What? Are you sure?

This is my conversation with my friend:

Feeq: Hey, where can i get The Star?
Fiona: Your college?
Feeq: Finish liao.
Fiona: What? Your college student eat newspaper is it?
Feeq: No, la… I just finish class then not yet buy.
Fiona: Oooo…Then you go petronas near with your house la.
Feeq: Also finish. Now I’m at petronas la.
Fiona: Haaaa??? Then go giant lor.
Feeq: Far liao.
Fiona: Cempaka Puri?
Feeq: Also finish.
Fiona: Desa Palma?
Feeq: Went liao. mission failed.
Fiona: WTF?!
Feeq: Haiz…sienz…
Fiona: Today I’m not buy. My class full.
Feeq: Then that’s mean I need go Giant lor…haiz…
Fiona: Haha
Feeq: Ok la. Cya, bye.
Fiona: Ok. Good luck.

At the end, I get it from Giant Nilai…Haiz drive very far just want buy newspaper…
Rm10 for petrol, Rm2 for drink, Rm1.20 for newspaper & Rm1.80 for sandwich.
Total RM25