Teenager’s life is very wonderful. You do not need to worry about your pocket money $$, working problem and so on. When you ask old people, most of them want to go back to study rather than work. Especially my parents. They say if they have choice to choose work and study, they more prefer to study. But life keeps moving and nobody can control the time.

Not everybody have the opportunity to study in university even though they are qualified. When I think back about myself, how lucky am I? Even though I no need to work (part time) because my parents still can support me, but I still need it to lower my parents cost. As student like me, working part time is quite challenging for me because the distance between my working place and the college is quite far. Therefore, I need to manage my time properly so that my time for study and work is balance.

It will be my great pleasure to study in Wawasan Open University. It is because we can easily get the information we want and the Wawasan Open University’s concept is very flexible. Why do I say so? They provide many facilities such as e-library which the students can access to it easily no matter where you are. It is very convenient and it sounds cool right? This is the website where you can find out more about the e-library. The Wawasan Open University’s tuition fee is affordable.

So, you can use your time during your journey from your working place to your classroom to read notes before you enter the class. You also can prepare yourself before entering their class. Can save money & time is it? My entry is “Study anywhere & everywhere” The photograph is taken on one of my part time + class day. I am sure that you can catch up the lesson and understand the lecture more easily if you prepare yourself before entering the class. Check out more of information regarding the contest info HERE.

To sake of knowledge, has arrived in a different and big way, which brings us to Wawasan University’s Post@Postcard Contest tagline “Your world. Your classroom.”