Last week, I had the opportunity to attend Startup Street first ever forum-networking session, “The Peak”, in conjunction with our their first year anniversary, happening at Signature By The Hill @ The Roof KL. During the event, I saw some familiar faces who are well known in the digital advertising industry.
For the first time in my life I put down my phone and listening to the speaker. To be honest, I prefer this kind of event rather than some drinking-club-party event. Maybe because I’m not drinking and I grew older. It’s good to know how they start up, the obstacle that they face, how to face and solve some issue or even their future plan. I’m looking for the next session and I hope there will have more in future. I would say 60% of my CVS Production marketing approach is based on social media.
1) Joon Chan – Regional Managing Director at Easy Taxi SEA
2) Maxine Lee –  Melbourne accelerator
3) Hugh Koh – Co-Founder at Pestle & Mortar Clothing
4) Christopher Tock – Social Director at
Came early and manage to catch up with my buddies, Christopher, Elvina and Veron. My honest opinion, this Startup Street is definitely a good event for entrepreneurs who love to socialize and networking.
Thank you Social Grooves for the invitation.


Startup Street started off as a colloquial topic of discussion between our founding partners about the emerging growth of entrepreneurship in Malaysia. While we each had our diverging opinions, we found common ground on the belief that there is a concerning lack of interest within the youth of Malaysia to pursue entrepreneurship as a career. Truth be told, it has been ingrained in our society to believe that a career in entrepreneurship is inferior to the conventional careers in banking, finance, law, engineering and so on. This sparked the idea to create an avenue for students to gain some insight on entrepreneurship and to nurture innovation within Malaysian youths. Thus, Startup Street was born. 
I still haven’t polished up my selfie skill. Photo credit to Arisa. The forum is followed by a networking session co-hosted with Startup Street partners, Drinkentrepreneurs in KL.
After the forum, all of us went to the after-party by 5excite at the PLAY Club at The Roof, 1st Avenue, Bandar Utama. Waiting for the official photos from the official photographer.
The problem of running your own business, you have to decide either to rest or to work. Medical fees getting expensive day by day.