Anybody try this TEA & NESCAFE? Which one u prefer? I more prefer Lipton.

The taste of Nescafe Classic is great . I very like to have a cup of Nescafe especially if U has quite long time for your breakfast such as at home on Sunday morning. No need to think about your work and study. Normally, enjoy the classic of the Nescafe with nice aroma during Sunday morning with the slice of toast bread. It is good enough for me to have a great time during drink a cup of Nescafe.

Lipton English Breakfast also my choice and normally I drink when I so busy such as need to rush go for class. The color of tea quite dark if want to compare with other type of tea but trust me, the taste is not bad like what you all imagine. Even though the color quite dark, but the taste still good and you can have a cup of tea with kaya and butter toast bread. That is my suggestion.

Honey…nice is it especially when you put honey and butter on top of pancake. What I can say about this honey is very nice. I try this honey during my breakfast with my buddies at McD.

At night went to BONDI Indonesian Restaurant where is located at Desa Palma…I Can say me, Kah Wai & Edmund be their regular customer…almost 3-4 times per week (last time)…

But today I went with my friend…she just came back from Singapore. Currently study at INTI College…haha…miss her so much…Normally I eat their “Bebek Bakar” or “Bebek Penyet” (Duck) coz I like duck but this time eat their chicken coz she want try both the restaurant signature…so we share…

The Ayam Bakar quite soft especially when you cut it into half. The tastes of the special flavor + honey really increase my appetite. Not only that, even though the color like burn, but the taste not like burn. You can taste little bit sweet because they wrap the chicken with the special ingredient and honey for few hour. It’s cost me RM5

The Ayam Penyet also nice. When you eat the chicken, u can taste the crunchy of the chicken. Not only that, they put something like crunchy things on the top of chicken. The color of the ayam penyet is little bit gold because they fried the chicken with good oil. They change the oil once the oil become dark.

They came together with vegetable, rice & chilli. It’s cost me RM5

Overall we will vote:

7/10 for the service because some of the waitress cant speak very well in English and also the food serving is slow.

7/10 for the food because their taste, quality and quantity of the food excellent. But the menu quite bad since some of the price not same with what you pay.

7/10 for the environment.

LOST ? ? ? @.@ Need direction? Here…map…GPS: N 02″ 48. 795′

E 101″ 45. 726′

Place: Bondi Indonesian Restaurant, Nilai, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia.

Price: RM7 – RM10 per person.Category: Indonesian Food.