State of The Arts Video!

Other artiste who performed on that night?
Dennis Lau
Harith Iskander
Niki Cheong
Daphne Iking
Paul Moss
Zlwin Chew
Emcee & Judges

I just realize that yesterday is Hari Raya Aidiladha for muslim. I forgotten that I have dinner with relative until I reach home and saw the sms that my cousin send to me. Since I reach home quite late and not really felling well, I told my cousin that I need to skip it. There have bunch of awesome blogger who went there and enjoy the moment like others people as well.

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Thanks to Advertlets who invite me to the State of The Arts.

If you want to know who is the winner, check it out HERE!

For those who do not know, I start falling in love with arts (especially street arts) after I went to my 1st urbanscape and the latest urbanscape.

Thanks to other sponsor as well such as Hotlink that let all the guest receive goodies bag and photo craft who sponsor lomo camera. YES! It is lomo. I wish I have it one *puppy eyes*

Like usual, to be half Malaysian I stick with Malaysian time and came late 20minute. Nah.. just joking. Actually I had meeting before the event and rush there right after the meeting. All the guest have chances to walkaway with awesome prizes by register at the counter.

Arts is subjective. Some people express their felling towards arts. Some people use other methods such as blog, phtography and even enjoying the food. No matter what you do, it is represent yourself. There have a lot of artworks on the table that located around the hall during the event.

Not to mention, guest can buy some of the artworks such as notebook, button, shoes etc. There have cute button where it is only RM10 for 4 button. Unfortunately, my money left RM5 LOL

I still remember where previously I have done photoshoot where the client want recycle as the theme. One of my friend took the newspaper and paste it on the wall. Trust me, it is look artistic!

The crowd.
It is too early. More people came afterwards.

Thanks to all bloggers who support us and congrats to Advertlets who part of the sponsor.

I had my cheese chicken sausage for RM2.50 as my breakfast and lunch.
I really like the cheese.

Found this cute dog outside of the church.

The question is…
Hotdog or sausage?