a blog with 0 comments on every post. It feels dead, empty and unpopular. Luckily, there’s an easy solution – don’t offer the ability to post comments on the blog and no one will know that you only get 20 uniques a day. Once you’re upwards of 100 RSS subscribers and/or 750 unique visitors per day, you can open up the comments and see light activity. Comments are often how tech-savvy new visitors judge the popularity of a site (and thus, its worth), so play to your strengths and keep your obscurity private.
One of the reason why I add on Shout Mix is because to let some bloggers who like to spam to drop by my blog to spam their link. However, if they feel that my blog is good, they will follow and subscribe it.

Don’t Jump on the Bandwagon
Some memes are worthy of being talked about by every blogger in the space, but most aren’t. Just because there’s huge news in your industry or niche DOES NOT mean you need to be covering it, or even mentioning it (though it can be valuable to link to it as an aside, just to integrate a shared experience into your unique content). Many of the best blogs online DO talk about the big trends – this is because they’re already popular, established and are counted on to be a source of news for the community. If you’re launching a new blog, you need to show people in your space that you can offer something unique, different and valuable – not just the same story from your point of view. This is less important in spaces where there are very few bloggers and little online coverage and much more in spaces that are overwhelmed with blogs (like search, or anything else tech-related).
The question is, what is your blog all about? Some people will talk everything about the latest news. You need to have specific contain for your blog post. That is why I separate my food and photography blog.

Link Intelligently
When you link out in your blog posts, use convention where applicable and creativity when warranted, but be aware of how the links you serve are part of the content you provide. Not every issue you discuss or site you mention needs a link, but there’s a fine line between overlinking and underlinking. The best advice I can give is to think of the post from the standpoint of a relatively uninformed reader. If you mention Wikipedia, everyone is familiar and no link is required. If you mention a specific page at Wikipedia, a link is necessary and important. Also, be aware that quoting other bloggers or online sources (or even discussing their ideas) without linking to them is considered bad etiquette and can earn you scorn that could cost you links from those sources in the future. It’s almost always better to be over-generous with links than under-generous. And link condoms? Only use them when you’re linking to something you find truly distasteful or have serious apprehension about.
Just ask yourself. If someone use your article without link back or credit to you, what do you feel? 

Invite Guest Bloggers
Asking a well known personality in your niche to contribute a short blog on their subject of expertise is a great way to grow the value and reach of your blog. You not only flatter the person by acknowledging their celebrity, you nearly guarantee yourself a link or at least an association with a brand that can earn you readers. Just be sure that you really are getting a quality post from someone that’s as close to universally popular and admired as possible (unless you want to start playing the drama linkbait game, which I personally abhor). If you’re already somewhat popular, it can often be valuable to look outside your space and bring in guest authors who have a very unique angle or subject matter to help spice up your focus. One note about guest bloggers – make sure they agree to have their work edited by you before it’s posted. A disagreement on this subject after the fact can have negative ramifications.
This is one of the good method for you to promote your blog through your friend follower or other blogger follower. I have done before in Featured Blogger. It is really helps. I have to stop it for quite sometime because I gonna come out with something better. So, stay tune.

Eschew Advertising (Until You’re Popular)
I hate AdSense on blogs. Usually, I ignore it, but I also cast a sharp eye towards the quality of the posts and professionalism of the content when I see AdSense. That’s not to say that contextual advertising can’t work well in some blogs, but it needs to be well integrated into the design and layout to help defer criticism. Don’t get me wrong – it’s unfair to judge a blog by its cover (or, in this case, its ads), but spend a lot of time surfing blogs and you’ll have the same impression – low quality blogs run AdSense and many high quality ones don’t. I always recommend that whether personal or professional, you wait until your blog has achieved a level of success before you start advertising. Ads, whether they’re sponsorships, banners, contextual or other, tend to have a direct, negative impact on the number of readers who subscribe, add to favorites and link – you definitely don’t want that limitation while you’re still trying to get established.
When I ask some of Malaysia bloggers why they don’t like AdSense, one of the reason is because of the earning. If you blog about international topic, the percentage of receive income from AdSense is high if you have a lot of readers from oversea.

Go Beyond Text in Your Posts
Blogs that contain nothing but line after line of text are more difficult to read and less consistently interesting than those that offer images, interactive elements, the occasional multimedia content and some clever charts & graphs. Even if you’re having a tough time with non-text content, think about how you can format the text using blockquotes, indentation, bullet points, etc. to create a more visually appealing and digestible block of content.
Be creative in create a blog post. Ask other blogger opinion what they think about your blog. Accept their feedback and improve it.

Cover Topics that Need Attention
In every niche, there are certain topics and questions that are frequently asked or pondered, but rarely have definitive answers. While this recommendation applies to nearly every content-based site, it’s particularly easy to leverage with a blog. If everyone in the online Nascar forums is wondering about the components and cost of an average Nascar vehicle – give it to them. If the online stock trading industry is rife with questions about the best performing stocks after a terrorist threat, your path is clear. Spend the time and effort to research, document and deliver and you’re virtually guaranteed link-worthy content that will attract new visitors and subscribers.
The good article is supported by good researches. Take your own time to do your own contain that supported by few article. Try to avoid “copy-and-paste” press kit or news.

Pay Attention to Your Analytics
Visitor tracking software can tell you which posts your audience likes best, which ones don’t get viewed and how the search engines are delivering traffic. Use these clues to react and improve your strategies. Feedburner is great for RSS and I’m a personal fan of Indextools. Consider adding action tracking to your blog, so you can see what sources of traffic are bringing the best quality visitors (in terms of time spent on the site, # of page views, etc). I particularly like having the “register” link tagged for analytics so I can see what percentage of visitors from each source is interested enough to want to leave a comment or create an account.
If you are using blogger, they do have “Stats” page in your dashboard. Take time to see who are your visitor, what topic that they like most and when is the time that you receive a lot of visitor. Some of my most higher blog post are: Uncover Secrets Behind Girls Killing Rabbit VideoiPhone 4S New Features – Worth to Buy?Porn Website Using Facebook as Marketing PlatformSantapan Istimewa Mencari Halal Restaurant/Cafe yang Unik and My Selangor Story 2011 Launching.

Use a Human Voice
Charisma is a valuable quality, both online and off. Through a blog, it’s most often judged by the voice you present to your users. People like empathy, compassion, authority and honesty. Keep these in the forefront of your mind when writing and you’ll be in a good position to succeed. It’s also critical that you maintain a level of humility in your blogging and stick to your roots. When users start to feel that a blog is taking itself too seriously or losing the characteristics that made it unique, they start to seek new places for content. We’ve certainly made mistakes (even recently) that have cost us some fans – be cautious to control not only what you say, but how you say it. Lastly – if there’s a hot button issue that has you posting emotionally, temper it by letting the post sit in draft mode for an hour or two, re-reading it and considering any revisions. With the advent of feeds, once you publish, there’s no going back.
Instead of doing your blog post like an article, make it more like a diary. After all, previously blog is an online diary. In a communication, “two-ways-communication” is really important. Try to play with your audience.

Archive Effectively
The best archives are carefully organized into subjects and date ranges. For search traffic (particularly long tail terms), it can be best to offer the full content of every post in a category on the archive pages, but from a usability standpoint, just linking to each post is far better (possibly with a very short snippet). Balance these two issues and make the decision based on your goals. A last note on archiving – pagination in blogging can be harmful to search traffic, rather than beneficial (as you provide constantly changing, duplicate content pages). Pagination is great for users who scroll to the bottom and want to see more, though, so consider putting a “noindex” in the meta tag or in the robots.txt file to keep spiders where they belong – in the well-organized archive system.
If you want to make blog as your main income, you must be disciplined. Set your own target and your own time when and how many you should be blogging per day.

Implement Smart URLs
The best URL structure for blogs is, in my opinion, as short as possible while still containing enough information to make an educated guess about the content you’ll find on the page. I don’t like the 10 hyphen, lengthy blog titles that are the byproduct of many CMS plugins, but they are certainly better than any dynamic parameters in the URL. Yes – I know I’m not walking the talk here, and hopefully it’s something we can fix in the near future. To those who say that one dynamic parameter in the URL doesn’t hurt, I’d take issue – just re-writing a ?ID=450 to /450 has improved search traffic considerably on several blogs we’ve worked with.
You can use  https://bitly.com/ to help you make your blog url short and at the same time to track how many people visit your blog. Nowadays, if you use tweetdeck, it will help you to make your url shot too.

Reveal as Much as Possible
The blogosphere is in love with the idea of an open source world on the web. Sharing vast stores of what might ordinarily be considered private information is the rule, rather than the exception. If you can offer content that’s usually private – trade secrets, pricing, contract issues, and even the occasional harmless rumor, your blog can benefit. Make a decision about what’s off-limits and how far you can go and then push right up to that limit in order to see the best possible effects. Your community will reward you with links and traffic.
Always share with your readers your secret as long it is not too personal. Of course you no need to share your house address or even contact number. If you are a successful blogger who have a lot of reader, share with your readers how you can success in blogging. If you are entrepreneur, share with your readers how you can success in business line.

Only One Post in Twenty Can Be Linkbait
Not every post is worthy of making it to the top of Digg, Del.icio.us/popular or even a mention at some other blogs in your space. Trying to over-market every post you write will result in pushback and ultimately lead to negative opinions about your efforts. The less popular your blog is, the harder it will be to build excitement around a post, but the process of linkbait has always been trial and error – build, test, refine and re-build. Keep creating great ideas and bolstering them with lots of solid, everyday content and you’ll eventually be big enough to where one out of every 20-40 posts really does become linkbait.
Promotion is good. However it is depends on your blog contain too. If you blog 10 blog post per day but all your blog contain is rubbish, people will “say-no-to-your-blog” and it will become worst when people start to talk bad about your blog to other people.

Make Effective Use of High Traffic Days
If you do have linkbait, whether by design or by accident, make sure to capitalize. When you hit the front page of Digg, Reddit, Boing Boing, or, on a smaller scale, attract a couple hundred visitors from a bigger blog or site in your space, you need to put your best foot forward. Make sure to follow up on a high traffic time period with 2-3 high quality posts that show off your skills as a writer, your depth of understanding and let visitors know that this is content they should be sticking around to see more of. Nothing kills the potential linkbait “bump” faster than a blog whose content doesn’t update for 48 hours after they’ve received a huge influx of visitors.
Please be aware with timing. For an example in Malaysia, most of people went out on weekend to have fun/attending event/shopping etc. If most of your visitor came from Malaysia, you might want to less blog on weekend because less people will read your blog post.

Create Expectations and Fulfill Them
When you’re writing for your audience, your content focus, post timing and areas of interest will all become associated with your personal style. If you vary widely from that style, you risk alienating folks who’ve come to know you and rely on you for specific data. Thus, if you build a blog around the idea of being an analytical expert in your field, don’t ignore the latest release of industry figures only to chat about an emotional issue – deliver what your readers expect of you and crunch the numbers. This applies equally well to post frequency – if your blog regularly churns out 2 posts a day, having two weeks with only 4 posts is going to have an adverse impact on traffic. That’s not to say you can’t take a vacation, but you need to schedule it wisely and be prepared to lose RSS subscribers and regulars. It’s not fair, but it’s the truth. We lose visitors every time I attend an SES conference and drop to one post every two days (note – guest bloggers and time-release posts can help here, too).
Some people that I met can easily blog 5 blog post per day. If you can blog 3 blog post per day, make sure it gonna be maintain or increase. Do not decrease it. If you feel of having exam or holiday, you can do a schedule blog post. Some of you do have a loyal reader who wait your new blog post. Do not waste their time who wait for your blog post.

Build a Brand
Possibly one of the most important aspects of all in blogging is brand-building. As Zefrank noted, to be a great brand, you need to be a brand that people want to associate themselves with and a brand that people feel they derive value from being a member. Exclusivity, insider jokes, emails with regulars, the occasional cat post and references to your previous experiences can be off putting for new readers, but they’re solid gold for keeping your loyal base feeling good about their brand experience with you. Be careful to stick to your brand – once you have a definition that people like and are comfortable with, it’s very hard to break that mold without severe repercussions. If you’re building a new blog, or building a low-traffic one, I highly recommend writing down the goals of your brand and the attributes of its identity to help remind you as you write.
Before people read your blog, they must know your blog. How you market yourself is important. Some people thought that create a lot of random blog post will help you to increase your traffic. However, it is good for you to have your own trademark. If your blog about food, you can mix between food and travelling. If you love to talk about business, you can focus on business industry. It will help your reader to know what is your blog all about.

Sources: 21 Tactics to Increase Blog Traffic by Randfish

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How To Remove that series of numbers on your Facebook Business Page

I believe that some of you have your own facebook page right? What I mean with facebook page is fan page. Maybe about your business or your fan page. Some of you might wondering how to remove the annoying number on the url.
I gonna share with you 3 step how to remove that annoying number. Hope it is help.
#1 Log in your account and go “http://www.facebook.com/username/
#2 Choose your Facebook Page and change to your new name. Example: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Feeq-Photography/238763093568168 change to FeeqPhotography
#3 Click on “Check Availability”
#4 Done =)
You also can watch the video.
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Increase your Blog Traffic with Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

What is SEO really & why do I need it?

That is the simple question right?

Let me roughly brief you guys what is SEO is all about.

SEO, short for Search Engine Optimization, involves building an online presence that will be discovered by Google and other search engines. For the brick-and-mortar business, ranking in local and regular search means more traffic to your door and a more profitable bottom line.

Search Engine Optimization involves the proper use of keywords, gaining links from other trusted sites, and providing a constant flow of valuable content to engage your reader, develop a following and establish yourself as a trusted authority in your industry.

In a nutshell, Search Engine Optimization is about having a website that’s Search Engines friendly i.e. having the keywords that your target customers are using to find you AND having lots of back-links from other relevant websites pointing to your website, using the keywords that your customers are using to find you.

More detail: HERE!

Why would I do the changes? This specific changes will make all my blog post become more crawling friendly to Google Search Engine over all my pages and show more relevant results by showing my blog post title first. This somehow also means that you will rank better in Google Search Results and eventually helps you to get more organic traffics too. You do know that the more traffic you get the more online income you will get right?

1: Before.
2: After.

Have you noticed any changes?
The changes are from “BlogName: BlogPostTitle” to “BlogPostTitle BlogName”
So, it will help your blog post to stand out in the Google search engine.

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Below is the easy way to increase your traffic by adding “Search Engine Optimization (SEO)” in your blog. Thanks to Tian Chad for the information regarding SEO.

1: Log in your blog.
2: Go to blogger dashboard.
3: Go to “Layout”.
4: Click “Edit HTML”. Please backup your original template first just in case it is not work properly.

5: Ctrl+F to find this code:


6: Replace it with the following codes:

<b:if cond=’data:blog.pageType == “item”‘>
<title><data:blog.pageName/> <data:blog.title/></title>

7: Preview it. As long there is no error, you are done!
8: Take note that the changes is not automatically. The changes can up to few hours or few days.

So, let’s we increase our blog traffic together!

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Understand social network from interesting video!

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Understand Social Network from Interesting Video

If you still do not understand what is social network, below have some interesting video that you guys can refer.

Social Networking in Plain English

Twitter in Plain English

Social Media in Plain English

Facebook Like Button and Twitter Button on Your Blog – Tutorial
How FeeqSays Network Balance his Social Network and Education?
Why I Stuck My Ass at Advertlets & How I Start To Know What Is Blogging World?
Why I Never Comment in Blogger Blog Post?
Should Blogger Get Paid?
How Blogging Jobs Pay Rates?
Promote Your Blog with Top 10 Social Networking Sites!
10 Tips to Increase Your Blog Traffic Through Facebook!
Can Blogger be United? Voice Out?!
Inappropriate Ways of Bloggers in Gaining Publicity!

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Inappropriate Ways of Bloggers in Gaining Publicity

Inappropriate Ways of Bloggers in Gaining Publicity!

Anybody Dare To Voice Out?
Can someone tell me?

I would like to share two points where I believe that nowadays some of the blogging direction is totally wrong.


I understand that some people make their blog as a professional job where some people call them as a full time blogger etc. Some of blogger might create a blog just as a hobby. Whatever motive you do, it is involve with social media. When talk about social media, blogging is just part of it. There still have a lot of social media platform outside there. For those who think they are very good in blogging, you might need to think back. Social media is wide. Please do not think that when you attend some event from blogging advertising company, you really good. I have seen a lot of faces where I met them in the blogging event and some of them a little bit arrogant.

Profession or hobby is not a question.
The question is, does anyone want blogging because want to be famous?

I have some attitude where I like to go read people blog without leave any comment on their blog post unless it manages to attract my attention to leave a comment. Then reason why? HERE. When it involve with blogging industry I am not saying that I have been in this field for long. I start blogging (my previous blog) from 2007 and what I can say is the blogging direction has totally changed and the people perception has totally changed to be different. There is advantage and disadvantage. It is a good thing where people start to realize the power of social network and try to use it as one of the advertising tools.

To be honest, I really hate some of blogger who just know how to gain publicity with the wrong method but do not have any outcome. I respect to those who really want to be serious in this field where they came out with the interesting news, photos, blog post etc.

What I do not understand is some of the blogger tried create news where it is not exists. I do not want point finger to anyone because I believe that they can be improve. They can create a good tittle and post it but at the end the content is just rubbish. I not saying that my blog post is good but at least when bloggers want put tittle on their blog post, it is better if can straight to the point or at least the blog post that they create is worth to read. I know that some of blogger want to put the catchy title in order for people to read their post. That is a good idea as long your post is interesting to read or it is about your thought. Sometime I enjoy reading people thought.

I do not think it is a big deals where you want blog about how much you earn unless you really want make your blog as a platform to earn profit. I do not understand why some blogger want screen shot their blog when they have ads and blog about it. What you get when you manage to tell the whole word. To show off that you have ads?

Another thing that I saw is some of blogger know how to support each other. It is a good thing? Yes it is. The thing is I do not understand why some blogger do not dare to reply the true things in the other blogger blog post. To make it the readers have a clear picture, let me give an example. Some blogger will blog crap things like what I mention above. People who come to their blog and reply crap comment such as “awesome post” or “Congrats” or “Good Job” or the worst comment ever “blogwalking” Why? If you know the blog post is crap, why should you give a good comment? Does you guys scare people would not go to your blog? Or that is just one of the way that you want leave your footprint there and let other blogger visit your blog as return? If that is your reason, I think your brain got problem. If you leave a lot good comment, the blogger will think that they have done a good post. Whenever I visit their blog and I leave bad comment, the bloggers who comment after my comment will support me. Does it mean that you need someone to tell the true thing and you will change your mind? Why you guys need to scare?

Another situation that I can see is the press conference. From my understanding, the purpose of press conference is for the blogger/media to spread the news right after the press conference itself. It is meaning that, you need to attend the press conference and only you can talk about it. I saw some of blogger who really excited about the event and the worst part is they screen shot the email that they receive and blog about it. What you want gain from your blog post? You want show off? Of course the percentage of people who do that less. You must understand that some of other people receive press conference most of everyday but they never show off.

Some blogger might say that they do just create blog for fun. If you really create for fun or as hobby, you do not bother to let the whole world click on your link or visit your blog. Sometime I feel really weird to those who said that they blog just for fun but actually they not mean for it. So, please stop from be hypocrite!

I just a small potato in the social media and I would like to give some advice. If you have an interesting blog, people will come back again to visit your blog.

Sorry for my broken English.

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10 Tips to Increase Blog Traffic with Facebook.

How to Grow Your Blog Audience by Networking on Facebook?

Facebook is the most popular social networking site with over 350 million members. Not only is it a great tool to connect with friends, family, colleagues and more across the world, but it’s also a great tool to increase traffic to your blog. Following are 10 tips to increase blog traffic with Facebook.

How to Grow Your Blog Audience by Networking on Facebook is the question.
Some of you have 3k friends but if at the end you do not know how to use the Facebook in order to earn profit in a social network, I believe this 10 tips might can help you.

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1. Complete Your Profile Strategically
Consider your goals for your Facebook profile. If you want to use it as a tool to establish yourself as an expert in your field and drive traffic to your blog, then you need to make sure your profile includes the information to support your expertise. Be careful about the types of photos, videos, and personal interests you include in your profile though. To use Facebook as a tool to drive traffic to your blog, you’ll need to make a lot of Facebook friends, and it’s likely you won’t want them all to see those pictures of you drinking in college!

2. Find Friends
Use the search tool to find people on Facebook. You can search by name, company, school, and more. You don’t need to know a person before you request to be their friend on Facebook. The worst that can happen is that they decline or ignore your request, and the best that can happen is that they become a part of your Facebook network! You can also find people to friend by looking through the friends of people you’re already friends with and looking through Facebook groups and pages to find people with similar interests to your own. When you find people who match your criteria and might be interested in your blog content, go ahead and send them a friend request!

3. Join Groups or Create Your Own Group
You can create a group for any topic or reason on Facebook and invite people to join it. Search for groups related to your blog’s topic, and then join those groups and get active in the conversations going on in those groups. If you can’t find just the right Facebook group to support your efforts to drive traffic to your blog, create one! You can send out group invitations to all of your Facebook friends.

4. Create a Facebook Page and Become a Fan of Other Facebook Pages
The Facebook page feature is another great way to network with the Facebook audience. You can become a fan of existing Facebook pages (just search for ones related to your blog and then join the converation), and you can create your own. Facebook pages can only be created by official representatives for a company, brand or celebrity. Your blog could be considered a brand, so go ahead and create a Facebook page for your blog. Then be sure to feed your blog’s content into your Facebook page status updates and continually add interesting information to it to keep the conversation going.

5. Link Your Other Social Accounts to Your Facebook Profile and Page
There are many tools available to help you build a great Facebook profile and/or page that can drive traffic directly and indirectly to your blog. Take the time to link your blog’s RSS feed to your status updates, link your Twitter feed, SlideShare content, and so on to your Facebook profile or page. This way, your updates appear in your status stream for all of your friends to see. In some cases, a new tab is added to your Facebook profile or page, so content from some other services (such as SlideShare) is always easy to find.

6. Promote Your Facebook Link
Include your Facebook link in your blog’s sidebar, in your email signature, and anywhere else you can think of to encourage more people to find you and send you a Facebook friend request.

7. Be Active
Don’t just create your Facebook profile, page or group and then disappear. In order for your Facebook efforts to drive traffic to your blog, you need to actively update your status, share great content, join conversations, and engage with other people. By building relationships with your Facebook friends, you can indirectly grow your blog’s audience, too.

8. Acknowledge and Reciprocate
It’s one thing to make friends on Facebook but it’s another thing entirely to build relationships with them. Don’t just spend all of your Facebook time updating your own profile and sharing your own content. Instead, spend the majority of your Facebook time commenting on other people’s statuses and conversations, sharing other people’s great content, responding to direct messages, and so on.

9. Place a Facebook Ad
Facebook ads are fairly inexpensive, can be targeted, and can raise awareness of your blog, your Facebook page, or anything else you want to advertise.

10. Be Human
Facebook has a very personal edge to it. Unlike LinkedIn, which leans more toward a business edge, Facebook users expect members to be human, not promotional. With that in mind, mix your status updates and content between promotional information and entertaining, personal updates (just don’t get too personal, remember how many people can see your Facebook updates).

Promote Your Blog with Top 10 Social Networking Sites

Promote Your Blog with Top 10 Social Networking Sites!

When talk about popularity of the blog, the way that you advertise and create the awareness is very important. Apart of how your blog template looks like and the way how you write, the proper platform is also important in order to create awareness for your blog. When talk about social network, most of people are familiar with the big names in social networking such as facebook and twitter. For those who do not know, there have a lot of social networking sites that you can join to directly and indirectly promote your blog and drive traffic to it.

Some people who in Malaysia might do not realize it. It is depends to how far you want people read your blog or get in touch with your social network. Some social networking sites are popular across a broad global audience, but others appeal to smaller niche audiences or specific regions of the world. Trust me. Social network is more global and not only in within Malaysia. Read on to learn where you can join the conversation, build relationships, and promote your blog to grow your audience. Below is top 10 social networking sites to promote your blog.

There do not have any easy way to success. Learn is a journey and not a destination. Improving yourself is better than you satisfied with what you have.

Who do not know about facebook? With over 350 million users around the world, Facebook is by far the most popular social networking site. This is where you can meet up with new friend, play games and advertise your event or contest. Also, be sure to add your blog to your Facebook profile! You can even join or start a Facebook group to promote your blog. Not only is it a great tool to connect with friends, family, colleagues and more across the world, but it’s also a great tool to increase traffic to your blog.

Tweet or retweet can help twitter user to separate the news and story. Twitter had 400,000 tweets posted per quarter in 2007. This grew to 100 million tweets posted per quarter in 2008. By the end of 2009, 2 billion tweets per quarter were being posted by March 2010; Twitter recorded over 70,000 registered applications, according to the company. In February 2010 Twitter users were sending 50 million tweets per day. In the first quarter of 2010, 4 billion tweets were posted.[citation needed] As of June 2010, about 65 million tweets are posted each day, equalling about 750 tweets sent each second, according to Twitter.

Linked In
With over 75 million users, LinkedIn is the most popular social networking site for business people. It’s a great place to network with business people and even promote your blog. LinkedIn is one of the most popular social networking sites, particularly for business people and career-oriented people. It’s also a great place to build relationships, share your content and expertise, and drive traffic to your blog.

MySpace has lost some of its popularity in recent years, but it’s still one of the biggest social networking sites with over 130 million users. In fact, it’s become an important site for musicians. If you blog about music or entertainment, MySpace could be a great marketing tool for you. You can learn more in my overview of MySpace. However, it’s actually more than a typical social networking site. Users can make friends, write blog posts, add music, and create a custom look to their MySpace pages to make them unique and truly their own. MySpace has a reputation of being popular for teenagers, but people from around the world and from all walks of life successfully use MySpace for personal and professional purposes, including blog promotion.

Some people know that I just re-create back my Friendster account. Since I no longer active anymore, I still can see how Friendster can help me as the advertising tools. Friendster has fallen out of popularity in the United States but it remains very popular in Southeast Asia with over 90 million users. Depending on your blog’s topic and desired audience, this could be a good niche social networking site for you to join.

Orkut is owned by Google and boasts over 100 million people, primarily in India and Brazil. If your blog would be interesting to those audiences, then Orkut could be a good place for you to get involved.

Bebo is popular among a broad audience of over 117 million users. It’s a great social network to join to market your blog and drive traffic to it. It is launched in July 2005 and owned by Criterion Capital Partners and changes ownership From March 2008 to June 2010 to the AOL Inc. Users receive a personal profile page where they can post blogs, photographs, music, videos and questionnaires to which other users may answer. Additionally, users may add others as friends and send them messages, and update their personal profiles to notify friends about themselves.

Hi5 is used by over 80 million people. It’s most popular in India, Mongolia, Thailand, Romania, Jamaica, Central Africa, and Latin America. Hi5 users can create an online profile in order to show information such as interests, age and hometown and upload user pictures where users can post comments. Hi5 also allows the user to create personal photo albums, play online games, and set up a music player in the profile. Users can also send friend requests via e-mail to other users. In early 2010, Hi5 began to evolve from a social network into a site focused on social gaming and opened to new game developers

Over 30 million people participate in the conversations, groups, and sharing that happens on Last.fm. If you blog about music, this is a perfect social network for you to join and promote your blog. Users are also able to post in the Last.fm forums, send and receive private messages and use the Last.fm client music player. For users living outside the UK, US and Germany, the radio service will require a subscription for €3.00 per month after a 30 track free trial.

BlackPlanet markets itself as “the largest black website in the world.” With over 20 million users, the site has a huge African American audience that could be the perfect fit for many bloggers. Blackplanet.com is an online niche social-networking site targeted especially for the African American community. It was launched September 1999 by Omar Wasow. In December 2007 it was the 4th highest trafficked social-networking site according to the internet monitoring site Hitwise. As of June 2007 there were 16.5 million members and 80 million page views. In April 2008, Radio One, the media empire begun by media magnate Cathy Hughes, acquired BlackPlanet and its parent company Community Connect Inc. for $38 million, along with partner sites Mi Gente and Asian Avenue. Source

Share with us how you promote your blog ^^

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How Blogging Jobs Pay Rates?

How Blogging Jobs Pay Rates?

For those who read my previous post about Should Blogger Get Paid? I receive a few email from PR company and some of blogger where there not really understand how blogging jobs pay rates.

So, I have done few research which is it came out with the conclusion there have 5 Common blogging jobs pay rates. When it comes into the money, it will become a sensitive issue. I understand that a lot of companies try to cut cost. When the company need to cut cost, the department that will come out in their mind at the first place is the advertising department.

I understand that every blogger have their own way to advertise their blog. So, below is the 5 common methods how blogging jobs pay rates and I hope it can help any organization that interested to work with blogger have a clear picture. Some of you might call it as advertorial or sponsor post. At the end, it is still the same platform for you to do the blog post in order to advertise client product and earn some income.

Per Post Pay
Many blogging jobs will pay you a flat fee for each post you write and publish. This is where normally you require do 1 blog post and review the product or services and at the end they pay you based on how many blog post you do. Beware of blogging jobs that offer a per post fee with caveats that only “approved” posts will be published or a similar restriction that might mean your efforts could go unpaid.

Monthly Flat Pay Rate
Some blogging jobs will pay you a flat rate each month. This is where people call it as contract. Typically, you’ll have requirements to meet in order to earn that pay such as a predetermined number of posts must be published each month. For those who in the contract, there have advantage and disadvantages. Yes, you will receive stable income but you might need to follow their rules for sentence things. You might not able to attend or do advertorial for other company which is it might be the competitor to which advertising company that you tight up with. This is how the advertising company would like to have their loyal blogger.

Monthly Flat Rate + Page View Bonus
Many of the best blogging jobs and networks pay bloggers a flat rate per post or when monthly requirements are met plus a bonus based on the number of page views the blog receives each month. Some of the advertising company will give an extra pay for those who are have a contract if they manage to maintain certain level or manage to increase their reader. For example, a blogging job might offer you a bonus for every 1,000 page views or for incremental increases over the previous month’s page views.

Page Views Only
This is a risky payment method for a blogger to accept because so much of the pay is out of the blogger’s control. Another definition is you need to have high impression or high visitor for the advertorial blog post in order to earn a lot income. For example is if you has been given “A” advertorial, how much the payment that you will earn is based on how many people visit the particular blog post. Certainly, bloggers can promote their posts through social bookmarking, social networking, commenting and so on, but a great deal of blog traffic can be tied to the blog’s layout, coding, advertising, and more, which the blogger can’t control. Don’t fall victim to pie-in-the-sky claims of enormous traffic and page views from a new blog or blogging network. For an established blog, take the time to research that blog’s Technorati, Google and Alexa page ranks to get an idea of whether or not traffic claims are accurate before you accept a blogging job that pays for page views only.

Revenue Sharing
Some of you might do not familiar with revenue sharing. Basically, some of the blogging job that pays you based on revenue sharing alone is typically not a good deal for the blogger. Why I say so? While that’s not always the case, it’s more often true than false. In simplest terms, under this payment agreement, the blogger receives a percentage of advertising revenue generated on the blog. Some of advertising methods are the same you could use on your personal blog. The hope is that the blog has the potential to generate more page views, faster than you could generate on your personal blog, thus the pay would be better than if you simply monetized your own blog. Sometimes revenue sharing is combined with another payment method, but when it’s the only form of payment offered, be very cautious. Source


As the conclusion:
– No matter how blogging jobs pay rates are, make sure you receive the payment from the particular client who approach you.
– You still need high traffic in order that to receive advertorial.
– The way that how you do advertorial will definitely affects your blog reader.
– Sometime money is not 100% important. You can build up a network as well.
– When it comes to advertorial, please set up your own level. Some people might “you give me free stuff, I do good review for you”

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